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Let's start distributing VPX beta 10.7 builds here since vpinball.com is gone now.

I will always update this first post with the latest version.

For a complete list of changes take a look at the changelog.txt file in the archive.


However for simplicity, all support requests and bug reports are mainly answered over at VPF and sometimes here VPX_7_beta_rev169.zip;)


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Pinned this topic.  @fuzzel thanks for having this here.  It really means a lot to me personally.  Not being a member on VPF makes me really miss the more technical aspects that I use to love.

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rev169 is up:


- fix scaling of primitive property controls
- some other UI scaling updates
- fix applying property edit box changes when used pressed tab or clicks another element (hopefully)
- low impact FPS-only stats display
      first press of 'F11' will now show a minimalistic FPS-only text, then pressing it the next time will continue with the already known detailed statistics/profiling displays (as the latter had too much impact on the FPS itself)
      also only show FPS for static-object-only & AO-only F11 views
- add support for capturing any window content into a flasher texture (intended to be used with PUP content thx @Nailbuster)


a word for the new capturing feature of the flasher element:
Flashers can now be used to capture another window and render it as a texture in VPX. For example open VLC and play a video in the background and grab the frames.


To do this do the following in the script:

set flasher.VideoCapWidth=xxx and flasher.VideoCapHeight=yyy (where xxx is the capture width and yyy is the capture height in pixels) before the timer calls VideoCapUpdate


Sub flasher_Timer()

   flasher.VideoCapUpdate = "<name of the window title you like to capture>"

End Sub


The name of the window title must be a 100% match otherwise it won't work.

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