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With the absolute outrageousness of even getting a topper let alone paying for one, might as well make your own, eh? I Think at this point I was all-in at just around 100$.  (Compared to $1800 for a TMNT, currently!)  The print from signs.com was the most at around 65$ but is extremely well done. Back-printed on 3/16 lexan. Tried to find a generation of TMNT that looked exactly like the figures on the cab and pegged the 2011-12ish as the basis for the art. Picked up 4 figures for 28 doll-hairs on eBay. Hot glue and plastic weld keep them in static for nudging. LED strip was 11 bucks and can go to music or any color and style from Amazon. Small items like Aluminum strip and rivets were very cheap.


Oh...and for the bottom Acrylic piece which are at this moment quite pricey at big-box stores, found that in the garbage still wrapped on both sides from a previous customer's cutoff! They let me take it at no charge.


This is what the world of toppers is coming to.  Figured I'd give it a shot.








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...The perverse pedantic nerd in me insists that they need to be in a different order - Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael. OK, maybe I played too much of the Konami beat 'em up. :P

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@LynnInDenverLol! You are not wrong! The song does go ‘Leonardo leads Donatello does machinessssss...’ I went with more of a ‘how they best look with their stance via height and positioning’. Wanted the highest in the outsides.  I promise you Leo was first for at least two renditions 👊  

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