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Superman Tas And Batman Tas

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hi im not sure if it's allowed to request if it's not just delete the post if it is im looking for those 2 tables i think they have pup pack with them but not 100% sure

thank you



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Hi nanuk, just in case no one has sent you in the right direction. 


The author has a link to his tables in Visual Pinball Addicts on Facebook. Just search the group under those tables, post is from 2 March 2020. I won't post his real name here as I don't know if he would be okay with that.


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Is Batman TAS working for you? I can't seem to find/get a DMD going, and often the ball gets stuck between the first and third bumper... have to shake the table to free it... my sense is it was just never completed, but then again PupPack updates were done recently... the link mentioned in th FB group is 404 now so I'm not sure if it's newer than what I have or not...

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