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Question on some DOF MX Commands (ADD, AS, ADR)

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I've been studying the documentation on https://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/inifiles.html#inifiles_settingsexamples

And I've been reviewing examples...

There have been a few "codes" which are not referenced on that page and I'm hoping someone can explain what they mean/do...and if they are documented elsewhere, please point me to that...

For example:  E800 Purple 60 AW100 AH100 ADD AS300 <--What are these?

This tells me:

Trigger is E800, Color is Purple, Duration is 60, Width is 100%, Height is 100%

- ADD ....What is this?  Does it literally mean "add the next code"??

- AS300 ...What does AS represent? I'm assuming 300 is the duration for whatever AS means..

I've also seen ADR listed in examples ( E202 White 10 AT90 AL60 AH10 AW40 AS400 ADR L25).  What does ADR mean/do??

Thank you!!

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