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New to this forum. Just bought a Pin2DMD on what I believe is  called an Evo board  (black PCB with holes for ribbon cables to run between the modules) for installation in a DE Frankenstein - display looks really great - had a few issues with what looked like random dots being lit but, refitting the MuMetal screen from the original DMD seems to have fixed that so, really pleased (other than a couple of dead dots on the modules).

I need to activate the display - Hopefully over the weekend 

Question (at last) - I've seen a few references to an issue with R32 - anyone got a link to what this is all about?

Sometimes the display doesn't boot and I need to press the reset button - is it a fix for this by any chance - if not, anyone got any idea what this could be. 

Any help much appreciated


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The issue you are referring to is that newer chinese LED panels for (and only for) the 192x64 SEGA Pin2dmd needed to change that value of that resistor from 3.9k to 4.7k to work properly.

Here are som good example pictures of how it looks like when R32 is not changed with new panels 

Boot issues are not solved and are often related to bad power supply or bad manufacturing of the pcb

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