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Pin2Dmd Colorprism V4.0 Firmware

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If you're using lucky ones dll file with .vni and .pal files the 64 bit looks good on your pin2DMD?

If you are trying to do the same thing with the same files on an LCD
I don't believe freezy can handle a 64 color but it should at least show Show up but the colors will not be right

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Time for a new major release. The main job this time was to allow the usage of more colors for your colorization projects. We now are able to use up to 64 different colors per frame in all devicemod

If you change the colorization mode after the keyframe is created , the keyframe type is not updated. You can fix the keyframe with that button.

I´m pretty sure it occurs but it is faster gone and therefore not recognizeable. For replacement it only needs to load the color data of one frame.     The frame should only be updated i

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No, I'm using the PIN2DMD on a real pinball machine with .fsq and .pal files (no dll file required for that).  Lucky1's dll will work with a PIN2DMD I'm sure, but it won't work on a monitor output.  You are right that the freezy dll will display a DMD on a monitor but the colors are all wonky.  Hopefully, someday it will be updated for 64-color usage.

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