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RetroFlair 2 - EPIC Gamez N Tunes


Preview Video featuring Table features and the entire Tron EPIC Gamez mode.


Finally...the first preview of my EPIC sequel to ROM's classic FP table. Be prepared to have your jaw drop as you have never seen virtual pinball like this! This features the most EPIC Tron pinball game ever made... with a surprise "BIG" ending!


Get yourself some popcorn, get comfy.... and watch the entire video from start to finish.


I don't want to say too much and spoil the MANY cool moments you will see. I show the entire Tron mode playthrough non-stop... and its one EPIC moment after another. 


This was a real work of passion to try things I've always wanted to do, and also show what can be done in digital pinball with a little imagination and time. This table is using many of BAM's latest features, as well as using the new "TerryRed texture animation" method I came up with that is used throughout the table. Combined with FP-BAM's amazing dynamic lighting, this makes for stunning visuals.


I've always wanted to do my own table and also my own version of a Tron pinball game and here it is.. You won't be disappointed.


Thanks go out to those who contributed resources:


SLAMT1LT - (Tron sounds and music and inspiration from his excellent Tron tables)
Wild - (Tron disc conversion)
Schreibi34 - (for his gorgeous insert jewel images)
Rom - (for the original RetroFlair table, ghost / lightcycle / lightjet models)
Gimli, GeorgeH, Wild Steve Paradis, shiva and others at Pinball Nirvanna for support
ravarcade - for the amazing BAM that continues to evolve and allows imagination to drive pinball creation and unique experiences

Keep an eye out... there are more EPIC Gamez to come!








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Bloody brilliant mate. A lot of hard work I’m sure, a different level of Pinball by far. I hope everyone appreciates your contribution as we are the benefactors of your brilliance, I actually think someone the other day commented-“ are you even human”
Take that as a compliment, I’m fairly new to VP but am learning more each day, G’Day from Australia.
Stay safe and healthy.

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RetroFlair 2 - "Behind the Scenes". A visual showcase of how all the magic happens! (Future Pinball)

Wow! Thanks for all the praise I've been seeing for my first preview video for RetroFlair 2. As a result, I decided to do a unique video that "shows" you how it all works behind the scenes in "real-time". I demonstrate how I use BAM's many features to create and do all the cool things you see (without being too technical), and how I brought Tron to life in a pinball game like you've never seen before.


Everything is bookmarked for quick reference:


Introduction - 0:00
Inspiration and motives - 2:04
Lighting - 3:01
Texture Animations - 6:01
Inserts - 7:34
Table Misc Features - 9:54
BAM Custom Models, Animated Characters - 13:11
BAM Mini Playfields - 15:39
Magna-Portal 20:23
TRON Epic Gamez mode - 24:26
Disc Wars - 33:16
Animated Character Opponent Targets - 36:54
LightCycle Battle - 38:39
LightJet Battle - 46:00
Tron Classic - 50:58
Closing Thoughts - 57:26




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Watched it, loved it, didn’t understand a bloody word of it. But of course I can’t wait for its release. Your skills seem unlimited in creating an amazing step up in Pinball animation/ realism. If Pinball has a cutting edge, then this is it, a huge step towards immersing the player within a storyline that has a beginning, middle and end. Well done Terry, classic. 


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