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how to move backglass form1


Hi, i am new to vpinball, i am currently work on a 2 screens. vpinball build. i have a 27" 4k display as play field and got a small screen for DMD. however, the backglass got 2 portion, form1 and dmd, i can move the dmd from one screen to another by using the mouse, however, i cant seen able to move form 1 from one screen to another.

How can i set form1 to display on a specific screen or not display it at all?

thanks for the help.


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Old post, but i'd suggest using B2S_SetUp.exe in the Visual Pinball\Tables folder to set the backglass form(1) location / size


(i think B2S_SetUp.exe is part of the AIO installer, apologies if not)

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