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Multicolor Scoreboards on Williams for Single and Multiplayer

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Okay so I'm in a world of pain. 

Has anyone done multicolor Scores for a Williams machine that also applies correctly to multiplayer? 

Singleplayer is not a biggie, you just use the "Ball" for the keyframe and voila - but of course the fade doesn't apply nicely to multiplayer games. Anyone did that? Trying to figure out 

good masks for a ColoMask Layered but I think I would need more than ten. 


Any ideas?

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The zero changes for all players depending on the score. Also, the score of the current player has a blinking/fading animation. 


So yeah.... I had the same idea about triggering the zero but it didn't work.


You have my Dropbox link. Scene is called score multiplayer and goes into the million points for multiplayer for now.  All possible digits for single player are there, needs 5 masks already if you use the zero. Still doesn't work because of the animation for the score.

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