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Flipper and MagnaSave RGBs vs MX Types


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In preparation for an upcoming build, I was going-through the DOF docs and wiki and was wondering, if I could create an Addressable RGB Flipper pair + Addressable RGB Left- and Right-Magnasaves from WS2812s. I'm thinking so, since there are MX types for these.
So, out of curiosity, I started checking-out the stats to see which, and how many tables were using the MX types. I was surprised that the number of tables between the regular Flippers and MX Flippers were so different; not sure if this is because they need to be coded in the table scripts, or if someone hasn't yet coded/colored it on the DOF site. I have attached an Excel Spreadsheet noting the differences. What is also a bit unusual (if it's just a matter of entering into the DOF site, is that there are some tables where there is an MX type, but not the regular RGB type, and there are also some tables where the color is different between the two--Cosmic Princess comes to mind, and I think both are actually wrong. I think the color is supposed to be white for the flips (as per photos), but the RGB is YELLOW and the MX is BLUE (I think that's because the flyer has a blue hue to it). 

MAGNASAVE LEFT RGB missing 1 (i.e., Magnsave Left MX has this)


FLIPPERS RGB missing 5
FLIPPERS MX missing 77

Not sure if this is a mountain of work to get the MX versions in-sync with the regular versions, but these are what I noticed


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Hi Dondi,


I noticed the same as you did 2 years ago...


so I also extracted the same into an Excel spreadsheet and synced most of the entries, where there was either the MX button or RGB button missing. I also went in to the Internet Pinball Database and double checked the color of the buttons and changed appropriately. So many of the tables in DOF Config is are now in a better shape.


I hope I have not changed any which should not have been changed...


So again, I understand you wrote this 2 years ago, but if you still are active here, you can check if we are now in much better state when it comes to coloring of the magnasave and flipper buttons.



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