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Confirmed that the author is not hosting the previous assets files on his server. So an updated Install CCC.bat is really needed. The project author was still committing code this week, but I have the

Cactus Canyon Extended Edition is not the same project. It’s from somebody who took the original project code, did some mods without permission, then started selling it. Not good. The project was mean

View File Cactus Canyon Continued (Bally 1998) Cactus Canyon Continued (Bally 1998) Since the original release of the table, Fast Flips support was added. Fast Flips

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27 minutes ago, Thalamus said:

What about opening the table - not playing it - change the proc value and press save as ?

Thanks yes that worked. the changing of the value from 1 to 0 did work but for some reason stopped. but as you said above the save as is by far the best way to go

thanks once again  

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