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Ledwiz 144m rgb adressable leds strip

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I'm using a ledwiz with 5 star flashers I figured how to hook them up but I was wondering can I use rgb adressable led strip on it and if so how do I  hook them up when there's only 3 wires one ground and one 5v and the middle one Im assuming for controlling the leds 

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unfortunately, Nope ! You need another controler specificaly for adressable leds.

Personnaly, I'm using a WEMOS D1 MINI PRO (you can find one on ebay for 5~10€) with a modified and adaptated code from Teensy.

I have the same result than a teensy

here some links

- http://www.pincabpassion.net/t5535-tuto-pilotage-de-ledstrip-adressable-style-teensy-via-wemos-d1-pro (sorry, it's in french)


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