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Cactus Canyon Continued - Proc In Vp?

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4 hours ago, CarnyPriest said:

The latest version of Evil Dead is no longer publicly available and the author left the scene (again). This required the Python 2.7 based P-Roc/VP bridge.

I think that there is still an older version of Evil Dead at PincabPassion (French site) that works with the older Python 2.6 based P-Roc/VP bridge. Tutorial might still be there too. All this from the time before the Evil Dead author left the scene the first time! All materials are in French, of course. And being an older version there are some bugs both with the table and with the P-Roc framework (run-time errors to work through, etc.)

Personally, my suggestion is to forget this for now and enjoy the hundreds of VP tables that are currently available. 

Skeleton table is a playable table on its own, but it mostly exists to demonstrate features of the P-Roc framework so it's not terribly exciting to play.

Patience is a virtue. I'm pretty sure the 'easy to use' P-Roc Installer will return at some point, and who knows? Maybe the Evil Dead author will return to the scene. *shrugs



thanks for getting back to me spent all day at feel lost with files need for each table getting this and that when i launch the skeleton table i only get the dmd display so many great tables and i got pup packs working going to give up on this really wanted to try that evil dead table looked amazing at least i got my ghostbusters le table ?



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Here is Cactus Canyon Continued VP10   This archive contains the vpx table, a directb2s backglass to use with it and another archive named cactuscanyon.rar containing the game code which needs to be

Bad guys are working! - the whole game is working now as far as I can tell, well the mechs anyway. I just need to get GI working now, put in the b2s stuff as this needs to be done in addition to the

Chepas found a game breaker in the game code that resulted in a lot of this stuff not working. Mine popper is working now - Bad guys should work too but I've not yet tested this. Coding new Train

Posted Images

Deleting? I'm not sure. There's an out of date version of the P-Roc installer at Vpinball. I believe it does have an uninstaller. Maybe it will work. There might be some components that can be uninstalled via Control Panel.

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On 3/21/2019 at 4:40 AM, CarnyPriest said:

Deleting? I'm not sure. There's an out of date version of the P-Roc installer at Vpinball. I believe it does have an uninstaller. Maybe it will work. There might be some components that can be uninstalled via Control Panel.

Thinking of giving CCC a go think it look worth it and suppose to be the easy one to install compared to evil dead any chance you can point me in the rite direction as a bit of a loss do you have the catus canyon installed with proc ?

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To change DMD location / Size

In --->   C:\P-ROC\games\cactuscanyon\config

At the bottom of this file


 Color Display Pixel Size: 4, Color Display X Offset: 0, Color Display Y Offset: 0,

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Only other thing to do with the python install is open a command prompt and enter

pip install requests


If you happen to have the latest code and table then:

game code goes into P-Roc\games folder

table goes in Visual Pinball\Tables folder

If you are running in a cabinet then use the in game service menu to activate B2S support.

That's about it. 


If you don't have the latest code and table, well, they are no longer publicly available for a reason. Move on with your day and enjoy CCC and the hundreds of other tables that are available for VPX.


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These are dlls I have and I'm sure im missing some maybe from a new versions  and the have the files for evil dead I'm sure I have them all if any one who has running could check my files are similar just scare I will mess up CCC as I love that pin




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On 4/18/2019 at 10:49 AM, CharlieShakur said:

Tried to run the table out on interest and got this 


Hi mate

I think i saw a video of you up and running with ED.

I have CCC running fine and ED table and assets and when get the same 1634 script error.

Could you help at all please




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Hi All,

Back around page 7 there was mention of a DOF map text file (but the downloaded file appears to be empty and 0 bytes) and later a few DOF values given for Cactus Canyon Continued:

E88 - Start Button Lamp

E151 - Knocker.

Is there a full table that shows the DOF map for everything in CCC? In particular, I am trying to use the following in my DOF config:

  1. The "Stranger" lamp (L11)
  2. The "Partner" lamp (L12)
  3. The "Deputy" lamp (L13)
  4. The "Sheriff" lamp (L14)
  5. The "Marshall" lamp (L15)
  6. The "Gunfight" lamps (L47/L50)
  7. The "Bounty" lamp (L25)

I put the working  codes from Cactus Canyon just for reference, though these are not working in Cactus Canyon Continued.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Regards, Dino

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12 minutes ago, tobiashansson said:

Hi, how can i transfer my old highscore from my old harddrive to the new one? Cactus Canyon (p-roc) dosent read from nvram/*.nv files. I have also copy P-roc/games/cactuscanyon/highscore but it dosent work.

All of the settings for the p-roc games are in the config folder.  => \p-roc\games\cactuscanyon\config

the file that holds the high scores is game_data.yaml


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