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Hello all, I've posted this over on vpforums already and thought I'd share over here as well.  This is my first cabinet build and i'm learning alot from this community, thanks for that.


The theme of the cabinet is LEGO Super Heroes using the artwork that Stuzza (vpforums) has graciously made available.  Here's the proof image from the printer:




I picked up a 1968 Williams Jolly Roger cabinet that was gutted.  I got the legs, playfield glass, side rails, lockdown and a coin door with it.  The picture looks better than the actual cabinet.  The paint is flat latex brushed on over the original and is very sticky when humid.




I purchased a Vizio 40" LED array lit tv and a 29" RCA LED for the backglass and started working on getting them into the cabinet.  It's a standard width cabinet, so I knew a 40" would be a tight fit.  I went and measured screens at Walmart and Best Buy to find one that would fit and in a price range I could live with.  The cabinet was routed out and the TV slipped in.




I didn't like having it this deep, so I moved the screen up so it's now just 1.5" from the top.  I ripped a couple of boards to fill the gap where it was routed and lock the tv in place.  These 2 strips will be removable so you lift the TV out for repairs.  I just need to come up with a way to attach the side rails so that they are removable as well.






Top rails to lock the TV in place and support the glass in the above photo.  I glued in a piece of 3/4" MDF to support the 10" subwoofer (10" was cheaper than an 8").


Here's a blurry shot of the PC that powers this beast.  It's a motherboard/ram I already had lying around.


PC Specs:


Motherboard - Asus Striker II Extreme

CPU - Intel e8400 Core2 Duo 3ghz

Ram - 8gb DDR3 1600

SSD - 128gb Corsair M500

Graphics - EVGA GTX660

Power Supply - EVGA 500watt

Wireless NIC - Asus PCE-N15



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Made a bit more progress over the weekend.  Got the power supplies installed, DMD wired and working, as well as 8 of 10 contactors mounted


Photo of contactors during mock up.  I mounted them to the cabinet walls, i'll get some current photos later today.



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I added a Bally knocker to the cabinet this weekend.  The results are better than expected!  I'm using Williams/Bally Knocker Assembly

pbl_B-10686-1 and powering it on 24v.   I'm using the Ledwiz to trigger a sainsmart relay.  The only drawback to this setup is that when the system is powered on, the relay board cycles a couple of times (knocker goes off during this).  

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