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  1. Version 1.1


    You Call This Archeology? - V-Pin Workshop proudly presents Indiana Jones the Pinball Adventure from Williams. v.1.1 - Fixed SSF sounds, updated physics, tweaked environmental emission, added LUT changer, numerous other fixes. See changelog for details. This table has been a WIP since before VPW started. The plastics were modeled fresh but most of the primitives are re-used from the Ninuzzu and Tom Tower’s prior version. Iaakki spent countless hours refining the multilayered inserts over the past year and a half, but when Brad1x offered to completely re-draw the playfield we knew we had to keep working on this table until everything was right. It was the first table where we tried to apply the light baking methods that G5K, Flupper, Bord and others pioneered. Waiting for the redraw meant progressing on other projects and preparing them for release, so this got put off for quite some time and it is exciting to finally get it out to finish the year off in style! Playfield Redraw - Brad1X Graphics / 3D Work - Benji, iaakki, Tomate, Sixtoe Scripting - iaakki, Benji, Apophis, Sixtoe Sound - Benji, Apophis, Fluffhead, iaakki Physics - iaakki, Benji, Sixtoe, rothbauerw Lighting - iaakki, Benji, Skitso, Sixtoe Shadows - Apophis, Wylte VR - Sixtoe, Leojreimroc Testing - Rik, PinStratsDan, CalleV, Astronasty/nicey & VPW team. VPW Mod based on Ninuzzu / Tom Tower v1.2 Thanks to destruk for original code, knorr and clark kent for the art resources, flupper for bumper caps & flasher domes models and VP Dev team for VPX! A video from Rik showing how to get to wizard mode for competition play;
  2. Version 1.2


    OK, OK, OK! Lethal Weapon 3 table Tune-Up by VPin Workshop. It all started by again by just thinking about adding nFozzy’s physics and some missing textures in the original table, then we started replacing some primitives and reworking the existing ones, then the apron, cabinet, metal ramp, bats and a few other things were replaced. Totally new 3d inserts. Then different lamps were added to have a better lighting of all the new baked textures and finally adding a built in VR room... • New/reworked primitives: tomate • Baked ON/OFF textures: tomate • Inserts: Sheltemke, oqqsan • Scripting: oqqsan • nFozzys physics: tomate, iaakki • Fleep sounds: apophis • Flashes & Lighting Overhaul: tomate, Sixtoe • VR Room and fixes: Sixtoe, 360 Room by pattyg234. • Miscellaneous tweaks: Sixtoe, tomate, oqqsan • Testing: Bord, Rik, oqqsan, VPW team This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us, including most notably, Javier for the original vpx table, EBisLit for the new playfield image and 32Assassin for the rework. Thank you. Thanks to Flupper for his beautiful domes and Bumpers caps, Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics and Fleep for sounds. Enjoy!
  3. Version 1.2.2


    Never Tell Me The Odds! - V-Pin Workshop proudly presents Star Wars from Data East. This popular Data East table was built in a 3D renderer by Dids666 when he decided to update his old table to a full rendered version, when that was complete we worked to bring it to life with all the normal VPW bells and whistles, including some fun VR stuff. Enjoy! VPin Workshop Rebellion ******************** - Dids666 - Full Table Rendering. - Sixtoe - VPW Project Lead, Vader Wrangling, VPX Abuse. - DJRobX - Original Script, Table Functional Advice. - Jesperpark - Scanned playfield and plastics. - Seth Hartman - Other machine photos / images. - Apophis - Tweaking fleep sounds & physics. - Wylte - Ramp Shadows, Reworked R2D2 movement code for new model - Tomate - Primitive bugfixing & POV work. - Rik - Destruction Testing - Rawd - Animated R2D2 VR Topper - Arvid - VR 360 Room Textures.
  4. Version 1.3


    V-Pin Workshop proudly presents NBA Fastbreak by Bally! v1.3 Changes; Fully working VR backglass - Rawd & Leojreimroc Physics & script updates - iaakki LUT Switcher - Rawd When Tomate joined VPW he brought Darth Marino's NBA Fastbreak with him and hit the ground running! A veteran of Sketchup, he learned Blender surprisingly fast and baked out new textures for pretty much everything. There is only handful of objects that hasn't been redone in past 4 months. A thousand stuck balls later with much debugging, lighting and miscellaneous other contributions from iaakki and Sixtoe and we had shot and scored a decent tune-up for this table: Nfozzy physics, Fleep sounds, 3D inserts, flupper domes, VR room and more! Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX. Plastics, Ramps, Nuts, Bolts: Tomate Wires: Tomate, Mr_H Playfield: EBisLit, iaakki Physics: RothbauerW, Benji, iaakki Inserts: iaakki Lights: iaakki, Sixtoe VR Room: Sixtoe VR Fully Animated Backglass: Rawd Miscellaneous tweaks: iaakki, Sixtoe, Benji, Oqqsan Testing: VPin Workshop Discord, Rik Laubach This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including Darth Marino, DJRobX, CarnyPriest, MaX, Aurich, bmiki75, JPSalas Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques & domes. Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    The Shadow (Bally 1994) | Ultimate Mix Enhanced Altsound by iDigStuff Based on The Shadow Ultimate Orchestration by jedimastermatt Mixed and Mastered for cabinet systems Recommended but not necessary Stereo setup with subwoofer SSFThump Pinvol All New Music (Original Film Score) New Call Outs (Original Film Dialogue) *Where applicable* Featuring over 650+ new HQ sounds. Tested with VPX10.7 and Pinmame 3.4 Should be fine on any system but results may vary. *Known issue* No need to report VPX may close itself when loading the table with the altsound for the very first time. It has usually been resolved by restarting VPX and then works normally going forward. This is a pinmame issue and not the altsound. So please if VPX closes or the altsound seems to be triggering incorrectly then just give VPX a reboot and you should be good to go from then on. Comparison video showing Rom vs Altsound https://youtu.be/5AtI5xHKJ44 How to use an Altsound https://youtu.be/wxR-K3FoMMw How to control volume and other aspects of an Altsound https://youtu.be/R78ROuRUTHU
  6. Version 1.03a


    (this pup pack includes Adult theme videos Violence and Nudity ) +18 11 random intros i think ( i dont remember ) + 12 movies scenes ... Etc etc if you like blood and boobies you not gonna be disapointed .. Dont Tilt please .. You need vpx 10.7 to run this Table and Puppack The Puppack only works with the table inside the download folder Script - Options for ApronScreens - Backdrop and Slow Pcs are Off by Default just choose the one you like (Aprons screens are amazing ) Just Run the Bat file inside the puppack for your Screens Setup Enjoy Thanks To my TeamTuga Mate Pedro Peres Thanks Joe Picasso and Mario Thanks All Teamtuga
  7. Version 1.5


    This is the vpx version of the Terminator 3 table from Stern. There are a lot of Light and Flasher effects on the table, I like it Have Fun with that.
  8. Version 1.3


    Ante Up! Welcome aboard the Lauren Belle for the release of Maverick from the VPW team! This one is one of many peoples grails, with (as far as we know) no version since a vp9 one. We were lucky that someone supplied us with a lovely set of photos with which we could build a lovely playfield from so this could finally be a reality! ** Please use VPX 10.7 ** - This won't necessarily be normal for VPW, as it's caused more than a few issues, but we wanted to try it as an experiment. ** Make sure you have the latest VPX 10.7 build, 249 was broken. ** VR Options are all in the script. '*** V-Pin Workshop Mavericks *** Antisect - 99% of the table construction and work! Edizzle - Donating his script for the rotating wheel from his vp9 table and advice. Tomate - Primitive ramps and flippers, primitive assistance Sixtoe - VR Room & general fixes and tweaks Apophis - Dynamic ball shadows, physics additions, scripting stuff, playfield cleanup and redrawing Flupper - Ramp assistance and tutorial Fluffhead35 - Wire rolling sounds. Ebislit - Playfield alignment assistance. Dark - Lauren Bell Boat Model iaakki & daphishbowl - script assistance Rik & VPW Team - Testing The whole VPW Team, for their assistance and support. '001 - 039 - Antisect - 99% of table completed. '040 - Sixtoe - Added VR table and scripted in some bits and pieces, physics tweaked, loads of old and/or redundant script stripped out and things rescripted, redirected game load to de.vbs, fixed drop target bricking, adjusted kickback and plunger, should be more reliable? not sure how strong the plunger is supposed to be. '041 - apophis - Added Wylte's RTX dynamic ball shadows. Removed old ball shadow stuff, Increased plunger strength and speed. Removed duplicate sound related functions. '042 - apophis - Updated RTX BS to current version '043 - fluffhead35 - Adding RampRoll Sound Loops, Added new RampSound Triggers to turn RampRolling on and Off on table '044 - apophis - Fixed ball release bug. Added target bouncer, flipper rubberizer and coil rampup mods. Tweaked RTX shadows. Reduced skillshot autoplunger strength. '045 - Sixtoe - Compressed some webp images, converted audio from wav to mp3 (cut 90meg off the file size), '046 - apophis - Work around for ball release bug '047 - Sixtoe - Bugfixes '1.0.1 - Apophis - Positional sound calls added / updated (specifically for the VUK etc.) '1.0.2 - Sixtoe - Flashers updated / tweaked, desktop room tweaked, plunger tweaked. '1.1 - Sixtoe - Reverted all mp3's to wavs (should fix all audio issues, there is mp3 support in 10.7, but not for things like ball rolling etc.), Flashers updated / tweaked, Desktop background tweaked, Plunger speed tweaked (you should be able to make the skill shot more reliably now, Updated credits '1.2 RC1 - Sixtoe - Flipper power adjusted and lowered and table gradient reduced (thanks Rik and Randy), plunger adjusted (thanks to Goldchicco & Rik) '1.2 RC2 - apophis - Removed ball shadow z position dependency on ball z position. '1.2 - Sixtoe - Final tweaks and tidying
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Took the PUP Overlay and added a video to it. Credit goes to the original creators of the media I used. Add it to your Pop Media Folder and ensure it has the same name as your table. Enjoy if you prefer it over a static Backglass in the popper menu.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Took the PUP Overlay and added a video to it. Credit goes to the original creators of the media I used. Add it to your Pop Media Folder and ensure it has the same name as your table. Enjoy if you prefer it over a static Backglass in the popper menu.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Took the PUPOverlay and added a video to it. Credit goes to the original creators of the media I used. Add it to your Pop Media Folder and ensure it has the same name as your table. Enjoy if you prefer it over a static Backglass in the popper menu.
  12. Version 2.0.0


    Deadpool TABBLE Update Version 1.06 This is the Last version of JPsalas table converted to work with this pup pack. YOU DON'T NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE PUP PACK AGAIN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE 2.0 VERSION A special Thanks to VPFIENDS that jumped right away to help with the conversion (You Rock Man) Deadpool PupPack 2.0 #####please read this##### Do not copy paste this puppack with the old one .. Please just delet the 1.0 puppack and use this one !!! Thanks####### All videos were improved , the difference from the previous version is tremendous. New call outs design. A Lot of new videos. More screen Options. Videos for all the 7 battles. Table fixed to keep the highscores. and much more. Extra Screens with call outs on Apron make all the table look really good. You need VPX 10.7 and you should run the table in exclusive fullscreen if you gonna use the apron screens (options to turn ON and OFF on the top of the script) Slow PC recommended OFF, as default it's OFF ====Check Pictures above===== Thanks to my TeamMate Tuga Pedro Peres Credits inside Enjoy Custom Options for screens in the Table Script As default it's OFF Run the Bat file you want inside the Pupack Folder
  13. Version 1.3


    Release Builds : Current Latest 1.3 New Sound SSF Update and some tweaks and fixes.
  14. Version 1.0.1


    **Reupload, nothing new since 1.0.1 - Dec. '20 This is a mod of a mod based on Siggis’ excellent Spider-Man Classic graphics mod of the Spider-Man Vault Edition table (Stern 2016) made for Vpx originally by Alessio. Includes nFozzy physics, Fleep sounds, new metal textures, 3D inserts, new RGB GI lighting, minimal VR room by Sixtoe, and much more! Many thanks to everyone whose hands have touched and improved this table in the past. This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us. Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques and Flasher domes. Thank you to Fleep for the sound package. Thank you to Rothbauerw and NFozzy for physics. Thank you to Wrd1972 for bouncy standup targets. 'VPW edits ' 00X - benji/iaakki - various versions ' 006 - iaakki - NF script updated one more time, GI resolved, solenoid light control added, insert materials redone and adjusted, insert text flasher should be done ' 009 - iaakki - GI rework and various tweaks. Sidewalls are borked ' 010 - Benji - Added reflective metal texture to walls (only reflect with SSR Enabled) and color graded all the graphics. Added preliminary beveled edges to bottom half of plastics ' 011 - iaakki - RGB GI implemented, various fixes ' 014 - iaakki - pf&text images reworked, inserts made more shallow, GI adjusted different when mode on ' 015 - iaakki - villain spots created, heads material swapped ' 016 - Benji - Adjusted bevels and baked GI onto playfield (experimental) old playfield still in image manager ' 017 - iaakki - redid rgb gi, some cleanup ' 018.6 - Sixtoe - Added VR room and associated switches, replaced most flashers & hooked up flash prims to lighting, added global rgb gi flasher, tweaked spotlights and added character prims to lighting system, aligned ramps, unified timers, added ball shadow, replaced green goblin for comic version, reverted playfield, aligned apron wall and made visible, raised Apron, changed trigger shapes, removed numerous old incorrect walls and lights, raised metal screws and fittings up slightly ' 018.7 - Tomate - replaced wire run prims and textures ' 019 - Sixtoe - Made more holes in playfield for triggers aand targets, added wood drop sides, added new wall for sw43a image, added backglass to gi system, hooked up light refllection flashers on sandman and added some to goblin and lock lights. ' 020 - Benji - Added color grade to playfield from 019 ' 021 - Benji reintroduced more yellows to overall color grade ' 022 - tomate - spiderwebs and diverters redone, new textures for metals, diverters and spiderwebs. Improved wire ramp textures ' 023 - Sixtoe - fixed some depth bias issues, fixed rear back wood, fixed pop bumper flashers, fixed a few flashers ' 024 - tomate - Some tweaks to the textures, shadows in the apron and reduction of the file weight by lowering the resolution of some textures ' 025 - iaakki - Latest NF flips code, cabinetmode, fixed desktop mode, small fix to default pov, readjusted flips and fixed trigger areas ' 026 - iaakki - RGB GI brightness adjusted ' 029 - oqq - added some missing variables. swapped out 1 at ballwithball collision ( not sure if its the right one ) . Bumper sound ... swapped out Vol(activeball) with 0.2 at RandomSoundBumperTop ' 031 - tomate - add Goblin's bracket and some work on Goblin texture ' RC1 - iaakki - default options set, flipnudge check fixed, sandman standup target bank physics reworked ' RC2 - tomate - new prims and brackets for all villains, Sandman texture fixed so it doesn't collide with the ramp, add some thickness to central plastic, shadows added to apron ' RC3 - tomate - new bumper rings prims and new textures ' RC4 - Sixtoe - redid sandman and ock "holder" prims and textures, fixed goblin lighting, fixed spider sense lighting, unlinked difficulty rubbers from main prim and repositioned correctly, removed floating screw, various depth bias issues corrected, cleaned up unused images ' RC5 - iaakki - Some inserts fixed ' RC6 - iaakki - flupper domes ' RC7 - iaakki - dome flasher adjust, info fields updated, script cleanup ' RC8 - oqq/tomate - add movement to goblin bracket and separate prims ' RC9 - Sixtoe - Added invisible walls to stop ball being lost under top right ramp and hopping over centre targets, updated laser sensor lights, split cover plastics and adjusted position and materials so they're in the right place, added ultra minimal vr room options, colour corrected DMD ' RC10 - Sixtoe - Fixed what I broke because I can't code at 2am, various tweaks ' v1.0.0 - iaakki/sixtoe - Final tune and testing ' v1.0.1 - Sixtoe - made plastic protector over green goblin collidable and increased size of protector wall under venom ramp to prevent balls being trapped
  15. Version 1.4


    Send them to Davey Jones! - VPW Presents Black Rose by Bally! This one started with Sixtoe making some improvements on their VR version (based on the Coindropper VPX version) which included fluppers new bumpers and primitive and ramp fixes, when ebislit managed to get a new playfield stitch. Endi then came on board and did an amazing playfield redraw, and then pretty much every part of the table was tweaked and breathed on. We also now have a better understanding of how the GI lighting actually works on this table (the manual is misleading!) so it now has the funky cannon firing lighting it's supposed to have, including an updated GI makeover by Skitso. There are loads of options in the script, including VR, ball and flipper brightness and shadows. (If you have performance issues please turn dynamic shadows off to test) Enjoy Me Hearties! VPW Black Rose Crew *********************** Sixtoe - Project Lead endi - Amazing Playfield Redraw ebislit - New playfield stitch / scan Sheltemke - New backglass image and other images Skitso - New GI Lighting, Flasher & Insert Tweaking iaakki - Updated / fixed GI script to work with new GI lighting oqqsan - 3D Inserts Apophis - Numerous fixes and code issues Fluffhead - Ramp and ball rolling updated Onevox - Pirate Ship VR Room Rik & VPW Team - Testing Original VPX table thanks to Coindropper, gtxjoe, JayFoxRox, Xagesz & HauntFreaks. Help support VPW by buying a t-shirts or mug! https://vpin-workshop.creator-spring.com/ All profits go towards buying pinball bits and pieces (plastics, toys, playfields, hardware etc.)
  16. Version 2.1


    Earlier this year, JP Salas gave me permission to modify his Sorcerer table. Back then I added the VR conversions needed, as well as updated the VR backglass (thanks to Hauntfreak's backglass image) and did all the GI and alphanumeric displays in the table itself. Also added a fully animated/flashing VR backglass. Sixtoe assisted at that time with the GI intensity on the bumpers. Since then, I've done significant updates in version 2.0 to the table including: - Desktop, Cabinet, and VR hybrid modes - Fleep's sound package - nFozzy / Roth physics and flippers. - Modified the table, sling, and flipper physics - Updated to the new ramprolling sounds by fluffhead35. - Added the Iakki, Apophis, and Wylte dynamic shadows solution - Updated the drop targets to the solution created by Rothbauerw - Corrected the Demon / hold bonus light error - LUT and ball brightness options - Added additional VR options and updates - Rawd added glass and scratches option for VR users - Updated to include significant work done by Bord for GI, ramp primitives, playfield, flasher blooms, and more. - Added several other tweaks for physics, flipper tricks, etc. - Testing done by Bord, Lumi, PinStratsDan, Rawd, Rajo Joey, AstroNasty, Sheltemke, iaakki, apophis, RIK, Sixtoe, Rothbauerw, and several others on the VPW team. In the script options you MUST choose values for VR_Room, or Cab_mode. (The default is desktop mode of zero values). If you are using a full cabinet, VR_Room = 0, and cab_mode = 1. Desktop mode they are both zero. Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit, Also in the script, you can choose to use two different versions of the ROM. It's defaulted to version 2. (https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=889) Thanks to everyone that helped!
  17. Version 1.01.1


    Goldorak Table created by Rom in Future Pinball now ported to VPX 10.4 The table uses UltraDMD, place the Goldorak.UltraDMD folder where the VPX tables are located Thanks: JP for help in Small DMD and the wise advice he gave me Haunfreaks for Backglass Art Stat B2B Dev team for the great work they do with the emulator and the great community. Sorry if I forgot to mention somebody :facepalm:
  18. Version 1.2


    *EDIT* Please only use 10.7 rev310, all the newer versions have game breaking bugs. We will remove this edit when 10.7 is stable again. "Don't you realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what's right for them. Because it's their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here." The VPin Workshop members present The Goonies: Never Say Die Pinball! This project started out by adding physics and fleep sound to Hawkeyez88 pup-pack release. In doing so many scripting issues were found in the original table. We decided to not only fix the current table, but have added support for FlexDMD, new modes, ramps, shadows, playfield, sounds, ect. Pretty much every piece of this table has been touched, enhanced, and tested. This table is setup to work with the FlexDMD out of the box. You can disable the FlexDMD and enable the pupPack created by Hawkeyez88 by changing the options in the script. *VR User Note : This table currently *does not work* in VR as the latest 10.7 version of VPVR does not support some of the newer functions used in this table. * Main table overhaul: fluffhead35, oqqsan * nfozzy and fleep: fluffhead35 * DOF: apophis * New playfield design: HauntFreaks * Playfield, image and lighting updates: HauntFreaks * Backglass: HauntFreaks * Droptarget Shadows: HauntFreaks * Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: Entire VPW team inc. Sixtoe, apophis, wylte, fluffhead35, oqqsan, Nailbuster * 3d Inserts: oqqsan * flupperdomes : oqqsan * FlexDMD : oqqsan * Apron Primitives: oqqsan and Tomate * Ramp Primitives: tomate * New Toy Primitives Chester,coins,key: oqqsan * Scoring and game play enhancements: Rik, apophis, oqqsan * Testing: Rik, apophis, VPW team * Bone Organ Primitives: Tomate * Bone Organ Animations: oqqsan * wylte: Flasher shadows on ramp * Original pupdmd code: Nailbuster * Previous DMD animations: VPFiends This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, in this case, Javiers VPX version. Thank you to Rothbauerw and nFozzy for the physics. Thanks to Fleep for sounds.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This is a re-upload that was originally on Vpinball.com before it went down for good. The late, great Loserman76 really helped me a lot with this table - so out of respect for his passing - I am uploading it here so more can enjoy it. - - - - - - - - - - - Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED: This VPX is a re-skin / re-theme of BorgDog's Space Walk (Gottlieb 1979) table. If Gottlieb had made this table back in the day ... this is what it SHOULD have looked like - with some extra modern features. A couple weeks ago, my wife an I had our weekly "date night" and decided to watch John Carpenter's original The Fog (1980) on Blu-Ray after not have seeing it for many years. I had forgotten how good a movie it is. In 1980 it was labelled as a gorey horror movie by critics, BUT, much like Halloween, there is practically no gore at all - and by today's standards - it is VERY tame in comparison. It is more of a creepy 'ghost story' than a 'horror movie'. The film relied on darkness, likable characters, story, and jump scares for it's driving force - and because visual pinball is a great platform to preserve a better / basic time of our lives ... I wanted to make a Fog pinball. Originally shot and slated for release in 1979 (which is why I chose a 1979 table to start with as a basis) the movies release date was pushed back several months into 1980 so the film makers could re-shoot / add some additional scenes and elements to compete with other 'horror' movies of the time. I decided to go with the very last EM table Gottlieb released as my basic starting point, keeping all the original basic integrity of an EM functionality - with some new bells and whistles - but not too much that would destroy / overwhelm the player. Kiss = Keep it simple, stupid. I wanted to start with a BASIC table with very simple rules and easy to play so you can actually enjoy the game. Call me old-fashioned. After being granted permission by BorgDog to use his original Space Walk table - I went through and redesigned all the artwork for the playfield, plastics, apron, backglass, etc. Because there are some 'bugs' with how a totally scripted table / b2s work - with the assistance of Loserman76's and Rascal's scripting knowledge - we went through and completely updated the script driven table, fixing some existing bugs, and improving on some functionality, added a load of features, updated SSF, and overall player experience. Because I am a 'cabinet' pinball user - I relied on Rascal to make sure everything worked properly for Desktop users as any cab user would as well. As I said, this was not just a re-skin / theme - this was a overhaul and update. TABLE ADDITIONS: - - - - - - - - - - New playfield, plastics, backglass, etc graphics. - Added 13 LUT Brightness / Contrast Adjustments that can be done during Gameplay. - Added Flipper Shadows that can be turned ON or OFF at the top of the table script. - Added Ball Shadows that can be turned ON or OFF at the top of the table script. - Added Score and Settings saving to the VPX Users folder as text file instead of Registry. - Fixed Desktop SSF and B2S when playing in Desktop Mode. - Added Alternate Flipper Color options that can be changed at the top of the table script. - Adjusted Hundreds of Playfield Parts, Lights and Options for smoother gameplay. - Enhanced GI Lighting. - Fixed Scoring and Player error. - Added Startup, Game Play, and Gave Over music / audio - Each able to be turned ON or OFF at the top of the table script. USING LUT OPTIONS (VERY IMPORTANT): - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - When you boot the table for the first time, the table might appear a lot brighter than it is intended. Hold down the LEFT MAGNASAVE and then press the RIGHT MAGNASAVE to cycle through the 13 LUT options. This bypasses the need of using the Day / Night slider. Depending on the resolution of your playfield monitor, everyones preferred LUT setting is different. When you cycle through the LUT options, when you select the one you prefer for your setup - it will automatically be saved when you exit / quit the table for the next time you play the table. You can adjust the LUT Option at any time when the table is loaded, even during gameplay. PLEASE NOTE: Pressing the LEFT MAGNASAVE will shut off the music as well. Simply press the RIGHT MAGNASAVE (without the LEFT MAGNASAVE pressed) to resume music playback. MUSIC OPTION: - - - - - - - - - - I opted NOT to use sound fx and dialog from the movie within the table itself, i.e.: hitting bumpers or slingshots, etc. I wanted to keep all the original EM sound fx and not overwhelm the gameplay. The addition of music and dialog to this table is done in the background ambient audio tracks to create a 'mood' and NOT a sound fx and music extravaganza. It successfully creates an overall tone for the table very well, especially if you dim your lights in the room and play practically in the dark. By default, the table is set up to play one of several random startup tracks, cycled Game Play tracks, and several random Game Over tracks. Instead of giving the option to turn ON or OFF all music, we split the options up at the top of the table script. You can adjust each type of music playback based on your preference. You can isolate and turn ON or OFF either the 3 options at the top of the script. If you want to temporarily turn off the music, press the LEFT MAGNASAVE and it will stop the CURRENT music track. You can then press the RIGHT MAGNASAVE (without the LEFT MAGNASAVE pressed) to resume music playback. During gameplay, and ONLY during gameplay, you can change the music track by pressing the RIGHT MAGNASAVE to switch to one of 6 music tracks. During actual gameplay is the only time this feature works. All music and audio has been properly balanced, equalized, and completely re-mixed so no audio 'interferes' with the sounds of the game itself. OPTIONS MENU: - - - - - - - - - - When NOT in gameplay (i.e.: no ball in the plunger lane or game started) you can access the Game Options Menu by holding down the LEFT FLIPPER for 2 - 3 seconds. This allows you to change the number of balls, free play or coin play, high score visible setting, or Replay Score settings. INSTALLATION (VERY IMPORTANT): - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The install is fairly standard and straight forward, except for 1 IMPORTANT thing, the Music folder for VPX. In order to avoid the growing 'mess' of a million .mp3 files in your Music folder, the additional audio / music files for this table NEED TO BE INSIDE a folder called 'fog'. This reduced adding to the clutter and global warming problem. So when you unzip the music / audio for this table, the directory structure should look like this when installed 'Visual Pinball / Music / fog'. You will get an error when you boot the table if the mp3 files are simply dumped into the Music folder. DOF CONTROL: - - - - - - - I didn't want this new version of the table to compete or interfere with the existing Space Walk (Gottlieb) table. So I have renamed the cGameName and all associate reference to Space Walk to "the_fog_1979". Until DOF is updated with this new table to be included, but you just can't wait - open your DOFConfig.ini and copy the command line for SpaceWalk_1979, paste it to a new line - and change 'SpaceWalk_1979' to 'the_fog_1979'. FINAL NOTES: - - - - - - - Overall - the table turnout out exactly as I envisioned. The look, features, sound, music, graphics and gameplay are how "I" wanted it for my cab. This was all my preference, and may differ from your tastes of preferences, which is one of the reasons why I included multiple options. This was also a HUGE learning experience for me. I have never really touched scripting prior and only concentrated on the graphics for tables I was a part of making. I started with an EM table because I 'thought' it would be an easier learning curve. I was wrong, because EVERYTHING is driven from the script and not reliant on a ROM to do the calculations and workload. Even though I had some help with Rascal and advice from Loserman76 (the EM guru) on some more complex things I wanted to add / change with the table, I am very proud how it turned out and now have a lot more confidence in myself to make MORE tables of this calibre in the future. "Rascal who? Crank Caller, Crank Caller! Just kidding." - Inside joke. FILES INCLUDED: - - - - - - - - - - I have included enough extra materials / goodies as a complete package to fill out every screen of your cab (if you are playing in a cab), with 2 wheels styles for PinballX and Popper front ends, RealColorDMD and Toppers or Over / Unders for LCD screens, Video Backglass for your front end (PinballX users should use the additional mp3 file as 'Table Audio' for backglass video), and some other things. Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979).vpx Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979).directB2S Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Flyer 1.png Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Flyer 2.png Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) RealColorDMD - 128x32.avi Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Topper or DMD - 1280x390.mp4 Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Video Backglass.mp3 Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Video Backglass.mp4 Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Wheel 1.png Fog, The (Gottlieb 1979) Wheel 2.png Gottlieb-EM-Topper-Fog-Colors-Large.mp4 Gottlieb-EM-Topper-Fog-Colors-Small.mp4 CREDITS: - - - - - BorgDog - Original Space Walk table HiRez00 - Table Re-Theme / Re-Designs Rascal - Scripting, Updates, and Testing Loserman76 - EM Knowledge / Advice JP Salas - LUT Selector Enhancement - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Permission to Mod: NO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This project took considerable time and I wanted to share it with everyone ... so "thanks" or comments in the support topic would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE NOTE: I create these image, videos, tables and backglass files for fun and for the dedicated VPX pinball users on this and other forum. I DID NOT create this for you to download as SELL, MAKE MONEY OR PROFIT ON ... You have been warned! DO NOT include any of these files with other downloads or projects without asking / getting permission first. All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners. PROVIDED STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL / HOME USE AND NOT FOR COMMERCIAL SALE / RE-SALE OR DISTRIBUTION!
  20. Version 2.0.3


    Bad Cats v2.0 Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. Completely overhauled version of Unclewilly's awesome Bad Cats table. Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX file as well as a Graphics Remastered B2S backglass file. Updated Plastics: Benji & Brad1X Playfield and Plastics: All table art completely re-drawn by Brad1X Inserts and Lights: iaakki Physics: Benji & iaakki Debug: Sixtoe & iaakki VR Stuff: Unclewilly & Sixtoe Testing: Tomate & VPin Workshop Discord Backglass Art Graphics Remaster: Brad1X Thank you to Unclewilly for letting us tune-up this table. Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques. Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics. All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners. PROVIDED STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL / HOME USE AND NOT FOR COMMERCIAL SALE / RE-SALE OR DISTRIBUTION! Permission to Mod: Yes with approval '069 - Wrd1972 - Added new flippers from Doctor Dude '070 - Benji - Added material to flippers, exported flipper texture and toned down saturation for more 'arcade' style flippers '071 - iaakki - Minor GI shape adjustments near flips. Livecatch tweaked, Cabinet mode added '072 - Sixtoe - Added VR Room & built in backbox, unified timers, removed redundant stuff, trimmed lights and fixed some lighting issues, dropped the triggers, transparancy issue remains on the centre glass roulette cover for VR, needs more work on lighting '073 - Brad1X - Updated Table Info and Script info '074 - iaakki - MetalSides option created, POV reworked by altering offsets only, VRBlockerWall made invisible in desktop and cabinet modes '075 - iaakki - Flashers reworked one more time.. '076 - Benji - Re-applied POV from 074 (it got changed at some point) '077 - iaakki - Smaller haze images '078 - Sixtoe - Added extra sideblade primitive and refactored mode switches, center glass disabled in VR. '079 - iaakki - Some cleanup, darksides feature removed, static rendering disabled for siderails. '2.01 - Skitso - GI rework '2.02 - iaakki - Updated to latest physics, also separated posts and rubber bands. '2.03 - Sixtoe - Redid VR options, minimal room added as big room is "heavy", fixed broken cabinet mode, added drop holes, various other fixes.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    2021-11-27 22-52-26.mp4 2021-11-27 22-52-26.mp4 TeamTuga Presents Indochine Puppack Indochine is a French pop rock and new wave band formed in Paris in 1981. They became very successful in the Francophonie, Europe and Latin America in the 1980s, with songs like "L'Aventurier" and "Canary Bay". Following the release of several critically acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful, albums in the 1990s, the group returned to stardom with the release of Paradize in 2002. The band has sold over 13 million albums and singles, making them the best selling French band. This is a Reskin from Cosmic by Marty02 Original Table by JP SAlAS *This table and Puppack Only works with vpx 10.7 *No other table will worlk with this puppack only the one inside the download folder *All media inside (wheel etc..) - Rom and B2S * Options for 4 , 3 and 2 screens inside the puppack (by default is 4 screens) ========FOR 2 SCREENS USERS ========== Must have the flex dmd updated +++++++FLEX DMD MUST BE UPDATED++++++++ cosmic.nv / cosmicnvb - If you have this 2 Files inside your VpinMame/nvram folder DELETE THEM !! *Add All videos you want inside the musicvideos Folder * To change video press Right Magma Save or Start Buttom *The Table Script is not completed ....so theres no Multiball Extra Ball...etc Dont ask Me Why!! Maybe someone in the future do something about it!!! Maybe Thanks to my Team Mate Pedro Peres MArio Joao PAulo and Nelson Vila for all support... Thanks to all VP Community Enjoy 2021-11-27 22-52-26.mp4
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