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  1. Version


    @scutters and @MikeDASpike are proud to present "Database manager for PBX" We built this program to make it easier for ourselves to update/add tables in PBX. If the tests succeed we want to bring this program to the PBX community Beforehand, please make a copy of your database directory (and maybe your media folder too)! We are not responsible that anything goes wrong. Features: - Auto find PinballX and all relative paths - Shows system name and XML name - Filtering disabled and/or system XML - Filtering on obsolete tables (for VPX,VP9 and FPT) (and easily deleting tables including deleting media) - Added custom fields for extra information (1) - Unicode supported entries in tables and form to easily pick a character - Search/filter on tables - Easy to use drag and drop for updating media - Media preview on right mouse click - Easily adding -system- media per system - Deleting media with one click - Media Audit button to checking per XML missing content and unused media - Populate data from Visual Pinball tables (Author,Version and Rom) - IPDB list updated to Feb 2020 - Media import from GameEx online - Media import from Mega - Direct table launch with PinballX. Including all startup, launch, before, launch after and exit scripts Thanks to Tom Speirs for this feature (PinballX version 4.14 or higher needed) - Option to stop Team Viewer when recording videos - Support of GIF (PinballX version 4.15 or higher needed) - Loading media support if de-randomiser plugin is used (2) - Advanced Search - Bulk GameEx import - Bulk IPDB update - RealDMD Support for preview media - ZenPinball FX3 auto populate tables when using Steam (all tables) - ALT shortcut keys in all forms - Statistics.ini file will be updated when table is changed/removed - Media image can be converted automatically to static video (mp4) - Auto delete old playfield videos when creating bulk videos (Visual Pinball only) - Original tables added to IPDB search (source sheet by Dux Retro) - Program is resizable - POV import (Visual Pinball only) - Multilanguage - APNG support - Multiselect of tables. Hold CTRL for single entries, SHIFT for selection and press CTRL-A for selecting all - VBS Import/Export (Visual Pinball only) Needed in same folder (without the files the program won’t start, or errors): PinballX Database Manager.exe PinballX Database Manager.exe.config Interop.WMPLib.dll (3) AxInterop.WMPLib.dll (3) MegaApiClient.dll (4) MegaApiClient.xml (4) Newtonsoft.Json.dll (5) Newtonsoft.Json.xml (5) PinballX Database Sheet - PinballX.csv (6) Needed in PinballX folder: FFMPEG.exe (1) If you use custom fields and you use Gamemanager, the XML will be overwrite by Gamemanger and you will lose the custom entries ! (3) These DLL's are from Windows media player and used for preview media content. WMP needs to be installed on the system too. (4) Mega API Client for downloading on Mega (https://github.com/gpailler/MegaApiClient) (5) JSON framework for .NET (https://www.newtonsoft.com/json) (2) See : https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23127-plugin-pinballx-loading-video-image-changer-de-randomiser-v2/ (6) Visual Pinball Spreadsheet export for PinballX by Dux Retro, see https://tinyurl.com/vps-pinballx All files Are in the setup. As we are no programmers, the setup or program could a virus warning. These are false positives. The setup is created with Inno Setup (https://jrsoftware.org/)
  2. Version 1.2.3


    All DMD Images have the Resolution 1280 x 320
  3. I inserted an RGB LED into my launch ball button so now i can have 3 colors for 3 different modes PinballX and VP10. The issue I have is this: I want green to be PInballX start button, Red for VP10 Launch Ball, and Blue for VP10 Fire button but the start button in PinballX is to launch a table and the start button in VP10 is to start a game. Could the PinballX Start be moved over to the Launch Ball button for DOF? In the few vpin cabs I have seen, these are the same keyboard inputs and physical buttons. Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. I have my system fully functional using Visual Pinball but when I use PinballX my addressable LED strips (2) one each side are not working, everything else works in Pinballx including rear flasher bar. Of course I am not an expert on the coding or xml, I do see there is an error loading the plugin in the log but can’t figure out how to fix it. I can register the object in Direct Output, I run the plugin manager in PinballX and it shows up but when I go to Configure it gives me an error that it can find path. I am sure this is something simple but I just need another set of eyes to look at it. I have attached files and logs. As always thanks to everybody for your help! Scott. PinballX.ini PinballXlog.txt PinballX DirectOutput Plugin.log DirectOutput.log Cabinet.xml directoutputconfig.ini directoutputconfig30.ini
  5. Please someone save me some time and point out something I might have missed.... I have a cab up and running, so I copied all the video files from FX2, FX3, VP, and VPX to a new computer build. Installed (what I think) are all the programs and stuff needed, then put all the videos in the proper media folders within PinballX. The FX2 and FX3 vids all play fine, but the VP and VPX vids do not play scrolling through the front end. I've been searching for the answer for a week now and can't find what I did different the first time. I have FFMPEG and such in the Pinballx folder, downloaded some LAV files and threw them in PinballX as well, nothing is helping. I'm sure it's written somewhere on how and what to do, but everyone sets these up a little different and it seems there's always one switch I forget to switch then MAGIC! PLEASE let me know what dumbass move I've done if you can tell from this description. Thanks!!!
  6. Version 1.0


    A wheel for Atari's 1979 behemoth "Hercules" table.
  7. Version 1.0


    My 1st attempt at making a wheel image for PinballX. Thanks to LoadedWeapon for the awesome Night Mod!
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