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  1. I feel the same way. Some like Ironman and many others that have a rhythm to them. I’ve modded all mine. With new graphics for most and new videos that matched more and didn’t feel like YouTube and a logo generator threw up on my machine. It’s all about pinball Emerson. That’s why I’ve had pupacks on the full dmd for 5 years now. They made fun up my “town” now wveryone have 12 screens lol. But things need ratherm, topper (Non moving 3D lighting, b2s. Trans light, pup and dmd in one bezel on mid mon, and apron cards to allow the plpayfield to sit higher. Gets ,e a perfect plpayfield. Then I lost the 4K!!!!!! Why? Cause 120 FPS fucking rocks:>. Once you got SSF and 120 FPS. You can’t go back. My opinion. But pupacks should enhance the game. Not distract. My opinion
  2. they have to be approved im sure
  3. And here is the answer for fixing no balls on mario and other tables:) Worked perfect 1: Open the menu by pressing 7 2: When the menu shows up, you press the left flipper key 3:Next press 1 to do a factory reset and 1 again to confirm 4:Game will be initialiazed, press F3 now to reset the rom and enjoy
  4. in case anyone else has this problem Bushav called it on the money. spa was not installed!. i simplyplaced the spa folder and installed spa. Fixd all tables having issues and fixed my ultra dmd! :). YAY!
  5. exactly what i did! thank you. its so hard to remember all this when you dont do something like those parts for a few years. Thank you
  6. man i fresh installed with the new (only copy i can find, since im in no groups now, where they hide it! lol) baller installer. and everything moved perfect. BUT my GB tables and several others say cant find SPA and some tables load with no balls now like mario brothers (think it may be switch roms for that answer) but little things like that seem broken and i cant remember how to fix the spa error especially. also what script to i change to record audio with table video? plus my ultra dmd don't work anymore? sorry for the several topics in one. figure it might just be a file i didn't move over. thank in advanced
  7. Dax and them are not selling tables nor subscriptions for tables. you subscription is for hep paying for the server that is atleast 100$ a month year round if he got a deal. it helps him host. I have a server and have over 2000$ into just my site popperportal add on/site. anyway trust me they are not getting rich off this and not making money selling you tables. As they are all free to download and you don’t need a script. But there are many other things in this that are worth it. Like the non invasive social media he built for you? I for one do not support piracy nor selling tables as I’ve put in my 1000 plus hours here too. But I’ll say his subscription is just and we appreciate him doing all this. Again it took me almost 2 years to build popperportal. And it’s a quarter the monster this beautiful site is! So relax bro. If you need help navigating ask someone.
  8. as i dig deeper. hot damn do they look nice! fantastic job.
  9. man i love how you animate the background and not the foreground. very classic. simple beautiful and unique! in a world of droned copy past. i appreciate artists like you! cheers and thank you
  10. you built them into the scripts? how can i find out which ones and how i can take advantage of that? I have 6 full different versions of like acdc. love them all for different reasons. not to mention I've partially modded almost all the over a thousand tables i have lol. and yes im constantly modding and tweaking over the years as different script sources and stuff comes out. put i upgrade the image files to higher rez as i see problems. I never take claim for anything i contribute. yet I'm fine with other doing it. my problem is without a centralized system of resources. its hard to know what's what. not all new mods are better. i have had beautiful mods I've downloaded over the years that had no balls. lol no my problem with me releasing my mods, which I haven't, is I'm not in any groups but here these days. so chasing people down is a nightmare lol. but if i ever do release my versions. again ill take no credit and give all credit to those before me. i simple create cause i cant not. I'm a creative:) and i love pinball and tinkering. but if you saw the difference in some of the files i have compared to some of what i see available. is pretty night and day. and not just my mods either. i have a altcolor for many like magic. and damn is what i got full color amazing transitions. and many of the ones i downloaded recently are actually downgrades from what i have had for years now:) so i was offering to help the community when i got yelled at!
  11. See I wouldn’t say that a mod allows for author. I see the sketchy. But you guys control the media library. Don’t let them. Like for instance. Say I release my tables I’ve modded Dover the last 5-10 year. 3-5 are the good ones. They are drastically different. Art and all. I mod lighting physics. Script updates, custom balls many of you have seen a few of my custom balls! All my tables have them. All my tables have custom. Puppacks. With big extras and my layouts. With my art. Then that have custom modded b2s. Cause I live a good old trans light! I’ve got modded dmd. And modded dmdoverlays. Custom table art and repaint all the bumpmaps plus more cause I simply play my tables and mod them to be cooler as I get board. And I have all. I play allot. I like pinball. Never have I shared. Ever. Just contribute to the growth of the society. And gave my hand drawn art many time. No stealing. No copying. Hell I even have owned my damn name for 20 years. Tattguy is my brand. My brand is me. but the first time I offer to share my work. I get booted yelled at and shunned. ! Hell I’m the one that started pinuppopper artist association. Me! I got all those great guys togther in one room. Chased them down one by one and begged them to join. just like terry did when he had the original dream of pinuppopper. Yes I’ve been beating his mailbox up for ten years He’s pretty tired of my face. But still I contribute original content. And told I can’t share cause I didn’t jump through a loop hole. See I should have been Atleast asked my intent! I think I deserve that! What I mean about the moddding section. Is people can submit a mod. It will be added to the mod link as a alt mod on the original content page;). See where I’m going. Damn. I just spoiled part of PopperPortal;). But again I’ll host nothing. You’ll always get from community driven sources. But PopperPortal is a beautiful library and more that I’ve been building for 3-4 years I think it was when I sent David the photos and roadmap of it. He then told me to make it an add on. With no help I have taken all long time. But it’s almost ready. Be patient with me. Single dad here But it will be as beautiful as its host pinuppopper. But will just be an add on interface But will give you a full library of who did what where you can find what’s what YouTube channel links. Official supported gear companies that have ratings. And ……..:)
  12. See that’s why I say we should not infringe on people modding. Def don’t let people post others work as theirown. Never. But make them a credit and have admins test to see if it’s an upgrade. Then the best versions can be at the front. No more guess what’s new. And then people get credit. Def a mod contributors category with credit going to the original table team and mod going to further credit?
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