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  1. anyluck if there was a color patch for batman the dark knight? i cant seem to find it anywhere unless im looking in the wrong places
  2. i got an error of line 1622 : RealCOR = BallSpeed(aBall) / cor.ballvel(aBall.id)
  3. i get this error: line 616: RealCOR = BallSpeed(aBall) / cor.ballvel(aBall.id)
  4. im currently looking for chicago cubs triple play german rom (not freeplay) is that available?


    rom name (triplayg)

    1. ramon


      Looking for that one too, and the free play version.

    2. rwood2477


      It's suppose to be here but was removed for some reason.

      All the roms for Chicago Cubs Triple Play are gone.

      I suspect it's copyright issues with the new owners of Gottlieb.

  5. i got it finally, i was renaming it wrong
  6. ok i tried patching it again and still nothing, somethings missing
  7. i give up, i tried a total of 34 times. i unchecked the crc errors and patched and named it correctly. all i get is all white andsilver color while vpinmame testing, but i have the only one that says length mismatch. length : 100663280 actual : 98546700 state : length mismatch, all of the other colored roms works fine, it'll say bad checksum and uncheck crc errors, checksum and actual match to : 0xe37bc6e2
  8. i dont know how on cmd, i always done it the other way
  9. ok i repeated the steps again, i tried both names before zipped up and i still get all silver color, and my settings are correct and latest vpinmame.dll
  10. i had patched it like 20 times and still the same, is there something updatedmtl_180hc.zip on the color patcher? this is after patched, renamed it to that rom name and zipped up
  11. yes i did that after i patched the rom and the diff file and put the rom in the roms folder and .pal file to altcolor\mtl_180hc folder. i made sure that i renamed the rom to mtl_180hc to roms folder too
  12. i patched it, is it supposed to be all white dots? it shows plain white
  13. i know theres like about 16-20 roms that need dumped
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