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  1. All of the settings for the p-roc games are in the config folder. => \p-roc\games\cactuscanyon\config the file that holds the high scores is game_data.yaml
  2. Actually I just tested this vp10 version - Cactus Canyon Continued _TTNZ v2.0 It looks like if you have the PROC enabled, it disables the train. If you disable the PROC and use vpinmame instead, the train works just fine. See the top of the script - line33 Const PROC = 1 If you change this to PROC = 0, the train will work but then you are playing the regular version of cactus canyon. I guess when the train mech was changed in VPX version 2.0, it broke the CCC train.
  3. CCC uses python and the p-roc. No vpinmame/no nvram. The error message you are getting is due to switch 71 - trainencoder. When the game starts, the train moves into position. If something is wrong with switch 71, you'll get this error. trainEncoder is setup in the config\cc_machine.yaml It could be the vp table that you are using isn't configured properly to bridge over to the CCC code. There are a bunch of CCC vp tables (vp9 and vpx) which one are you using?
  4. You can't put the game in coinplay, its not coded. It was made for free play only. With that said there is no reason you can't add a high score. I know it works here.....
  5. Post the section you are adding to the visual pinball.xml and the name of the table and I'll try to help. Its probably a spelling issue. Here is the section from my xml and it works just fine. <game name="Batman Dark Knight tt&NZ 1.2"> <description>Batman Dark Knight tt&NZ 1.0</description> <manufacturer>Stern</manufacturer> <year>2008</year> <type>SS</type> </game>
  6. Stern posted a new update to Iron Man. It would be luvly if we could play it! Pretty please CarnyPriest, thanks for your continued updates!
  7. Correct. dmd_scale is an integer (2,3,4,etc) you can't use a fraction like 3.5. It is what it is!
  8. Same. I put the score display on the 3rd monitor (my vpin is a pin2k so its flipped to display like a HUD). It doesn't look good on the backglass display unless you want to play with the dmd_scale and position.
  9. ok, lets be specific maybe this will help figure out the small issue. My rig is Table and script VPU 1.0 (I am not using the 2.0 script). Gamecode (PROC and Assets if you will): Python Code - Updated May 7th, 2018 DMD - Updated June 29, 2019 Audio - Updated June 29, 2019 Python is just the language this has nothing to do with the issue so updating python to 2.8 or 2.9 or whatever won't mean anything. Results: 3 balls with all multiballs in CCC including Last Call.
  10. Yes, I get 3 balls with last call and the other CCC multiballs. Thats why I posted the vpx script and vpx table for download. I assumed everyone was running the latest python gamecode so that wasn't the issue. Guess there is some small change somewhere in the gamecode but there is no mention of the real game having the 2 ball issue? I installed the latest CCC update via ninuzzos script or yours, in October, not recently. I seem to recall manually running the steps to get the assets since the install script bombed.
  11. Wow thats interesting. I am using the updated gamecode from late 2019 (whatever erics last CCC release) and it works just fine. Theres not much difference besides some call outs so I would just enjoy whatever works at the moment. Its way more fun with 3 ball multiballs!
  12. ok, here is the table that works for me. Hope it helps. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W_x_aXniPNl00f0DVvOvwlFYEwcL7z2F
  13. I played this for over and hour an got 3ball multiballs for all MB including last call. I am using the 1.0 script and it works just fine with the latest python gamecode and assets. Here is the VPX script I am using. Hope this helps. CCC vpx script 1.0.txt
  14. One more note last call starts as a multiball so if you are only seeing 1 ball released then there is an overall issue with the trough in the VP table. Last call starts with 3 balls and ends when you are down to 1 ball. If anyone is seeing 1 less ball in the multiballs perhaps the trough switches in the vp table are off by 1.
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