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  1. hi all just wondering if someone could help me out I wanna put a 12v fan on top my cab how would I go about hooking it up to ledwiz . would I need a rely or just straight to ledwiz board thanks
  2. my i ask how did you hook the fan to led wiz do u need to use a relay or can I just hook up straight to led wiz
  3. Do u think I'm doin something wrong with the teensy board I install the newest firmware teensystripcontroller beta but im not sure what todo with the source code if I do anything and also I'm confused about wiring it up do I add ground or power to the teensy board
  4. I tried your cabinet.xml and this is what it does .When I test them under direct output config tester and it's the blue side lighting up
  5. Here's my cabinet.xml file 1526863469985_cabinet.xml
  6. I have orange wired to data line white line to ground and the red for power and white ground on to power supply .the same for the blue side which I'm using is 5v 30a power supply . I now have only one or two leds working there is 72 leds on one strip there was 144m but I cut them in half for each side .
  7. I have that to .the teensy led flashes every second then when I load table it flashes like hundred mile an hour like it's working but I get no addressable leds could it be the ethernet cable I checked all my solder joints even reflow ed then to make sure there good.
  8. Yes I do I'm using ledwiz and sainsmart with no problems I wanted to use teensy for leds on the side of playfield
  9. I have a teensy 3.2 and adaptor board hooked up to my visual pinball . When I load a table the led on the teensy flashes very fast like it working. but I get no leds im using 144 m leds cut in half one for left side and other for the other side could it be my Ethernet cable attached to the leds or the usb cable
  10. I'm using a ledwiz with 5 star flashers I figured how to hook them up but I was wondering can I use rgb adressable led strip on it and if so how do I hook them up when there's only 3 wires one ground and one 5v and the middle one Im assuming for controlling the leds
  11. hi there  i read one of your post that you have a dof.rar package I like to try cause ive tried everything to get my up and running im only using a sainsmart and 8 relays that's it it works under directoutput config tester but that's it im lost I would apprciate  a little hand

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      i don't have a sainsmart,, i don't have a package ready for it, i think randr knows how to do it?

    2. loonytu
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