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  1. Anyone able to successfully play tables built for VPX 10.7 in VPVR? I know there was a 10.7 VPVR variant available a while back on Caligula’s GitHub, but it wasn’t meant for prime time. I’m still on VPVR 10.6. Does anyone know if there’s a 10.7 VPVR version in development. I’m not on any of the VP Facebook groups, so I’m often behind the times! Thanks to the devs, and no rush…
  2. Looks amazing in the thumbnail, guys. I'll wait until there's a 10.7 VPVR version available so I can load this one up. Thanks so much for your amazing work.
  3. Having the same issue with drop target banks not resetting or registering Bad Cats letter. Otherwise, super experience!
  4. Hang in there, blackvulcan3. Thinking positive thoughts for you.
  5. Here’s what I learned: DOF is needed to display PupPacks in VR. There are two boxes to tick on the DOF controller pane in VPVR. One is labeled “pupcapture.” The other is right above that one. That’s all I was missing. Hope this helps someone!
  6. Speaking of DOF…I finally got the PupPack videos to play in headset using VPVR. I’d failed to install DOF, mistakenly thinking that DOF only controls external devices like LEDs, solenoids, etc. on cabs. Somehow I failed to pickup on the fact that PinUpPlayer requires DOF to properly work in VR. Big thanks to Uncle Willy for patiently helping me troubleshoot.
  7. You might as well ask your local barcade to unplug the LCD when you step up to a real Batman 66. It’s part of the experience here. And a great one at that! :P
  8. Thanks for the VPVR version link, BazzaLB. Much appreciated. Unfortunately that version didn’t fix the problem on my machine. Still have a blank LCD in headset, although it displays perfectly in 16:9 on monitor. I’m new to Pup, so I’m sure I’ll sort it out eventually.
  9. RattyUK, did you ever figure out how to get the PupPack to display in VR? I’m having the same issue.
  10. Yes, indeed. Thanks for asking. I’ll keep experimenting and report back when I figure it out. For now I’m having a ton of fun just playing in VR and glancing at monitor from time to time for video. You and team have created a masterpiece here,
  11. Thanks again, daphishbowl. I've tried all the different bat file configurations and changed script accordingly. No luck. LCD videos still show up on my computer monitor, rather than in the VR headset. When I run a batch file, I get the following "Could Not Find" messages at the top of the command prompt window: C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig>del PinUpPlayer.ini Could Not Find C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig\PinUpPlayer.ini C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig>del pupinit.bat Could Not Find C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig\pupinit.bat C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig>del PuPDesktopPunch.exe Could Not Find C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig\PuPDesktopPunch.exe C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig>del PuPDesktopPunch-NoMinimize.exe Could Not Find C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\b66_orig\PuPDesktopPunch-NoMinimize.exe Maybe I've missed an installation step somewhere? Strange, because PUP is working great on desktop, just won't show videos in VR. Not a rush here. Just ignore this everyone unless an immediate solution springs to mind!
  12. Terry, you’re the best. I can certainly wait to sort out the VPVR stuff. I’m late to the PinUp party and am just now realizing how amazing it is. Thanks for your tireless effort to educate everyone.
  13. Hey Folks, I’m not new to VPVR, but I’m a complete newb with regard to PinUp player. I decided to finally give it a whirl when daphishbowl’s Batman 66 dropped. Clearly it’s an incredible piece of software (utilized by an amazing table with a staggering amount of developer coding). I’m late to the party here! I watched a bunch of videos and read tutorials. Paring PinUp player with VPVR appears to be kind of a niche thing (within a niche hobby). I’ve got PinUp player working on desktop with a one monitor setup. But, I can’t for the life of my figure out how to get those PinUp player videos to show up in VPVR. I’ve got a blank space where the LCD videos should go. I got a hint that I need to use a 2 screen setup to get PinUp videos to show in VR. Not sure what my next step is. I know a few of you guys have daphishbowl’s Batman 66 up and running in VPVR. Point me in the direction of a long thread. I’m willing to read! I’m lost at the moment. Totally appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, all!
  14. Thanks for the reply, daphishbowl. How do you choose 2 screen?
  15. Amazing table, guys! This is my first pinup player experience. Spent most of the afternoon setting it up. Thanks to TerryRed and Nailbuster for the great tutorial videos. Exciting stuff. Everything works great on desktop. In VR, however, the LCD monitor below backglass is blank. The pup-pack videos play on my real world monitor when I'm in the VR headset, but do not show up in VR. Any ideas? I've tried all the different batch file options. No luck so far. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
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