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  1. Just started doing this and WCS, TFTC work yet Congo and batman don't. I'm doing the same thing to install (put the two files into the rom named folder in altcolor). external selected and I can see the freezy dmd taking over yet Congo and batman are the same yellow/orange color. Any idea why these specific ones don't work? I'm using the latest 1.9 freezy version. All done via virtual, on the desktop EDIT - FIXED. For those that didn't work, after testing the roms in PINMAME, I realized the external dll was checked but not the color option below. All set. Results are unbelievable. Great job community. Playing this is VPVR with a 3090 and my jaw is on the floor (Valve VR). 90fps pretty locked, 2.0 SS and 150 SS in Steam.
  2. Pin2DMD is working well but when I launch pinball x the standard pinball X DMD video is launching, not the game ones. Worst part is that when I play the game, the pinball X generic video is playing over the games DMD which I can see from time to time. I have hide PineDMD option in the pinball X. Anything else I should check? Also - pinball X is not starting by itself on start up even though I said yes to do that. Non pin2dmd but weird...
  3. Another happy customer - I received the pin2dmd in no time works perfect thanks!
  4. PM if interested. Will sell separately too. PinDMD v2 ($40), XPIN ($175) = together = $200 + Shipping.
  5. Thanks! I was able to get the right strobe back going.... I swear though that that 5 rgb lights don't go off as much or aren't as bright or something compared to what I used to have. In test they work fine. What settings in dof config can I check this out make sure they are as bright as possible? For example in Metallica the rgb lights aren't going off during the pops Also the rgb lights seem to be blending together so I don't get just green blue or red but a yellow pink mixture sometimes (in one of the five lights for example)
  6. I figured out how to update my DOF based on your input and determined I now have a LEDwiz device. I updated the DOF program and assigned the ports and generated a file and it worked fine. Problem is I noticed my right strobe wasn't working even though it was before and the one working (left) didn't seem as bright. I went into LED blinky and port 14 is strobe yet only left goes off. How do I check to see why right is no longer working? Everything else is working in LED blinky as expected including the 5 RGB setup I also think the effects on the lights (RGB 5 setup) are not as strong/bright/or even go off during some games like MET compared to what I had before (on the older DOF program). I mentioned older b.c when I first generated the new config (4 files) it didn't work and I realized it's b/c the previous owner was running older dof program. Thanks!
  7. Hi - I bought a virtual pin recently and I have the directconfig files and everything works well. I would like to update the files though to incorporate new tables. I already have an account of the DOF website. Is there anyway I can load the older files to autopopulate the setup on the DOF website? I'm not sure exactly the hardware used (it's full feedback with LEDs) - just trying to figure out the easiest way to update. cab is wifi connected. If I can't autopopulate what is the easiest program to use to determine the connected hardware? Thanks
  8. looking for a pin2dmd already put together - no time to make. PM if you have one thanks
  9. guys - this thread says PINDMD color roms but these won't actually work on a pindmd v2 right? Just confirming. Funny b/c I was active in this thread way earlier and got it to work with my virtual DMD - now I have a pindmd and I'm not even sure it's truly compatible with this
  10. Are these different products? Just confirming. I have the Pindmd 2 (uses as xpin LED dmd). Does it not do full color? Is the Pin2dmd sep and does that do full color? So confusing...haha My previous cab had a LCD screen not a real DMD
  11. just trying to get more opinions as you mentioned - hard to determine. Rather get input from people who have these. EDIT - went with the LG
  12. So I'm about to pull the trigger on a 43 screen. Thoughts? I would think monitor BUT the input lag on both the Philips and ASUS is higher than the LG! LG = $300, Philips and ASUS = $530 shipped Here's the comparison (LG vs ASUS and LG vs Philips).... https://www.displays...rison/41b6743e4 https://www.displays...rison/fd497440d
  13. SOLUTION! Change this registry line item from 1 to 0 fixed it!!! at91jit For others with the same issue - check this out first. It would have saved me 12 hours! Line item at91jit which is in the individual roms settings under vpmame in registry. Who the F would have thought to change that? User STV recommended it. Thanks!
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