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  1. Is this 2 screen and/or 3 screen capable? Awesome work as usual.
  2. Im selling vinyl stickers for cabinet. First picture dimensions (Main Cabinet) are 54 1/2" top 54" bottom, 22" at the back, and 17 3/4" at the front. Second picture dimensions (BackBox) 33 1/2" back, 34" front, 10 1/2" top, and 6 3/4" bottom. Third picture dimensions (Front of cabinet) 23 3/4" top and bottom, 18 1/2" at sides. Selling for $125 Im located in Canada Ontario.
  3. K sorry here is my question for future reference. I was just asking if the updates on here were just being uploaded from vpinball site or are they actually updates because I was a frequent downloader on there? Sorry I know there is a lot going on now with vpinball gone and your updating this site and thank you for that so much, glad to see visual pinball is still alive. Im just curious. I dont want to sound like an a**hole. Edit i found a update and recently upload section but still wondering how new the updates are. Also if there is anyway I can help out with this site please le
  4. Thanks Ill try it out also and let you know. Im running 10.6vpx.
  5. Hey Malenko thanks for all your hard work and dedication to pinball. Youve made pinball that more exciting with everything youve done.

    Question would you happen to have the final version of the TMNT colored DMD for vpx, if so would you be able to pass it along i would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  6. Just wondering is there an updated download for vpinball dmd?
  7. Hey this artwork is amazing. How much for the high res pictures? Ill pay you for it. Please please please.
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