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  1. Visual Pinball, PinMame, PinUp, B2S, dmddevice.dll, pin2dmd editor etc relies on the free work of many individuals. I think it is just a matter of honor that if you use that work to create something new, that you also give something back to the community. In contrary the world of real pinball machines is all about making profit . That is why we introduced two different export formats . To protect the work of the artist in the real pin world, while still making it possible to share it for free in the vpin world. Without VPX and PinMame there would be no PIN2DMD and no PIN2DMD editor colorizatio
  2. It would be great if you would upload the vpin export files (pal and vni) here https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/category/101-pin2dmd-colorizations-virtual-pinball/ Normally all pin2dmd colorizations for vpin are made available for free for the vpin community.
  3. New version v4.10 and new dmddevice.dll is online
  4. So that is not a bug it is a usefull information . Maybe not in your case because it is always the same keyframe which is referenced. I don´t expect that this causes a problem , because the search loop in the firmware is left when the first match is found.
  5. It does not say that a keyframe uses 2 masks it says that the hash of the keyframe is same when calculated without mask and with mask10 or mask11
  6. Just because you did not select the mask does not mean that it does not produce the same hash you assigned to the keyframe and that is all that is checked with the check keyframe button.
  7. Just because it is not recommendend does not mean that you can´t do it to track down issues. The only thing that could happen is that you miss some frames compared to a dump without colorization.
  8. It is best to test and develop on the same hardware which is used in the end otherwise the end user might have issues which you don´t have.
  9. There is no stronger CPU which is pin compatible to the F4. F7 or H7 have a different pin layout. Furthermore those CPUs are not binary compatible without modification.
  10. The message already says all. Keyframe 1 is triggered without mask and with mask 10 and mask 11. If it is really a bug, a video does not help. I need the project with all dumps to see what is going wrong.
  11. If you cut a new scene from the old scene it should be fixed, as long as the scene it is cut from is in sync with the recording link. The link gets also saved if you search the correct frame in the recording link and press set hash.
  12. New version of the editor with linked frame from recording referenced individually is up. This is useful when frames are put together from different recordings for LRM scenes (layered replacement) or replace sequence or frames beeing deleted in the middle of the scene which made the linked recording frames beeing out of sync to the scene frames. The ani file needed to be modified which will lead to a message when a existing project is saved.
  13. You most likely have a false detection due to masks not beeing unique enough. Hard to tell without access to the project files but the same frame is detected by multiple keyframes and that is something you need to avoid by using unique masks.
  14. This is the PIN2DMD section of this forum and not pindmd. Maybe you better ask in vpforums.org which is owned by the dealer who sold those devices.
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