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  1. The defaults are okay except that I choose a black solder mask. Components will be calculated from the BOM file
  2. Yes ! No ! Because so far I have only ordered the unpopulated PCB for my prototypes. Here is a video that show how you get a quote . You can skip the github download part. All files needed (GERBER, CENTROID and BOM) are uploaded to pcbway.
  3. Any usable code you can provide for this idea ?
  4. To make it short from the technical side, if you find some code sample that does what you want for e.g Arduino , Teensy etc. I can add it to my code. So far the SD library only supports very basic commands. But I think that will also not prevent the user errors you describe. The next problem is that the library only support 8+3 filenames. So the next problem I see that users use filenames which don´t respect that limitation which leads to the next and almost the same problem.
  5. Did you check the voltage at the different supply pins of the CPU ? There is always a 100nf capacitor close to the supply pins where you can connect better.
  6. The picture of Saruman I posted above is upscaled using Scale2X scaler mode
  7. No ! My prototypes are hand soldered and I don´t sell them. You have to wait for someone else to make them. Sorry
  8. V4 shield will not work because it uses two independed HUb75 ports. Additionally it uses a STM32H7 @400Mhz
  9. If you order some panels make sure you use the ones from the link above with MBI5124 chipset. There are a lot of different versions with different chipsets out there. Only NON-EPWM chipsets are currently supported.
  10. Still some work to do on the dmddevice.dll but the firmware and the editor should be working.
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