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  1. It already looks great when scaling of 128x32 is used, but if artists start to replace the content with 256x64 images it will look even better.
  2. Thanks for the video. Looks great ! Check your alignment of the panels. There is a small gap between them. If you used the magnets to mount them to the PCB you can easily move them a little bit by pushing them at the power or Hub75 connector from the backside
  3. From what I can see from the picture it has these chipsets http://m.88869188.com/uploads/201805/5b08cd828dfa9.pdf https://pdf1.alldatasheet.net/datasheet-pdf/view/1147196/FUMAN/TC7262.html It should work, but you can´t tell before you have not tested.
  4. V4.24 - fix event keyframes in palstorage flash mode
  5. I have chosen the location it currently has to have the connection to the CPU as short as possible, but your location should also work. I have chosen that Mini USB connector because it is throughhole which is more resistant against physical damage. From time to time I have Discovery and Nucleo users which ripped off the SMD USB connector from the PCB by accident, which is not repairable and they need a new controller. If you use a USB C throughhole connector like this https://www.reichelt.de/usb-3-1-typ-c-buchse-fis-usb-31-c-p304027.html, I´m fine with it. It is easy accessible like it is.
  6. Did you also try DataEast mode ? Also make the input test to make sure all input pins work.
  7. Would it not just be enough to move the SD slot and the USB from the top to the side of the pcb. I think between speaker and DMD pcb is enough space to access both easily, but maybe someone who owns such a machine could confirm.
  8. Did you also update the bootloader to the latest, which comes with 4.23 ?
  9. I don´t see any reason to design this pcb. You would never make this for WPC machines then why make this for DataEast ?? Why not simply mount the DMD controller at a different location to have better access to the DMD ? The only reason why you want to do this, is because of the accessibility of the USB and SD card ? Why not find another solution for that specific problem which is more universal. Currently the design of the 128x32 DMD ican be used in almost all pinball machines with 128x32 DMD to replace the plasmas. Why make a new pcb which it limited to only one brand ?? IMHO makes no sense.
  10. The livepreview can be used to check wether each frame is triggered and colorized. A exact replication of the real pinball playback speed is never possible. Generally you can say if it looks good on the livepreview it will also look good on a real pinball. If every frame is triggered the playback speed is not of importance. Maybe colorization authors can help you better with your specific problem than me. P.S. please stop tagging me in your posts. There are plenty of others who can answer such questions.
  11. Best way to test wether a card is fully working is initiating an update. That way both the firmware and the bootloader get checked.
  12. new version v4.23 fixes issues with some SD cards on the EVO HD 256x64 Please make a full update with ST-Link or DFU to also update the bootloader.
  13. @Terranigma @stumblor I was able to fix another card I found which did not work with 4.22 and just uploaded a new version v4.23. Hopefully this is the last fix for SD card on H7 . Please make a full update with .bin or.dfu and test with all card types you have.
  14. Just uploaded a v4.22 which fixes some more issues on EVO HD. Took me another 5 hours of my life. Please use the .bin or .dfu to also upgrade the bootloader.
  15. I have never experienced that problem. I guess the problem there is not the SD card as both the bootloader and the firmware use the same SD card library. There is something else with your board or CPU. Red LED flashing means no bootable firmware found in the flash of the CPU. Maybe you can make a dump of the flash after a failed update to see what is missing. Maybe some flash lockbits are set.
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