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  1. This is a realistic and mature stance on the whole thing, I don't blame you since I had a contribution on two of those projects that you worked on and are now not available except through the gray area of "hey, do you happen to have x table from this author you could send me?". While I will support authors being able to pull their work down for any and all reasons, regardless, I also recognize that comes with a cost to the community. I mostly support the being able to pull down regardless of reason because some people can (and will) insist that being doxxed and harassed is NOT a go
  2. Yeah, good luck on the chime unit. I know ours wasn't $20. Yeah, it's a neat toy... we just don't have room on our desks for that hub, but it makes for a nice little smile maker whenever I reach into the cabinet to plug in a drive. I'm fairly certain my husband purchased it new. It's not the only silliness in the cabinet. When I got the lockdown receiver, it was rusty and didn't clean up as well as I'd like. Titan Pinball makes excellent labels for the receiver in question, and I paid a little extra for a custom one that reads, "Install 0 Balls".
  3. ...The perverse pedantic nerd in me insists that they need to be in a different order - Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael. OK, maybe I played too much of the Konami beat 'em up.
  4. Sweet, this is one of the ones that's stayed on the cabinet so far.
  5. The difficulty would be getting a lawyer to take it up... there isn't enough "standing", so to speak, because all too often we don't have permission to use the resources involved, so the court would dismiss the suit anyway because we don't have enough rights to the material involved. Plus, it's expensive to file such things - it's actually even expensive to send a proper C&D - and once that cost has to come in, it's not worth keeping on in the hobby.
  6. Yeah, the TARDIS top lights up... and it's an optional thing, there's a switch to turn it off, I actually have it turned off. I prefer to keep things simple. I'm adding an RGB flasher bar soon with undercab support, and I plan on tying it into the existing 12v supply - right now it's running on the wall wart Steve at Zeb's Boards puts in the box. But that's going to come once I get the 49" 4K screen in to replace the playfield screen with. The 47" is currently just on a "sled" mount that's just sat into the cabinet, it's a tight enough fit I have to remove the siderails to get the
  7. Just an update on my cabinet, and future plans.
  8. That is a nice set of commands. Simple, and documented. I'll probably check back into it once I'm done getting over Magic Pixel and what they consider an acceptable level of support on an advertised feature.
  9. ...do they at least have direct table loading support? I'd be wary of buying in myself unless that's part of the package, after my recent experience with Zaccaria Pinball and cabinet "support".
  10. It's really going to depend on the IP holder that decides to take action, and how far they go, and whether or not Knorr's own posts at various places happen to include information that can easily connect his real identity to his online identity. Plus, there's always the occasion where an IP holder decides they're going to try to "set an example" with a prominent community member to scare the rest into either stepping away from their IP, or just away from the community as a whole.
  11. I dunno, for me? That would mean doing a Wizard of Oz table if I reached into the public domain for a theme... as in based on the original book, with the silver slippers and everything else entailed. But still, the principle stands of doing something that I could pursue claims on and have a chance with.
  12. Yeah, this is pretty much why I've determined that, if I get off my duff and make some tables, I'm going deeply into the "original content" pathway, even though it can be a LOT more work... because, if nothing else, it provides me much more personal protection against any sort of court proceedings regarding anything I've put out there, plus it gives me a LOT more leverage to use against Lazy Commercial Pincab Sellers if I need it, because the only argument they would have is, "but you put it out for FREE," to which I can answer, "look at the license I put on the table, now you can pony up $500
  13. Thanks for updating, Terry. Also, I went ahead and just downloaded the spreadsheet, partly because I'm adding more and more DOF toys to our cabinet here, and it'll be handy if I finally get off my duff and start making my own proper tables.
  14. Yeah, at this point I'm personally not expecting to see Pinside back until the middle of next week at the very earliest.
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