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  1. Hardware Hi to all, since i am using a vertical screen for backglass and dmd i ran into a not so nice situation with popper. (couldnt find 17" 4:3 screen to use for backglass and had 19" left over for free thats why i have done it like this) Problem: When you set your backglass to 16:9 u get cut off backglass videos. But when you set backglass window to 4:3 some tables who uses popper for backglass look ugly to. I set my topper screen in Popper to a 4:3 ratio and on same potision as backglass screen 16:9 ratio. For backglass-recordings i know use tpopper-recording and 16:9 b
  2. You still alive ? So then respond to E-Mails !
  3. the side is scam and he is blocked on many pinball sites i have recently contacted a lawyer also got serval defunct deliverys from the one that arrived.... I would advise the moderator to block him here to !
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