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  1. You rule Dazz ! Thank you for all your efforts and this fantastic website !
  2. Hello, I wish I could have some help for both of these awsome tables. Master of the universe (He men) VR : Even if I have ultraDMD installed and displayed on my main screen, it is not displayed on the VR DMD which remain empty... Does anyone could help with settings Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire VR: All the parts of the pupplayer backglass are displayed on my Pc's screen but not into the VR game. Backglass remain fully black during the VR session. So if you could help with settings. I've read about a setting list for this table
  3. Hi, It seems like there's an issue on the website with database corruption. You should try any other downloads and see, but it should be the same.
    Huge ! A real must have, thanks for your great work.
  4. Thank you for all you've posted before. VR experience is awesome and we owe it to creators like you. So, once again, thank you ! Great respect for your work. Hope to see you back one day.
  5. Hello, I've installed UltraDMD. Does anyone have installation instructions for this table. I'm still stuck. Thank you
  6. Hello, Great table ! I haven't it working and I'm looking for "the installation instructions on the original page". Does anyone have it ? It could help : I've got sound, I can play the table but the backglass, DMD, videos... are displayed on my PC's screen (main display) and in the VR sight the backglass appears empty. Thank you for this great job, hopping someone could help.
  7. Hello, Thank you for this great table ! Huge and unique multiball mode !!!!! I’ve got one issue with it : On my display, the b2s back glass is displayed and the colored DMD too. But, when I use the VR elmet, I see the table, the back glass but the DMD is not visible... I can put coins and play but if I want to see my score, I have to put off the VR elmet. if someone could help with the setting. Thank you !
  8. @Studlygoorite A great thank you !!!! You've made my day ! It works very well !!!! You suggestion was the best ever !
  9. @studlygoorite Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunatly, it didn't work for me... I still have the issue and the associate frustration ;)
  10. Hello, First of all : Thank you for your amazing work ! VR experience is over all what I could expect ! I have an issue with Whitewater : "Free play" is enable by default and when I try to play the DMD displays "Pinball missing". I've tried sevral rom (ww_6hl...) and different combos but it remains the same evene after factory reset. I've also tried to use nudge but nothing has changed and I'm still stuck. At last I've tried a custom nvram set but... nothing... So if you have any detailed idea, I would be happy to try ! Have a nice (pinball) day.
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