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  1. Hey guys. I have 6 brand new contactors i never used. These are the recommended contactors everyone talks about. I went with allen bradley contactors instead. These retail at 86 bucks on grainger.....i know you can find them cheaper. 25 bucks a piece or 120 for all 6. Shipping will be extra. Thanks guys. Tom
  2. Thanks for the tips, I’ll give the 64 bit version a try! my pc specs: i5 3 ghz, 8 gigram, windows 7 pro, EVGA 1050 ftw 2gig. UPDATE: Solved issue. I was unaware that when adding games in the game manager, it copied the table file in to the actual table folder. I was modifying the ones that were all nice and organized in my folders inside the table folder, not the actual ones the pinballx was using. Woops! Fast Flips works now!
  3. Hey guys, After numerous hours of reading up on fast flips, I found my self posting on here. Maybe someone could be of assistance. When running fast flip supported tables solely in VPX, when pressing f11, I will get the right numbers. .4-.6 ms. But, when loading the table through my front end, pinball x, after pressing f11, I am getting 13-26ms. I know djrob says that f11 can be affected by other things...but I wouldn't think it would change from running the table through vpx alone, then have it load through pinball x....I mean, aren't you loading though vpx anyhow? The table I am working on is Lethal Weapon 3. I just find this weird...I tried no using a backglass server....I deleted any script file stragglers. Any help would be appreciated! -Tom
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