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  1. Thanks for clarifying. The solution sounds like a mess. And even if i scan for the number of balls on a table it is little too late to announce multiball in optical way. Mostly the table does play some sounds and blah and then multiball is coming. Some tables hide allready some balls on table and release them by different actions. I thought if i implement the interface "void DataReceive(char TableElementTypeChar, int Number, int Value);" then i could collect some info which can be interpreted as multiball but i guess like you said, it's not possible because no rom send this data. A
  2. Hello, i got a general question about visualise multiball. i have a cabinet with few tables und would like to turn a light siren only when mutliball is available on the table. I'm using Sainsmart usb relay and configured it correctly (when i play a table it clicks and clacks ). Maybe i didnt completly understand the architecture of toys available on a table. But is it possible to get a mutliball event and configure it to one relay which turns the siren on? p.s. sorry for my english.
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