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  1. Hey WM. Yeah, it's been a long time. It's been forever since I've done anything VP related. I've heard good things about VP with VR. I may try and get that working this weekend.
  2. Good to see VPU is still around. Not bad for a spite site. :D
  3. DeeGor


  4. Sadly my motivation to work on this table left when I sold my cab. Hopefully someone else will re-create it one day. It's one of the better Gottlieb / Premier tables.
  5. Half the wrestlers in the image are dead now. They're burn themselves out with all the roids in order to look like that.
  6. Gotcha. That's pretty cool. Would be nice if we could come up with something similar to what the color dmd guys are doing. Allow us to color roms frame by frame. Would be a lot of work, but the tables I've seen the real colordmds on look outstanding.
  7. Does it utilize the code the colordmd.com guys put out, or just give someone the ability to color a DMD similar to what the colordmd.com guys do? If it uses the same code, this could be a bad thing, as those are still in production.
  8. Thanks for the stolen backglass. Make sure to post this on vpf too.
  9. Nice job Tom. You put a ton of work into this and it came out great.
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