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  1. Very cool table. Thank you and everyone who build the original that it was built upon.
    Awesome Table. On top of that your first VPX table. Great Introductory offer. I really enjoy playing it.
    Awesome music table. Everything is great. I just wished the PUP Video files were not so big. I used ffmpeg to reencode them into smaller files but even after they still add up to over 2GB of videos. Oh well I need a bigger hard drive. Thanks for a great table.
    Nice Table and also nice PUP videos. Really appreciate how they work well with the table and they are not 5GB worth of videos like some other tables have. Table and PUP pack in less then 140 MB awesome!
  2. Thanks rosve. Dang that was simple. I am usually very good at figuring that out and in this case I just could not. You are the man! Thanks for the help and the table, it is great.
  3. Any quick easy way to get score on backglass in desktop mode? Other then not being able to figure this out it’s an awesome table. Thanks!
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