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  1. Oooh, success! I copied the .bin from the Master download and I have a screen now! Just had to copy over the activation key to the SD card too. In Pinup Popper, the bottom half of the DMD has a green tint which it didn't do before, but when I load a VPX table, the DMD is working great. Thanks much for your assistance!
  2. I copied the PIN2DMD.bin file to the drive letter and it created a FAIL.txt file that says "The application file format is unknown and cannot be parsed and/or processed"
  3. That ST-Link USB port is how I've been connecting it to the PC and updating it. Sorry, I took the pic before I started working on it and it was still connected to my cabinet.
  4. I have a Pin2DMD running with an ST Nucleo F429ZI board (pic attached) and it's been running 2.64 for a couple years now with no issues. I decided to upgrade the firmware finally and selected the v4 Nucleo version which I believed to match my board. Updated using the .upd file on the SD card, it gave me the update screen briefly, then went black. I cannot seem to get the screen back at all. There's still power and lights on the back of the board and my PC detects it. I used the ST Link007 program (which connects to my board fine) but am confused as it only seems to have the option to update the ST firmware, not select your own file. I found an older version (Link4) which allowed me to select the PIN2DMD.bin file and it said it patched successfully but still no screen. I also tried the STM32CubeProgrammer program with the PIN2DMD.bin file which says it successfully wrote as well, but still nothing on the screen. I updated the ST firmware using Link007 and repeated everything again with the same results. Any thoughts or advice on what to try next? There seem to be so many different versions of the ST apps, ST firmware, and Pin2DMD firmware that maybe I'm just missing something obvious or using an incorrect version.
  5. Another fantastic VPW release. It just plays SO well, love it! Unfortunately, after about 5 games, I too had the Line 1837 error that @BountyBob reported earlier.
  6. @Mitshiba Appreciate the response! I actually have been doing this with individual games with no issues but the playlist wheels were giving me an error. I am using PinUpMenu over the network on a different PC. When I went to my actual cabinet and did it, it worked fine for the playlist wheels, go figure! Anyway, thanks again!
  7. How do you update these playlist wheels? I can put them manually in the folder but that doesn't create the still png that is required. When I try it using the PinUpMenu GUI, I get an error. Thanks for your work on these!
  8. This table is amazing! I never knew I liked this game so much until now, it's fantastic. Nice work!
  9. Such an amazing game, I've been playing it constantly! Came across an issue last night that happened a couple times so I thought I'd share. When shooting the ball hard from the plunger, the ball would launch, ricochet back to the upper right gate, and then get stuck. No amount of nudging seemed to help. When I launch the ball a little softer, there's no issue but this happened a couple different times so I thought I'd share (pic attached). Probably an easy fix, any ideas? Thanks again for this amazing work of art!
  10. Your tables are amazing, thank you for the great contributions!
  11. Fantastic work, looks and plays great!
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