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  1. jukedock


  2. Brilliant - a while ago I purchased the files for a real pin - how do I get the upgrade to Gold roms? Thanks.
  3. @Banzaipinball= why do you not earth/ground your power supply ?
  4. I run a business. This is what I do. I sell an item that is ready to be dispatched. I package it up, my courier gives me a tracking number. I email the client. 24 hours UK or 4 days europe - my customer gets the well packed item. I find following this gets me thru life easier. Having tried to order from you before twice and had excuses and problems - I just want a pin2dmd within a few days.
  5. Dom - you are getting complaints on your own Virtual pinball facebook page you moderate as well as on here and pinside. You will not be getting my money.
  6. Hmmm.... does show that you didn't actually read the posting.....
  7. Hey all - looking for a pin2dmd set up. Will gladly take a kit or made up. New or used. Preferable that it comes from Europe (due to import duty). Must be shipped quickly (Brexit MAY happen the end of the month - that is another story!). Please - no posts saying 'German gaming supplies'.
  8. I thought bally/williams games only had a 4 colour palette? Can someone correct me on this - I was under the impression you could change the palette with individual 'scenes' but you could only have 4 colours displaying within that frame? PS _ IT LOOKS WONDERFUL!
  9. A note to the author of this - I will glady end you a payment when the file is finished. Great work. Phil
  10. Yes please for WIP version. Thanks for the hard work!
  11. I think now they would be okay with it. Let's face it they are now giving it away.
  12. @CarnyPriest - let's face it - everything on this website has the same issue. None of the graphics we use have licenses/copyright/royalities paid - let alone the roms etc. Check the 'read me' files and we are basically breaking the rules with everything except for games like 'Champions League' (oh, hang on - that uses sounds from WCS94) - or Diablo? So 99% of stuff on here is 'not legal'. I think they have basically gone 'sod it' and let it out for free. I do have a working pinbox installation. It is not that big. Would be great to get the REAL RFM into our cabs. If I can be of any assistance then let me know. The only copyright issue could be SWE1 - but I think I speak for most the people on here that RFM is superior.
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