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  1. SUCCESS!!! I got VPVR working! After my last post here, someone elsewhere told me I needed older Nvidia drivers and pointed me to the ones he used. That did the trick. Thank you for helping me figure all this stuff out. I really appreciate it.
  2. Okay, so after getting nowhere with openvr/oculus, I reset it to Steam VR and found that it was giving me the following error message and VPVR is the only thing that does. Everything else I run through Steam VR works perfectly. Any ideas?
  3. Yeah, I checked that and the XR runtime IS set to Oculus and Steam DOESN'T start when I launch VPVR. It doesn't work. On a hunch, I tried running it through Steam VR again and it gave me an error message that said "wrong video card". I checked my Nvidia drivers and they were all up to date. I let Windows install an update that it hadn't yet in case there was something there but it still doesn't work. When I try to open the Nvidia control panel it opens to a page that says "manage 3D settings" but immediately closes. the problem might have something to do with that but I don't know what. Rolling back to earlier Nvidia drivers if the present ones are incompatible doesn't appear to be an option. UPDATE: I fixed the problem with the control panel crashing, added VPVR to the list of programs and tweaked a couple of settings to tell it to specifically use the Nvidia graphics card. No effect. It still doesn't load.
  4. I got VPX VR Launcher 4 running in VR by switching the device in the config file from "openvr" to "oculus". That seems to be the key. Is there any way to tell VPVR to run through oculus rather than openvr? Because I think that might do it.
  5. I did all that and it's not working. I try and load a table and it acts like it's starting to, then boots me back to the desktop after a few seconds to a minute. When I try to run VPX VR Launcher 4 instead of the normal VPVR, I get an error message and the Openovr Log shows me this: DX11Compositor::CheckCreateSwapChain - Generating new swap chain oovr_abort_raw - Abort! ITrackedDevice::GetStringTrackedDeviceProperty - unknown string property - dev: 0, prop: 7000 DX11Compositor::CheckCreateSwapChain - Generating new swap chain I'm stumped. I'm usually pretty good at figuring stuff out but I have no idea what I'm missing here.
  6. I am double clicking GL.exe and at the moment I have my headset connected to my laptop directly because it occurred to me I might need to do that. I ran the open composite setup and told it to switch to open composite so it wouldn't use Steam VR anymore. I feel like I'm missing something and I don't know what.
  7. Okay! We're making progress! I got everything set up with baller installer, the non VR program works and I set up open composite following the instructions exactly. Now, when I attempt to load VPVR, it starts to load a table, I hear sound but don't see any video, then it boots me back to the desktop after a few seconds. Now what should I do? I feel like I'm close to getting it to work.
  8. Hi all! I'm new! I have an Oculus Quest VR headset with Virtual Desktop. I downloaded the latest version of Visual Pinball X from Github and the VR version of Pin Bot from here. When I open it, it shows me the table but doesn't go into VR. Am I missing something? Do I need a VR plugin or something? I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff.
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