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  1. This guy didn't last very long at PN as well. Steve beat me to the punch, we also banned his multiple IP names as well (love this new software). If you want to make a name for yourself in the community, this is NOT the way to do it. Oh well, next. @Wildman - Not surprised. Not a person I consider trustworthy or honest just from my point of view based on his previous actions.
  2. Suppose I should have updated this one ages ago. Jungle Girl fpx has now been released as version 1.1. This version is a bug fix and other minor script changes. Thanks to all that notified me. The big highlight is the debut of my shivaFlippers system that now has a variable coil system, better aiming, and a "fake EOS". This is a pretty noticeable improvement to FP flippers and down the road, I hope they can be improved even more. The variable coil adds dynamic omega (or strength to you vp people) for each flipper angle of a flipper swing until you release the flipper button
  3. I love the classic Bally tables. They were the perfect definition of "easy to learn, fun to play, hard to master" as quoted by Harry Williams. When I decided to do this table, I thought about how much I wanted to pay tribute to those great classic games that I wasted so many quarters on in my youth. Jungle Girl is respectively dedicated to the people of Bally, for giving me a respite from the grind of life. Jungle Girl is based on the comic book series from Dynamite Comics, and I selected that theme because you just can't get more pinball like than a pretty girl in a bikini fighting dinos
  4. Version 1.0.0


    We all hate scripting. In fact most people (like 99.99 % of the entire planet) when they look at a bunch of code, find it so intimidating and complex that they won't even try. Others just don't even have the time to learn how to script, it's months of study and learning. The biggest problem with Future Pinball (and especially VPX now) is the scripting, it was always the scripting, and will be the scripting in the future. The FPx template is designed to replace the stock New Table template in Future Pinball. This one will be aimed right at beginners, in fact, with luck, it may work exactly l
  5. Okay, this is pretty cool by any standards. If I understand this correctly, you bypassed the com limitations that black put in Future Pinball by going through DOFLinx instead?
  6. Version 1.3.0


    After 3 years, a update to Star Trek xse. Version 1.3, this features updates to the flippers (version 2) new physics and game play, and some special additions including a new lens and bulb effect with ball interaction, better backglass etc This uses BAM, and was done with the 2.5 exe. The xml file is included, it is the 2.5 xml with a "few" modifications, mostly to set up better more natural shots, and a couple weirder settings that seemed to work better. Hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Any comments on the new things, as well as bug reports are apprecia
  7. Version Beta 1.1


    History: shivaEngine is part of the full install with Visual Pinball done by Cold1 and myself. It is labeled "Tutorial" in Visual pinball's full install, but it's included with the top gear table, so it's part of the standard package. A couple years later, I wrote shivaEngine2, which was aimed at the advanced user as a System 9 engine, and mid 80's Bally. It was very full featured, and could do just about anything even System 11 games could do in terms of a feature set. shivaEngine 3 was a middle ground, in that it had all the main features of se2, but using the modern scripting style of pr
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