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  1. All of my buttons are RGB buttons and I would like a way to use DOF to control them but there aren't enough RGB buttons to choose in the configurator. Is there a way to add more toys or a way to make the "custom" outputs into RGB outputs? Thanks
  2. Installed puppack. Deleted B2S file. The opening screen where it draws a bunny plays on the backglass but it never seems to fire any triggers to play anything else. Stays on that screen the whole time. Anyone can offer help?
  3. Yes I did. I also ran the file straight from VPX and it is also showing on the topper there. And usually VPX doesn't show Toppers if running outside of popper.
  4. help with backglass display showing on topper screen and backglass is blank. I have ran the 2 screen 16x9 option and have a topper screen and a backglass and real DMD, I loaded the pup pack in the media configurator and for pup pack screns i have the topper and DMD set to off. The backglass set to forcepopback and playfield to show. I think i have tried every setting possible on the backglass and topper and nothing moves the backglass to the topper. Thanks for your help.
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