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  1. Is Batman TAS working for you? I can't seem to find/get a DMD going, and often the ball gets stuck between the first and third bumper... have to shake the table to free it... my sense is it was just never completed, but then again PupPack updates were done recently... the link mentioned in th FB group is 404 now so I'm not sure if it's newer than what I have or not...
  2. *nod* yup. I looked, though I tend to look for the term 'rail' or 'rails'.. is there another word for 'em? And it's a bit strange, they weren't there originally, but then they were which had me suspect I hit the magnasave and rotated into another parameter, but I couldn't get pushing the magnasave to change it, so I stopped loading the VRROOM setting from the config and just fixed it at 0... And it's still drawing it... anyhow figured I'd ask in case someone knew off-the-cuff how I could turn it off for that table.
  3. How can I get rid of the cab playfield rail, lockbar and back covers? I tried forcing VRRoom to 0, but that doesn't seem to do it.
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