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  1. Ok got it to work, amazing table, thank you. What I did was install 3.3b standalone dll from VPForums, however, that didn't work. What I needed to do was also grab the SamBuild3.3 from VPUniverse and then bingo.. working.
  2. Is it possible to hide the dmd on the playfield? I have flex DMD on a third screen.
  3. Hey - thanks for trying to help. I downloaded the 3.3b files from VPforum, hit install, checked my paths and defaults, other tables seem to be working. In the VPMame direction of Visual pinball i created VPMAlias.txt and pasted what is in the readme. Rom is in the Rom directory zipped.. still no go, can't find table.
  4. I updated to 3.3b, didn't realize that even existed. So copied all files over, reran setup, re-installed this table, but still an issue, no file found. Unfortunately is the rom inside the zip supposed to be mtl180hc vs mtl_180hc? I just do not know why now working. I have the VPMAlias.txt created.
  5. Hello - similar to above, found you from MJR, wondering if you still are printing and if you have a drive of created artworks to browse. Thanks
  6. I couldn't get working either, says can not find gamename.. i made an VPMAlias.txt file . Is there anything else, this is the only metallica table i have.
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