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  1. Pup pack is ok beside the big blank square on overlay, also not everyone wants to use pinsound and muck around with that, I'm not sure why you didn't include alt sound option which is much simpler Also the rom is missing from the folder I relies this is not complete but, you have made it difficult for people to enjoy your creation The instructions for table setup is very vague The table is beautiful but game wont start using my existing rom The dmd is not using alt color as there is none the folder is empty I dont mask tables nor am i an expert this is a simple observation and judging from the comments im not the only one I thank you for your creation but i simply cant even enjoy it have messed aroundf with it for an hour and simply cant be arsed anymore
    Thanks hawkeyez88 and team Another awesome job and collaboration
  2. Thanks hawkeyez88 and team Another awesome job and collaboration
  3. Hell thanks for your creation id like to try this table out
  4. Anyone have this table by chance?
  5. Hello thanks but the archive is corrupt ive tried 7zip and rar and both the same problem
  6. Yeh sure im sure im sure im sure its pinball scumbag popper version 1 million thats what its meant to be lol come on and you know it
  7. Hello thanks for the game and efforts, ive tried downloading 3 times and used 7zip and rar on two different computers and im getting file is corrupt, anybody else having same issue or are my pcs just dumb lol
  8. Oh my god look at these morons These idiots at Xtreme Gaming Cabinets claiming they have PinUp Popper 1,5 and blatantly advertising is in there video complete fraud and deception to the unknown people
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A simple backglass for married with children This is my first one so please be kind
  10. Thanks for all your hard work lovely table
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