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  1. Calling this table a mod is unfair. This is a masterpiece original.
  2. Thanks for this table, i downloaded the 5 ball single target but it gives 3 balls. Do i need to change something in the script? Ed: Forget it, i needed to press F6
  3. Thanks for this great table. I'm having a massive stutter at the launch of the ball between gate 1 and gate 6. Is there any fix i can do like removing something in that area? Edit: Changing primitives 46 and 67 to toys from the physic options did fix the stuttering.
  4. What sorcery is this? This feels like real.
  5. This is how a custom table should be made. A masterpiece.
  6. Does this game support UltraDMD like GOTG table does or only PUP?
  7. You seem to know system 3 tables very well. Is there any Frank Thomas' Big Hurt table around? I couldn't seem to find one for vpx.
  8. Thank you but i meant the main score on exclusive fullscreen mode. The alphanumeric score is on the playfield (for vr mode i assume) but i can't copy it to the backbox. Edit: I copied the alphanumeric lights from the old taxi table. I removed the new digital display section and all the references to it in the new table's script and pasted the old taxi display section. Everything's working great now.
  9. Is there an easy way to add the main score to the screen? Only the jackpot value shows.
  10. Amazing looking and no performance issues. It's a sorcery.
  11. Looks great and peforms great, thank you.
  12. First time using 10.7. I copied only the 'vpinball.exe' file from the latest beta version and renamed it to 'VPinballX10.7rev249' and put it in my Visual Pinball folder, i copied nothing else, no scripts or anything and to my suprise, it performs even better than 10.6. I'm happy now.
  13. The only rom with working sound is the one on this site but it gives 502 error when i try to download the rom. Anyone cares to share the rom?
  14. Your tables are great. Looks amazing and most importantly performs amazing. Thank you for your hardwork.
  15. This is amazing, thank you for sharing this gold.
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