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  1. This looks amazing but puppack requirement killed the table for me.
  2. Thank you for the update. The ball stucks in the top gobble hole and even the reset doesn't kick the ball back. I have to exit the table.
  3. Your lighting setup is a masterpiece, hope you keep making this art.
  4. Amazing work thank you, by the way how can i add nudging the table sounds like in the pinball arcade?
  5. Thank you for the table. In order to make the Rubbers and Posts sounds work, i needed to add them to their collections.
  6. What a sweet and satisfying table and masterfully crafted. I've never had performance issues with your tables.
  7. Really looking good, thank you for sharing. Also if anyone having stutters on the left side of the table, set primitives 72 to 78 as toys from the physics tab. It fixes the stuttering.
  8. Thank you for this great table. Also on youtube, there are centaur table videos that credit you but nowhere to be found. Is there any controversy with that table? Why is it vanished?
  9. Hi, i've updated to the last version, played a while and got the high score. Now whenever i try to launch the game, it says "type mismatch cdbl line 2357" which is "highScore(x) = cdbl (temp(x+1))" What should i do to fix it?
  10. Thank you for the update. These physics feel amazing. Is there any tutorial how to add them?
  11. On the last update, the wooden part on the left side is overlapping the plastics. I switched back to the previous version.
  12. I started to having the same issue. The ball stucks as elevated over the hole, nudging doesnt help either;
  13. Just amazing. Plays very smoothly. I can't seem to disable the freeplay though. I disabled from the F6 menu but it's still on freeplay. Ed: Deleting the nvram fixed it.
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