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  1. My Skitzo table is the slowest running table in my collection running at barely 60 FPS where as most everything else (including other Twilight Zone versions) runs at 120 fps. Is there setting in the script that isn't in most tables and are others experiencing this performance on that particular table?
  2. I've hooked up a relay board with solenoids and shaker motor. The solenoids work great but the shaker motor is not working. I used the DOF test table and pressed the key to activate the shaker motor and it worked fine, but I can't get it to activate in game. I was using the shuttle explosion in Mars Attacks to test, is there another event anyone knows to test or suggestions on why it isn't kicking off despite being wired right and having the correct DOF files from DOF config tool?
  3. Anyone know about a LUT change? I love VPW tables but they always have an unrealistic warm LUT.
  4. I've been looking to purchase a completed Pin2DMD evo dmd and the only supplier I have found is https://germangamingsupplies.com/PIN2DMD-Display-Evolution-activated though I have read less then desirable reviews on their customer service. I've seen some members of this forum sell them in the past, is there anyone currently selling completed dmds or know where someone in the US can purchase them?
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