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  1. Hi All, This question is mostly for lucky01, but I welcome the opinions of others. I'm designing a custom PCB based on the EVO 128x32 version, because our LED panels need a custom layout PCB. In terms of functionalities, it is the exact copy of the original EVO schematic with some minor additions on the power side of things. Since the CPU market is pretty hektic nowaday, I'm thinking about having the possibility of allowing to either an STM32F429 LQFP-144 and an STM32F427 LQFP-100 - which is the original MCU for the EVO. This is to allow to make this board using an MCU that is available, since - at the moment - it is the bottleneck in terms of stock availability. (We also have a few F429-s on hand which should be the obvious chioce for the first few baords) In terms of footprint, stuff align surprisingly well, so with minimal extra routing I can connect the 2 wihtout problems. In terms of software however, I'm not 100% sure if the EVO's FW can run on the F429. Technicly it should, because AFAIK the PIN2DMD software is not using any peripheral that is unique and different between these 2, but just asking, to make sure before I pour too much work into this. Thanks for the feedback in advance! Regards Vader(Ben)
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