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  1. hello guys i have a problem with 5 pcb way, they arrived last week, when I fed the pcb with an external source I noticed that the mosfet 2940 was very hot, I noticed that it had a short to ground on capacitors c37, c7 and c9, basically all capacitors around the ci STM32, the line of 3.3v shorted too, I removed the ci and the short disappeared, I believe it was something wrong mounted, I don't want to believe that the ci's placed on this board are really shorted, did anyone have the same problem?
  2. actually in the description only SK4 is found but the part number is correct
  3. Hey Guys, i nee help with a question from pcbway, they send me a picture for the diode SK54BTR, in the picture the diode is too big for the assemble, i need help with a equivalent and the right size diode.
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