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  1. That's my experience as well, but I don't mind playing twice as long. I'm also seeing a script error when I try to enter my intitals at game end, and that crashes the table.
  2. The issue when I try to play this on my cab is the ball loads into the trough but doesn't move when I pull the plunger. Running VPX 10.7.
  3. Many of my VPX games start with the "C" key. I can start the game, and the ball loads into the trough, but the ball doesn't move when I use the plunger. I'm running the 1.3 version.
  4. Make it three. This isn't the first time I've run into this experience of a downloaded table defaulting to one ball. ANDROMEDA was another. Pressing F6 works okay when launching directly from VPX, but if you're using a front-end launcher like Pinball Emporium that isn't a comfortable option. Thanks to recent entry-level machines like my AtGames Legends Pinball there are newbies joining the community that aren't going to yet know how to do the research to debug these anomalies and just want to play the games. I wonder about the mindset of releasing a table or a mod where the default ball-count isn't at least three. Who has ever played a real machine that only offers one ball?
  5. Mine has a similar problem; when I start the game and the ball drops into the trough it begins a slow-motion "float" upwards toward the top of the table. ** Never mind. Outhere's script edit fixed that. Love this forum!
  6. My issue with this table is that I cannot launch the ball. After adding coins and pressing START the ball ejects into the trough in s-l-o-o-o-w motion, and the plunger never moves the ball.
  7. Same here. Beautiful playfield rendering, but I'd sure like to know my score!
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