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  1. Love the full-DMD option which enables to keep the gorgeous Monster Bash backglass A keeper, awesome !
  2. Soundtrack is awesome. This pup-pack enhances considerably the gameplay Just perfect, thank you so much
  3. Beautiful, sharp, crisp backglasses Merci beaucoup Wildman (and content providers), it embellishes a lot the pincab, eternally thankful !
  4. Nice ! Thank you, I was looking everywhere in the backglass 😀 Getting closer to the 7500 pts highscore , but not yet...
  5. Beautiful table and backglass ! Looks so real. I have a question : is there a way to know which ball number is playing ?
  6. Thank you, perfect fit for my Iron Maiden pincab, love it !
  7. Fantastic redrawn backglass, it gives a fresh and clean look to Fish Tales, thank you ! I'll be watching your releases...
  8. I love the difficulty of this table, to get the 3 ball multiball is quite a challenge. Beautiful table !
  9. Way sharper picture, it is perfect now !
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