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  1. I am having issues getting GB working properly. Everything worked correctly on fw 3.20 before I upgraded to get 64 colors working. I am running fw 4.16 on my pin2dmd and I have 64 colors working on my VPinMAME games that support it but I can't get the same files working in the VPinSPA folder and so GB no longer works correctly. In the VPinSPA folder I can have the original files in it and have the pup pack working but no dmd, or if I put in Lucky1's latest dll and freezy's patched dll renamed to dmdscreen.dll and pin2dmd set to false, I get a dmd working, but no pup pack. These are the same files that work correctly on the other games in the VPinMAME folder. Has anyone gotten 64 colors working on their pin2dmd and also GB working normally with the pup pack and also the dmd displaying?
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