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  1. Oh god - the time i spend in Unreal Tournament is not measurable...playing this fine release and hearing those sounds/samples is just priceless
  2. Locate the desired file, rename/remove it and see what happens. If there needs to be a file to prevent errors replace it with a blank mp3 that has silence in it for 1 second or so. Problem solved.
  3. Thanks to all who worked on this and @iDigStuff for making it available.
  4. Why is it that i find the solution in roughly 80% of any case AFTER posting a question publicly although i did a lot of research beforehand? Solution: Visual Pinball\VPinMAME dmddevice.ini Thanks to this community ☺️
  5. Hi all. Where is the position stored when i move the DMD on a ROM based table - the external DMD and not the "internal" VPinMAME DMD and also not UltraDMD. Calling maybe @Wiesshund the registry expert or anyone else who is able to help me out here. The dmd_pos_x and dmd_pos_y show "0" in the rom section in Registry but the DMD is definitely moved and i used "save position for ROMNAME". Background: i want to reset the stored setting for some ROMs to use the default values that are stored under the "default" ROM Registry-entry and thought it was quicker to edit
  6. I would love to get a hand on Centaur, please. If possible. Thanks in advance and for all your work!
  7. Thanks for this! I have "Day/Night" cycle in VPX6 activated and it is suuuuper bright - impossible to play. All is ok when deactivating the option in the Video-Settings of VPX. Anything possible to play with activated day/night cycle? Thanks in advance!
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