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  1. I keep an X62 exe handy in case a table doesn't play nice with 10.7, but I haven't used it apart from beta testing tables that I didn't want to accidentally up-save. I'd say that if there are any tables you want that require 10.7, go for it. Install is just drag-and-drop, after all :D
  2. Nice! If you need another tester, let me know
  3. Glad this is progressing! Cool little experiment that deserves a lot more play
    This is one of the tables that I go back to regularly. Very, very impressive. If you like the theme, second playfields, music, light shows, fast play, lots of modes...this is the table for you!
    Very polished original, with more modes and rules than you'd expect! Even if you're not into the theme, you should absolutely give it a try.
    Lots of fun! Tons of thoughtful little touches that make it feel really fair, even when the dragons are actively trying to kill you.
    I do have a special place in my heart for games of this era, but this is one of my favorite recreations regardless. Seriously great work by 3rdaxis and Slydog43 making this look, sound, and feel amazing.
    Great recreation! Almost as good as Time Zone! (This is a joke base on the show Happy Days. I know nothing about the quality of Time Zone, real or otherwise.)
    Oh, new upload, that's why my review is gone. It's really good! The AI is legitimately awesome! Get it! Play it!
  4. What I did, not sure what fixed it (was setting it up for later with one hand, kid sleeping on my chest) : Hit F1, enable ROM sounds, restart table. Try pressing 8 and 9; End then 8 and 9 (no volume controls, apparently), restart table. Press 7 (initialised ROM? I didn't have the console window up, but the backglass and dmd blanked and stopped updating), restart table because it wouldn't take further input...now sound works. Terrible tech support, but something fixed it...
  5. Only 2k-ish? Not gonna "upscale" to "4k" and get that "better" image quality?! Joking of course, just amused by the "-ish" 😋
    Great recreation! Almost as good as Time Zone! Whoops, that was supposed to be for the table. This backglass is great too, though!
  6. You put the before shot last, so for a second my brain went "Oh no, what happened!?" 🤣 Great job, it looks really good! Excited to see more fully rendered tables, I think bord has got me hooked.
  7. Backglass or desktop credits? And do you mean they're still gone after closing and relaunching VPX?
  8. Earlier in the script you should have a line Const cGameName =" " with the name of the table/rom in the quotes
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