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  1. Star Wars (Data East 1992) VPW

    Never Tell Me The Odds! -  V-Pin Workshop proudly presents Star Wars from Data East.
    This popular Data East table was built in a 3D renderer by Dids666 when he decided to update his old table to a full rendered version, when that was complete we worked to bring it to life with all the normal VPW bells and whistles, including some fun VR stuff.


    VPin Workshop Rebellion
     - Dids666 - Full Table Rendering.
     - Sixtoe - VPW Project Lead, Vader Wrangling, VPX Abuse.
     - DJRobX - Original Script, Table Functional Advice.
     - Jesperpark - Scanned playfield and plastics.
     - Seth Hartman - Other machine photos / images.
     - Apophis - Tweaking fleep sounds & physics.
     - Wylte - Ramp Shadows, Reworked R2D2 movement code for new model
     - Tomate - Primitive bugfixing & POV work.
     - Rik - Destruction Testing
     - Rawd - Animated R2D2 VR Topper
     - Arvid - VR 360 Room Textures.


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  2. NBA Fastbreak (Bally 1997) VPW Mod

    V-Pin Workshop proudly presents NBA Fastbreak by Bally!
    v1.3 Changes;
    Fully working VR backglass - Rawd & Leojreimroc
    Physics & script updates - iaakki
    LUT Switcher - Rawd
    When Tomate joined VPW he brought Darth Marino's NBA Fastbreak with him and hit the ground running! A veteran of Sketchup, he learned Blender surprisingly fast and baked out new textures for pretty much everything. There is only handful of objects that hasn't been redone in past 4 months. A thousand stuck balls later with much debugging, lighting and miscellaneous other contributions from iaakki and Sixtoe and we had shot and scored a decent tune-up for this table: Nfozzy physics, Fleep sounds, 3D inserts, flupper domes, VR room and more!
    Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX.
    Plastics, Ramps, Nuts, Bolts: Tomate
    Wires: Tomate, Mr_H
    Playfield: EBisLit, iaakki
    Physics: RothbauerW, Benji, iaakki
    Inserts: iaakki
    Lights: iaakki, Sixtoe
    VR Room: Sixtoe
    VR Fully Animated Backglass: Rawd
    Miscellaneous tweaks: iaakki, Sixtoe, Benji, Oqqsan
    Testing: VPin Workshop Discord, Rik Laubach
    This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including Darth Marino, DJRobX, CarnyPriest, MaX, Aurich, bmiki75, JPSalas
    Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques & domes. Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics.


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  3. Indiana Jones The Pinball Adventure (Williams 1993) VPWmod

    You Call This Archeology? -  V-Pin Workshop proudly presents Indiana Jones the Pinball Adventure from Williams.
    v.1.1 - Fixed SSF sounds, updated physics, tweaked environmental emission, added LUT changer, numerous other fixes. See changelog for details.
    This table has been a WIP since before VPW started. The plastics were modeled fresh but most of the primitives are re-used from the Ninuzzu and Tom Tower’s prior version. Iaakki spent countless hours refining the multilayered inserts over the past year and a half, but when Brad1x offered to completely re-draw the playfield we knew we had to keep working on this table until everything was right. It was the first table where we tried to apply the light baking methods that G5K, Flupper, Bord and others pioneered. Waiting for the redraw meant progressing on other projects and preparing them for release, so this got put off for quite some time and it is exciting to finally get it out to finish the year off in style!
    Playfield Redraw - Brad1X
    Graphics / 3D Work - Benji, iaakki, Tomate, Sixtoe
    Scripting - iaakki, Benji, Apophis, Sixtoe
    Sound - Benji, Apophis, Fluffhead, iaakki
    Physics - iaakki, Benji, Sixtoe, rothbauerw
    Lighting - iaakki, Benji, Skitso, Sixtoe
    Shadows - Apophis, Wylte
    VR - Sixtoe, Leojreimroc
    Testing - Rik, PinStratsDan, CalleV, Astronasty/nicey & VPW team.
    VPW Mod based on Ninuzzu / Tom Tower v1.2
    Thanks to destruk for original code, knorr and clark kent for the art resources, flupper for bumper caps & flasher domes models and VP Dev team for VPX!
    A video from Rik showing how to get to wizard mode for competition play;


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  4. Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East 1992) VPWmod

    OK, OK, OK! 
    Lethal Weapon 3 table Tune-Up by VPin Workshop. 
    It all started by again by just thinking about adding nFozzy’s physics and some missing textures in the original table, then we started replacing some primitives and reworking the existing ones, then the apron, cabinet, metal ramp, bats and a few other things were replaced. Totally new 3d inserts. Then different lamps were added to have a better lighting of all the new baked textures and finally adding a built in VR room...
    • New/reworked primitives: tomate
    • Baked ON/OFF textures: tomate
    • Inserts: Sheltemke, oqqsan
    • Scripting: oqqsan
    • nFozzys physics: tomate, iaakki
    • Fleep sounds: apophis
    • Flashes & Lighting Overhaul: tomate, Sixtoe
    • VR Room and fixes: Sixtoe, 360 Room by pattyg234.
    • Miscellaneous tweaks: Sixtoe, tomate, oqqsan
    • Testing: Bord, Rik, oqqsan, VPW team
    This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us, including most notably, Javier for the original vpx table, EBisLit for the new playfield image and 32Assassin for the rework. Thank you.
    Thanks to Flupper for his beautiful domes and Bumpers caps, Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics and Fleep for sounds.


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  5. VPin Workshop Example & Resource Table

    WARNING: This is not a typical playable table!
    Download this if you are interested in learning about some of the table-building techniques used at VPW. Some of the content was developed at VPW, but most content is curated from already existing examples provided by our great gurus. Pick and choose which enhancement you want to use on your own VP project. Hope you all find this to be a helpful resource!
    Dynamic Ball Shadows: iaakki, apophis, Wylte
    Rubberizer: iaakki
    Target Bouncer: iaakki, wrd1972, apophis
    Flipper and physics corrections: nFozzy, Rothbauerw
    Sound effects package: Fleep
    Lampz & Ramp Rolling Sounds: nFozzy
    Flasher Domes & Bumpers: Flupper
    3D inserts: Flupper, Benji
    Drop Targets & Targets: Rothbauerw
    VR Cabinet & Room: Sixtoe, Flupper, 3rdaxis
    FlexDMD: oqqsan


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  6. Batman (Data East 1991) VPW

    Have You Ever Danced With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?
    The VPin Workshop members present Batman by Data East! This is actually a really fun table that benefitted from a lot from a proper rebuild from the ground up and conversion to it's correct widebody dimensions, its definitely worth a play even if you didn't enjoy it before 
    Includes a built in VR mode and numerous options which you can enable in the script.

    •    Main table overhaul: Cyberpez
    •    Visuals: Skitso
    •    Inserts: iaaki
    •    nFozzy physics: fluffhead35
    •    Fleep Sounds: baldgeek
    •    VR Stuff: Sixtoe
    •    Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: Entire VPW team inc. Sixtoe, iaakki, Skitso, apophis, wylte, fluffhead35, oqqsan
    •    Apron Primitive: tomate
    •    Testing: Rik, VPW team
    This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, in this case, Javiers VPX version, some 3D models from Dark and the original playfield by 85vett.
    Thank you to Rothbauerw and nFozzy for the physics. Thanks to Fleep for sounds.
    We recommend that you run this with the fabulous altsound from iDigStuff, which, like most Data East licensed tables, truly enhances the experience!

                 ** VPW Mod V1.0 - CHANGE LOG **
                           VPin Workshop Revisions
    ' Started from Skitso mod of Javiers VPX version.
    ' 002 cyberpez - All table objects and playfield re-aligned, altered and resized to correct proportions.
    ' 003 skitso - visual pass
    ' 003 cyberpez - Added primitive playfield, Reworked Joker Ramp and trough (Primitives - got rid of fall through kickers) also reworked musuim kicker.  Chanaged playfield image to one without transparent holes.
    ' 006 baldgeek - Added Fleep Sounds
    ' 007 fluffhead35 - nFozzy physics
    ' 008 skitso - repositioned and tweaked lower playfield GI lights, remade gangster inserts, batman face and logo inserts and moon insert with skitso style, removed primitive playfield that was of wrong size.
    ' 009 skitso - repositioned rest of the GI lights, made bat cave toy opaque, made flugelheim toy disable light from behind, fixed ton of depth bias issues around right plastic ramp. Cyberpez added mesh playfield back.
    ' 010 cyberpez - added nFozzy lighting script. Primitive inserts.  Flupper Flasher Domes, sixtoe-tweaked plastic ramp.  Probably other things.
    ' 011 skitso - redone joker ramp lighting and flashers, improved left side dome flashers, improved top flashers, added proper bumper lights, tweaked insert primitive material colors, slight tone tweak to PF, improved skitso style inserts (moon, batman face and bat logo), Added shadow to plunger lane and bat mobile.
    ' 013 skitso - improved backwall flashers (better color, a tad thicker font for better readability), improved left flashers, tweaked gangster inserts, small tweak to top bumper light
    ' 014 gtxjoe - add debug shot tester (Press 2 for outlane blocker, Press and hold key to test shots: w e r y u i p a s f g h.  While holding a key, use flippers to adjust shot angle )
    ' 014b cyberpez - reworked museum again.  I think its working.
    ' 015 skitso - remade bat cave flasher, tweaked blue insert_on material
    ' 017 iaakki - 3 prim insert rework
    ' 018 iaakki - 3 prim insert rework continued
    ' 019 iaakki - 3 prim insert rework continued...
    ' 020 skitso - tweaked Joker ramp decals to have more pink tone. (warm lighting subdues the change though), improved right hand gangster insert (skitso style) and flasher, tweaked bumper lights more more accuracy, moved Flugelheim walls to more correct position and added shadow.
    ' 021c tomate - collidable ramp fixed, alternative apron adedd
    ' 022 skitso - tweaked iaakki's middle PF square 3 prim flashers. Added 2 arrow 3 prim flashers (first try, please be gentle)
    ' 023 iaakki - apron scaled, rubberizer added, targetbouncer added to posts and sleeves, live catch fixed, rubbers hit treshold fixed, slings tuned, flipper angles and sizes fixed, batcave texture swap disabled
    ' 024 Sixtoe - Fixed left flasher flare positions, added VR cabinet, room and modes, added blocker wall for left middle plastic as ball can jump over and behind it, aligned a couple of handful of metals, aligned top middle left flasher decal, removed collidable from a handful of things, aligned batmobile in shooter lane, aligned and resized batcave a bit (it was very tall in VR), adjusted triggers (dropped and lengthened), adjusted apron wall and made visible for VR, adjusted apron guard prim, adjusted depth bias of shooter land plastic to -1000
    ' 025 skitso - added skitso style insert "see through" effect around center playfield square bat tv inserts, 'joker's mouth 4 million' insert, green multiplier inserts and 'shoot again' insert at the bottom of the table.
    ' 026 skitso - remade the two green lamps on top of the joker ramp, repositioned orange flasher domes.
    ' 027 cyberpez - started to change out nut bolts and things.  Fixed plunger lane.  Added ramp tweak to cave entrance .  Started changing diverter.
    ' 028 skitso - set slope to 5.2, bumper force set to 9. Tweaked left dome flashers, moved multiplier insert prims to z-1, fixed million plus and batlogo flashers on top of the batcave, improved bat logo lamp on flugelheim front, improved plunger lane red bulb, resized all GI lights to new table measurements, fixed texture swap for bumpers and Flugelheim flashers, improved Flugelheim flashers, tweaked bumper off texture, made Flugelheim and dome flashers reflect from batcave, small tweaks, iaakki improved batcave fading and fixed flipper nudge values. 
    ' 029 cyberpez - Changed plunger release speed to 90.  Change slings to 4.  Lowered back wall flashes.  Added rails and primitive flasher bulbs under Joker.
    ' 030 iaakki - Flugelgugel flashers reworked to have own timer. Made it swap PF flash to different depending to port state. Levels to be adjusted
    ' 031 skitso - further tweaked Flugelheim flashers and added side blade reflection, tweaked Joker ramp flashers, improved Flugelheim rising wall texture, fixed sticky plungerlane
    ' 032 cyberpez - Adjusted clear plastics.  More nuts / bolts / screws.  Made top left gate/bracket custom primitive and animated.  Maybe rotated left orage domes to line up with holes. Shifted Museum back and left a bit.  Adjusted Museum trough, hope it fixed 3ball multiball. Adjusted rubber on the small random posts by bumpers.  Adjusted top side of lane guides.  
    ' 033 skitso - fixed museum flasher locations, fixed top right ramp/protector depth bias issue, removed ball reflection status from few GI bulbs, fixed jackpot insert below Flugelheim. Added a slideblade reflection to left dome flashers (code missing)
    ' 034 iaakki - flugelheim pTrough primitive adjusted to work better for 3-ball mb, bar hit sound added, left domereflection added to code
    ' 035 skitso - tweaked left dome reflection
    ' 036 skitso - fixed minor flasher clipping under Joker ramp, fixed clipping decal on top skill shot flasher dome, improved w/lit insert flasher
    ' 037 cyberpez - shrunk museum a bit. More nuts and bolts and things.  adjusted switch 28 and 29 posistion, animated primitive gates.  Animated switches for Joker Eye's and Mouth.  Tweaks to diverter.
    ' 038 skitso - resized and moved museum flashers once more. Removed one stray peg inside museum, made Joker mouth flasher visible through the mouth hole.
    ' 039 iaakki - rtx ball shadow code included with ramp rolling etc. Some depth bias or z-order issues visible. Shadows are too dark on purpose. Should be reduced once it work
    ' 040 skitso - resized insert prims to correct size and shape. Removed playfield reflections from insert prims and a bunch of other crap that didn't need it for a hefty performance boost
    ' 041 iaakki - NormalMapped inserts only in VR mode, right ramp sleeves fixed, shadow depth bias debugged etc
    ' 042 cyberpez - orginization baby.  Also tweaked bumper "ring drop offset.  changed out "random" posts on either side of bumper area.
    ' 043 apophis - Fixed the Fleep installation. Fixed some ballshadow issues...shadows are still bugging on insert primitives. Cleaned up the script a bit.
    ' 044 Wylte - Fixed shadows, with update to latest primitive/image/materials.  Updated RollingUpdate sub with latest shadow code.  Thinned shadows slightly
    ' 045 fluffhead35 - Added BallPitchV Function and used for Plastic Ramp Sounds.  Changed TargetBouncerFactor to 1.5. Added RubbersD point to make microbounces happen  
    ' 046 fluffhead35 - Updated PlasticRamp Sound and amplified the volume of the sound. 
    ' 047 fluffhead35 - Updated BallRoll Sound and amplified the volume of the sound.  Fixed BallPitchV as it was on a BallRoll sound and put it on plastic ramp sound.  Added in ligic by oqqsan to stop ball rolling sound at no balls in play.
    ' 048 fluffhead35 - Reverted TargetBouncer Logic to iaakki version.  Changed BallRoll Sound to use version with lower amplification. Enabled sw14 for BIPL
    ' 049 oqqsan - Fix for poltergeist ball at plunger (forgot to save?)
    ' 050 Wylte - Implemented ".  Commented out dynamic shadow z live updates, left ambient for ramps.  Changed recommended TargetBouncerFactor maximum to 1.5
    ' 051 fluffhead35 - Implemented option BallRollAmpFactor to set amplification factor for BallRoll Sounds.
    ' 052 cyberpez -  added a couple stragic walls to help stop stuck balls.  Added wall under Flugelgugel to stop clipping of plastic.  Stop ball collison bellow 0 Z. Started adding options.
    ' 053 Sixtoe - New playfield mesh, adjusted playfield hole primitives and added new playfield edge texture, fixed lots of VR depth bias issues, hooked up plunger, changed black nut material to black powdercoat to make it slightly mmore visible, adjusted primtives to line up better in 3D, adjusted collidable primtivies so they line up correctly, adjusted sideblade flashers to light orange-ish so it doesn't blow out with pure white anymore, added cut down museum flasher so it doesn't stick out of the cabinet. Split rubber collidables where they have a post in the middle, probably some other stuff I've forgotten...
    ' 054 cyberpez - copied LUT swapper from tftc, JokerRampFlasher mod.  halfpost mod. rubber color mod. added a couple missing screws and adjusted floating rubbers.  
    ' 055 tomate - New apron added, cab POV changed
    ' 056 Skitso - fixed default LUT (vpx original) to what it was earlier, tweaked apron texture and disable lighting. Added subtle shadow to the plunger lane, below bat mobile/apron. Set white rubbers as default. Made final visual pass with tiny tweaks here and there.
    ' 057/8 Sixtoe - Various tweaks and fixed, desktop pov fixed, script cleaned, rails fixed in desktop, playfield mesh error fixed, lights cut to shape


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  7. Maverick VPW (for VPX 10.7) (Data East 1994)

    Ante Up! Welcome aboard the Lauren Belle for the release of Maverick from the VPW team!
    This one is one of many peoples grails, with (as far as we know) no version since a vp9 one. We were lucky that someone supplied us with a lovely set of photos with which we could build a lovely playfield from so this could finally be a reality!
    ** Please use VPX 10.7 ** - This won't necessarily be normal for VPW, as it's caused more than a few issues, but we wanted to try it as an experiment.
    ** Make sure you have the latest VPX 10.7 build, 249 was broken. **
    VR Options are all in the script.
    '*** V-Pin Workshop Mavericks ***
    Antisect - 99% of the table construction and work!
    Edizzle - Donating  his script for the rotating wheel from his vp9 table and advice.
    Tomate - Primitive ramps and flippers, primitive assistance
    Sixtoe - VR Room & general fixes and tweaks
    Apophis - Dynamic ball shadows, physics additions, scripting stuff, playfield cleanup and redrawing
    Flupper - Ramp assistance and tutorial
    Fluffhead35 - Wire rolling sounds.
    Ebislit - Playfield alignment assistance.
    Dark - Lauren Bell Boat Model
    iaakki & daphishbowl - script assistance
    Rik & VPW Team - Testing
    The whole VPW Team, for their assistance and support.
    '001 - 039 - Antisect - 99% of table completed.
    '040 - Sixtoe - Added VR table and scripted in some bits and pieces, physics tweaked, loads of old and/or redundant script stripped out and things rescripted, redirected game load to de.vbs, fixed drop target bricking, adjusted kickback and plunger, should be more reliable? not sure how strong the plunger is supposed to be.
    '041 - apophis - Added Wylte's RTX dynamic ball shadows. Removed old ball shadow stuff, Increased plunger strength and speed. Removed duplicate sound related functions.
    '042 - apophis - Updated RTX BS to current version
    '043 - fluffhead35 - Adding RampRoll Sound Loops, Added new RampSound Triggers to turn RampRolling on and Off on table
    '044 - apophis - Fixed ball release bug. Added target bouncer, flipper rubberizer and coil rampup mods. Tweaked RTX shadows. Reduced skillshot autoplunger strength.
    '045 - Sixtoe - Compressed some webp images, converted audio from wav to mp3 (cut 90meg off the file size),
    '046 - apophis - Work around for ball release bug
    '047 - Sixtoe - Bugfixes
    '1.0.1 - Apophis - Positional sound calls added / updated (specifically for the VUK etc.)
    '1.0.2 - Sixtoe - Flashers updated / tweaked, desktop room tweaked, plunger tweaked.
    '1.1 - Sixtoe - Reverted all mp3's to wavs (should fix all audio issues, there is mp3 support in 10.7, but not for things like ball rolling etc.), Flashers updated / tweaked, Desktop background tweaked, Plunger speed tweaked (you should be able to make the skill shot more reliably now, Updated credits
    '1.2 RC1 - Sixtoe - Flipper power adjusted and lowered and table gradient reduced (thanks Rik and Randy), plunger adjusted (thanks to Goldchicco & Rik)
    '1.2 RC2 - apophis - Removed ball shadow z position dependency on ball z position.
    '1.2 - Sixtoe - Final tweaks and tidying


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  8. Hang Glider (Bally 1976)

    VPW presents Hang Glider by Bally, In honor and memoriam of Jeff Whitehead, aka loserman76, who passed on Nov 16th 2021.
    loserman76 made the original VPX version of Hang Glider and was a longstanding champion of EM machines in virtual pinball (and prolifically so, making literally hundreds of EM virtual tables), and although none of us knew him personally he was often seen in the forums offering his expert help and advice, and was happy for us to start work on this some months ago. He will be missed and our thoughts are with his family.
    Original Description;
    Benji wanted to try and render an EM table to see how good we could make it look, so we asked loserman76 if we could mod his Hang Glider VPX table to which he agreed, it was a good experiment but very different from what we are used to!
    VPW Gliders
    Graphics: Benji
    Scripting: gtxjoe, apophis, scottacus
    Physics: Benji, apophis
    Drop Targets: gtxjoe, apophis
    Shadows: apophis, Wylte
    VR: Leojreimroc
    Numerous Tweaks: Sixtoe
    Testing: Bord, VPW
    VPW change log
    '001-004 - Benji - Intitial import of baked geometry and low rez images. Added nfozzzy physics and fleep code (most not assigned yet). 
    '005 - apophis - added RTX BS
    '006 - Benji - adjusted flipper mesh height. Adjust transparency of plastic over center kicker,changed background color to black, added holes in playfield mesh and added hole meshes
    '007 - gtxjoe - scripted spinner and standup prims. added shot tester (W E R Y U I P A S F G H J K).  Standup 002-225 and DropTgt need new pivot point. Drops not scripted yet
    '008 - Benji - Changed pivot of all drops and targets 'one more time'...
    '009 - gtxjoe - Added roth drop target scripting.  Drop targets work but sometimes hard to drop.  Not sure why.
    '011 - Benji - Playfield hole texture adjusted, apron mesh/render fixed/moved VPX GI deleted. DL changed to 1 on all imported/baked prims
    '012 - gtxjoe - Worked on drop target animation.  Works but target primitives need to be rotated 180 degrees.
    '013 - benji - targets rotated 180 degrees vn_kicker mesh added and vn_KickerArm needs to be animated. Baked sling rubber meshes imported to layer 5, need to be hooked up
    '014 - gtxjoe - vn_KickerArm and sling rubber meshes animated. There is temp "vn_KickerArmTEST" to show the kicker arm animation - can be deleted after reviewing
    '016 - benji - New half-rez baked render set with adjusted moodier lighting. Added Rubbers collection for fleep hit sounds. Hooked up fleep slingshot shounds. Added more visible playfield holes. Removed old non collidable slings
    '                Imported baked GI bulbs as separate mesh, settting DL to 1. Moved them down a bit. Adjusted center kicker plywood hole mesh and texture. Adjusted Apron mesh and texture.
    '017 - Benji - more fiddling with baked lighting. added Credit light mesh on hapron  with on/off image that needs to be hooked up.
    '018 - gtxjoe - Scripted Credit Light, Gottlieb chime sounds and Drop target reset sound
    '019 - Benji - adjusted flipper mesh height from playfield. tweaked some render things
    '020 - scottacus - flipper tricks and the DT code.  If you part out posts those could be dampened.
    '021 - apophis - Added GI lights back in on layer 9, set all halo heights to -1. Updated RTX BS implementation.
    '022 - apophis - Updated RTX BS so that shadows don't disappear when ball over playfield mesh hole. 
    '023 - apophis - Updated ambient shadow so that it becomes less dark when close to RTX GI light sources 
    '024 - Sixtoe - Fixed object & graphics conflicts, tweaked rollovers, minor adjustments
    '025 - apophis - added drop target shadow functionality
    '026 - apophis - fixed drop target shadow heights. Added rubberizer, target bouncer, and coil ramp up options. Fixed a lot of Fleep sound implementation issues. Updated flipper tricks scripts. Tweaked some physics parameters.
    '027 - leojreimroc - Added VR Room.  Added Buzzer sound for "Over the Top".  Slightly enlarge Apron.
    '028 - leojreimroc - Added bar and Fancy Minimal Room
    '029 - leojreimroc - Removed Bar Room.  Disabled Bumpers and Slingshots during tilt.  Slightly adjusted VR Cabinet size.
    '030 - Sixtoe - Religned primitives, added missing rubber post, realigned all targets, realigned rubber band targets, adjust centre vuk hole, expanded rubber slings, realigned drop target shadows
    '031 - Sixtoe - fixed stupid script mistake, removed redundant images
    '032 - Wylte - ShadowConfigFile disabled (may require deletion of HangGlider_76VPX HS file, sorry), Ballsize and Ballmass constants added, Dynamic Shadows updated, GILight002 & 003 added (still no vpx lights behind dt's), 
    '033 - Sixtoe - Added missing GI lights and bulb primitives, added top of inlane rounded top after ball stopped balancing on it!,
    '034 - Sixtoe - realigned a lot of collidable objects, rebuild inlane walls to stop ball bouncing up, updated rubberizer code, 


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  9. The Goonies Never Say Die Pinball (VPW) (10.7 Rev310 *ONLY*)

    *EDIT* Please only use 10.7 rev310, all the newer versions have game breaking bugs. We will remove this edit when 10.7 is stable again.

    "Don't you realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what's right for them. Because it's their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here."
    The VPin Workshop members present The Goonies: Never Say Die Pinball! This project started out by adding physics and fleep sound to Hawkeyez88 pup-pack release.  In doing so many scripting issues were found in the original table.  We decided to not only fix the current table, but have added support for FlexDMD, new modes, ramps, shadows, playfield, sounds, ect.
    Pretty much every piece of this table has been touched, enhanced, and tested.
    This table is setup to work with the FlexDMD out of the box.  You can disable the FlexDMD and enable the pupPack created by Hawkeyez88 by changing the options in the script.
    *VR User Note : This table currently *does not work* in VR as the latest 10.7 version of VPVR does not support some of the newer functions used in this table.
    * Main table overhaul: fluffhead35, oqqsan
    * nfozzy and fleep: fluffhead35
    * DOF: apophis
    * New playfield design: HauntFreaks
    * Playfield, image and lighting updates: HauntFreaks
    * Backglass: HauntFreaks
    * Droptarget Shadows: HauntFreaks
    * Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: Entire VPW team inc. Sixtoe, apophis, wylte, fluffhead35, oqqsan, Nailbuster
    * 3d Inserts: oqqsan
    * flupperdomes : oqqsan
    * FlexDMD : oqqsan
    * Apron Primitives: oqqsan and Tomate
    * Ramp Primitives: tomate
    * New Toy Primitives Chester,coins,key: oqqsan
    * Scoring and game play enhancements: Rik, apophis, oqqsan
    * Testing: Rik, apophis, VPW team
    * Bone Organ Primitives: Tomate
    * Bone Organ Animations: oqqsan
    * wylte: Flasher shadows on ramp
    * Original pupdmd code: Nailbuster
    * Previous DMD animations: VPFiends
    This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, in this case, Javiers VPX version.
    Thank you to Rothbauerw and nFozzy for the physics. Thanks to Fleep for sounds.


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  10. Black Rose (Bally 1992) VPW Mod

    Send them to Davey Jones! - VPW Presents Black Rose by Bally!
    This one started with Sixtoe making some improvements on their VR version (based on the Coindropper VPX version) which included fluppers new bumpers and primitive and ramp fixes, when ebislit managed to get a new playfield stitch. Endi then came on board and did an amazing playfield redraw, and then pretty much every part of the table was tweaked and breathed on. We also now have a better understanding of how the GI lighting actually works on this table (the manual is misleading!) so it now has the funky cannon firing lighting it's supposed to have, including an updated GI makeover by Skitso.
    There are loads of options in the script, including VR, ball and flipper brightness and shadows.
    (If you have performance issues please turn dynamic shadows off to test)
    Enjoy Me Hearties!
    VPW Black Rose Crew
    Sixtoe - Project Lead
    endi - Amazing Playfield Redraw
    ebislit - New playfield stitch / scan
    Sheltemke - New backglass image and other images
    Skitso - New GI Lighting, Flasher & Insert Tweaking
    iaakki - Updated / fixed GI script to work with new GI lighting
    oqqsan - 3D Inserts
    Apophis - Numerous fixes and code issues
    Fluffhead - Ramp and ball rolling updated
    Onevox - Pirate Ship VR Room
    Rik & VPW Team - Testing

    Original VPX table thanks to Coindropper, gtxjoe, JayFoxRox, Xagesz & HauntFreaks.
    Help support VPW by buying a t-shirts or mug!
    All profits go towards buying pinball bits and pieces (plastics, toys, playfields, hardware etc.)


       (7 reviews)



  11. Transporter The Rescue (Bally 1989) VPW

    The future of pinball has landed!
    Mayday, Mayday ... - - - ...
    Transporter, The Rescue ~ Table Tune-Up by members of the VPin Workshop Discord.
    Enjoy this very rare (not many left in the wild!) but really fun table!
    This all started with the WIP release by Sliderpoint which he uploaded because of a lack of decent assets at the time. eMBee then took his WIP and project assets and brought it into the VPin Workshop. Shannon made a beautiful playfield and backplate redraw, with VPW adding nFozzy’s physics, Fleep sounds, new textures, new primitives, Lighting, 3D Inserts, VR room and other tweaks.
    *** VPin Workshop Astronauts ***
    • - Playfield redraw:  Shannon
    • - Plastics redraw & new textures:  eMBee
    • - Shadowmap, primitive plastics, and baked textures:  Benji
    • - New ramps/primitives:  Flupper
    • - 3D Inserts:  eMBee, iaakki, Flupper
    • - Scripting:  agenteightysix, iaakki, Flupper
    • - nFozzy physics:  iaakki
    • - Flashers & (GI) Lighting Overhaul:  agenteightysix, Flupper, Sixtoe, iaakki
    • - Droptarget meshes:  bord
    • - Droptarget code and shadows, sound tweaks and adjustments:  apophis
    • - Dynamic Shadows:  Wylte
    • - VR Room:  Sixtoe
    • - Miscellaneous tweaks & Fine tuning:  Benji, eMBee, agenteightysix, Flupper, iaakki, tomate, Sixtoe, cyberpez, bord, Wylte, apophis
    • - Testing:  Rik & VPW team


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  12. Judge Dredd (Bally 1993) VPW

    I AM THE LAW! - V-Pin Workshop proudly presents Judge Dredd from Bally.
    This table has been a long time coming! It was started in December 2020 when Sixtoe decided to bring one of his favorite tables up to date (after having converting Dozer's version earlier in the year to VR and discovering it was still an old, albeit well made, vp9 table at heart).
    It was decided that due to the complexity of the table, rather than modify an existing table we'd start from scratch using all new assets and rendering the table out, so here were are 11 months later (there were coffee breaks) and we're really happy with the way it turned out and hope you enjoy it!
     V-Pin Workshop Judge Dredd Team
    Sixtoe - Project Lead, VPX Monkey, lives on gin, jack of all trades, master of none. Tomate - Primitives, Baron of Blender, helping Sixtoe to not suck (as much) at 3D stuff. iaakki - Scripting, Physics, Insert lighting, Complicated Stuff. Benji - Physics, Deadworld & Banana insert primitives. Daphishbowl & iaakki - Deadworld & Crane code (here be dragons). Flupper - Flipper & Insert primitives, ramp tutorial, general rendering assistance. Cyberpez - Opto's and VUK prims, aftermarket crane models, general assistance. RothebauerW - Physics tutorial, drop and standup target bug fixing, general assistance. Fluffhead, Apophis and Wylte - RTX Ball Shadows, general assistance. gtxjoe - Ball trough tweaking assistance. 3rdaxis - VR cabinet improvements, Working coin door and manual. Embee & Kingdids - Original crane primitive and texture redraw. EBisLit - Playfield photos. DJRobX - Still answering Sixtoes coding questions... Rik & VPW Team - Testing Everyone in VPW for their support and encouragement!  
    Only use JD-L1 Rom! Lots of options in the script, including VR and Cabinet modes. Table designed on and for VPX 10.6.2 (Rev 8678), tested OK on VPX 10.7.0 Final (Rev 310)
    Do not use 10.7 328 as it's broken and breaks this and other tables  
    How To Play
    Start Button  -  Start normal Game Plunger  -  Launch Ball (note: real machine does not have a plunger, right firebutton launches balls) Right Magnasave  -  Start "Super Game" (instant multiball - needs 2 credits) Left Magnasave  -  Change LUT until game starts, then launches ball from left plunger lane in Air Raid / Missile mode. How to activate DeadWorld  -  Hit J-U-D-G-E drop targets in order (ball in judge subway lights a letter) How to start DW multiball  -  Get 3 balls into deadworld using left pursuit ramp after lighting J-U-D-G-E. How to get Ultimate Challenge  -  Defeat all 4 dark judges or light all chain missions.


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  13. Tron Legacy LE (Stern 2011) VPW Mod

    Greetings Program!
    Tron Legacy LE Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop . This one was supposed to, again, be just a fast physics update;
    "Yeah, we'll just do a quick 'add nfozzy physics to this' and get it out the door..."
    *a month later after everyone's tweaked every part of the table*
    Turns out everyone is very fond of the table and wanted to join in, it might well get updated again in the future... especially if we can find a proper playfield scan (especially of the LE!)
    Loads of new stuff including new physics, ramps, acrylic protectors, flashers, lighting, inserts, sound and shadows,
    -          nFozzy physics: Astro, Fluffhead35, iaakki, Sixtoe
    -          Physical Re-alignment: Sixtoe
    -          Playfield and Inserts: Sixtoe, Astronasty, iaakki
    -          Ramp & Ropelight Primitive Update: Tomate
    -          Fleep Sounds: Fluffhead
    -          Flashers and Lighting: Sixtoe, iaakki, Hauntfreaks
    -          Shadows: Wylte
    -          Acrylics and Plastics: Sixtoe
    -          VRRoom: Sixtoe
    -          Misc Tweaks: VPW Team
    -          Advice / Real Machine Comparison: G5k
    -          Testing: Rik & VPW Team

    '0.00 - Astronasty - Added nfozzy physics, rubberizer aand target bouncer code.
    '0.01 - Sixtoe - Physical object table rebuild including missing rubbers and objects, flupper flashers added, nfozzy physics table objects added on layer 9, realigned some visual table objects, some other tweaks, cut lights to VR cabinet dimensions.
    '0.02 - Sixtoe - Significantly adjusted all collidable objects, filled holes, added missing rubbers in shooter lane and above pop bumpers and removed certain things.
    '0.03 - Fluffhead35 - Completed Nfozzy Physics.  Added new targetbouncer logic, added 2nd rummberizer function for flippers, added coil rampup, fleep sound
    '0.04 - Fluffhead35 - Fixed typo in Class_Initialize in myTurnTable class
    '0.05 - Wylte - Dynamic Ball Shadows, Spotlight tweaks
    '0.06 - iaakki - Ball image update, FastFlips changed, Alternative TargetBouncer added as option 2, Left orb return fixed
    '0.07 - Wylte - Fixed spotlights not being in GI -_-"
    '0.08 - iaakki - Right outlane fix, all lights moved to use NF Lampz, GI redone, some insert prims, textures and materials imported, TargetBouncer values tuned
    '0.09 - Scrapped
    '0.10 - Sixtoe - Insert prims set up (still WIP, need some new textures), slings redone (still WIP), disc texture touched up, some table prims edited, maybe other tweaks.
    '0.11 - iaakki - added one missing insert texture. Fixed some other insert textures.
    '0.12 - iaakki - new PF and insert text images added, positions fine tuned, adding lights to lit the texts properly. Adding fXXTOP flashers to inserts to light the text properly
    '0.13 - iaakki - saved insert text layer on PSP and it fixed the edges, now all insert Z's are at zero
    '0.14 - Astronasty - Added new PF/inserts images with recognizer cutout. Shifted end of ramp stop to make ball bounce back more.
    '0.15 - Sixtoe - Added disc overlays to their inserts and changed insert primitives, redid most of the ambient insert lighting, added text flasher overlay to most inserts, messed around with light colours, added optional aftermarket acrylics, tweaked some stuff, probably other things...
    '0.16 - tomate - Added plastic ramps prims with some fixes and new textures, POV fixed, night/day cycle reduced a bit
    '0.17 - Astronasty - Actually changed the POV, commented out blue flippers and added white one, added new PF with yellow top lanes.
    '0.18 - iaakki - reworked some GI areas so they don't affect inserts that much. Adjusted Tron inserts and some other inserts.
    '0.19 - Astronasty - New PF and insert PNGs to try to reduce jaggies.
    '0.20 - tomate - Right ramp beginning fixed, ramps metal plates fixed, left VPX ramp cap fixed, LED strip prim and VPX fixed to match the new ramp shape, Astronasty's improved playfield placed
    '0.21 - Fluffhead35 - Added in option for original target bouncer alongside new one
    '0.22 - Messed with GI more, split out lighting so that's easier to mess with now, added missing rubber.
    '0.23 - iaakki - fixed some lights and code. Made that top flip shot possible. Targetbouncer fiddled once more.
    '0.24 - iaakki - cabinet mode improved, flipper strength to 2900, FlipperCoilRampupMode default to 1, Wall54 fixed so orb feels better. Green insert off materials done, inserts 51-53 done
    '0.25 - Sixtoe - Added discs back on playfield, added color corrected slings, adjusted flynn kicker, adjusted height of acrylic walls, fixed VR depth bias issues (argh!), added LE rubbers (White) with switch, hooked up flynn sign to GI, flasherbases adjusted so they're rotated correctly.
    '0.26 - HauntFreaks - GI tweaks
    '0.27 - Wylte - Added fading materials to spotlight shadows, tweaks to cutoff.  Attempted to add a toggle, but I don't know Lampz well enough yet
    '0.28 - iaakki - Adjusted SW7 and SW8 collidables, adjusted Wall61, double checked default options
    '0.29 - Sixtoe - Hooked up acrylics to GI, fixed f129a floating, fixed primitive32 sunken plastic, fixed rear flasher flares so they're correctly aligned, moved spotlight shadow prims so they're hidden in vr, set some solid prims to disable light from below, fixed some metals material & texture issues, changed height of shadows to stop z clashing, fixed rear right vr cabinet foot normals, tweaked GI on left inlane to better match right side and stop blowing out left sling plastic as much.
    '0.30 - apophis - Fixed spotlight shadow error.
    'v1.0 - Sixtoe - Tidied up for release, changed VR backbox shape.
    ' We thank the previous friends of TRON (Apologies if we have missed anyone)
    ' G5k:    Playfield, plastics, ramps and other graphical improvements, new arcade primitive, modified ramp primitives, Lighting, material and physics adjustments and general trial and error adjustments.
    ' DJRobX: Updated physics and code to bring table inline with VPX 10.4 routines, ROM-controlled GI and PWM flasher support. Merging changes between existing tables. Fastflips hardcoded.. 
    ' Sixtoe: VR conversion, table mods and tweaking.
    ' ICPjuggla, freneticamnesic: Original VPX Table (V1.3f)
    ' 85Vette: Original VP9 table
    ' Rom: Original FP table
    ' TerryRed: PinUp Player original mod removed (to work with Pinup proper May 2018 onward) Table is a standard VPX table now. Ball Controller Mod added.
    ' Dozer: Fixed recognizer and disc turntable movement (not all light mods moved to this version)
    ' RustyCardores: Surround sound mod, new sounds added (where there were none)
    ' Hannibal: Lighting and graphical improvements
    ' Draifet: Physics and graphical improvements
    ' HauntFreaks: Graphical and material improvements.
    -- End Of Line.


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  14. Hook (Data East 1992) VPW Mod

    BANGARAAANG!! Hook Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. This one was supposed to be just a fast physics update, but we ended up rebuilding almost the whole table. We added some Flupper inserts, Skitso-style inserts, new flashers, Fleep SSF sounds, latest nFozzy physics, some new textures, Ramp rework, plastics, VRRoom, countless hours of tweaks and testing.
    -          Inserts: iaakki, Skitso
    -          nFozzy physics: Benji, iaakki
    -          Re-alignment: Sixtoe, Cyberpez, Skitso, iaakki
    -          Ramps: Tomate
    -          Fleep Sounds: iaakki
    -          Lighting: iaakki, Sixtoe, Skitso
    -          Plastics: Sheltemke, iaakki, Tomate, sixtoe
    -          VRRoom: Sixtoe
    -          Miscellaneous tweaks: Skitso, Cyberpez, iaakki, Sixtoe, Tomate
    -          Testing: Rik, VPW team
    This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including Javier for the original VPX version, Dark for the Skull, Ramp and Town primitives and Bigus' mod playfield and backboard image.
    Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques, Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics and Fleep for sounds techniques.


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  15. Taxi (Williams 1988) VPW Mod

    This mod was originally supposed to be a small one, with just adding updated physics, sound and a VR room, then everyone got carried away and the table ended up being rendered and redone and tweaked to infinity
    Big thanks to ICPJuggla, Mfuegemann, Dark & Ben Logan for the original table.
    VR and other options are all in the script.

    *** V-Pin Workshop Taxi Drivers ***
    Tomate - Project Manager, including new primitives, textures.
    Bord - nFozzy flippers and physics
    apophis - Fleep sound, rtx shadows, general tweaks.
    Sixtoe - VR Stuff, lots of fiddling about.
    oqqsan - Playfield inserts and fading GI.
    UnclePaulie - VR backbox improvements & fixes.
    iaakki & fluffhead35 - misc tweaks and debugging
    Rik - Testing and feedback
    VPW Crew - Playtesting and suggestions

    **CHANGE LOG **
    ' 001 - bord -  Added nFozzy flippers and physics
    ' 002 - apophis - Added Fleep sound package
    ' 003 - apophis - Added missing knockerposition prim
    ' 004 - tomate - New flippers prims added
    ' 005 - tomate - Shadows flippers size fixed
    ' 006 - Sixtoe - VR stuff, fully operational built in backbox / dmd / backglass, fixed loads of light and glow weirdness, unified timers, added cabinet mode.
    ' 007 - tomate - upper left VUK direction corrected, exits of collidable wireRamps fixed, metal wall near express lane2 fixed, cab POV corrected
    ' 009 - tomate - new giOn baked textures added, warm lut added, plastic Ramps textures retouched with a warm photo filter to match 
    ' 010 - tomate - some giOff textures aded, slingshots missing sounds fixed, deformed slings rubbers replaced by prims
    ' 011 - oqqsan - inserts and 4step sidewalls and pf  .. needs adjustments 
    ' 012 - tomate - rest of giOff textures added, plastics textures added to 4 steps fade, some GI lights repositioned, textures size optimized
    ' 013 - Sixtoe - Removed one set of GI, hooked it all back up and dropped under playfield, tidied up assets, set old walls to non-visible to stop clashes, played with loads of lights, removed redundant scripts and images.
    ' 014 - iaakki - fiddled with GI steps and PF flasher. Fixed flip shadow DP and Z issues. tied some prims to gi steps
    ' 015 - apophis - Replaced the ringing_bell sound effect. Increased alpha mask on PF images to get rid of insert jaggies. Increased inserts DL. Fixed BS DB.
    ' 016 - apophis - Added RTX BS. Fixed GI lights so that ball reflection work now.
    ' 017 - UnclePaulie - Animated the VR backglass flasher Lights.  Fixed the jackpot displays.  Hid the desktop / cabinet mode backbox lights. Moved ball shadow primatives.  Added a VRCab bottom so you can't see the floor through cab.
    ' 018 - apophis - Updated RTX BS. Added target bouncer, flipper rubberizer, and flipper coil ramp up options. Fixed ball bouncing out left outlane after ramp drop.
    ' 019 - Sixtoe - Fixed playfield rendering weirdly, numerous other tweaks and adjustments, adjusted some lights, put the roof back on the spinout
    ' 020 - apophis - Fixed RTX shadow DB issue. Chnaged rampsDecals DL from below to 0 and DB to -100. Added a differnt ball HDR. Messed with the DT mode backglass.
    ' 021 - fluffhead35 - Updated Flipper Physics to be inline with nfozzy
    ' 022 - Sixtoe - Added physical wires under flippers and outlanes, hooked up bumpers to GI system, adjust shooter lane gate, messed around the table lights again including materials, set height walls to non-collidable.
    ' 023 - Sixtoe - Fixed GI, added bumper bulbs to GI system, some small tweaks and fixes here and there.
    ' 024 - apophis - Revered the DT backglass object positions. Force GI on at table initialization. Changed flipper DB. Increased plunger strength/speed. Increased target hit volume.
    ' 025 - iaakki - flip trigger areas reworked, rdampen 10ms timer added, rubberizer options added, catapult timer improved, tied drop target DL to GI, fixed insert fading for few inserts
    ' 026 - apophis - finished up fixing inserts fading
    ' 027 - Sixtoe - Target bounce set to 1.5


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  16. Tales From The Crypt VPW Premium (for VPX 10.6) (Data East 1993)

    Welcome to the frightfully fun release of Tales From The Crypt from the VPW team!
    This is our first scratch built table using all the tips and tricks we've picked up in our past releases and mods, and we're super proud of it and hope you all enjoy it!
    ** Please use VPX 10.6, there may be issues with 10.7
    With all of the options on the table is quite "heavy", and the new "RTX" ball shadow code is fairly costly in terms of performance, we think it looks amazing (if we do say so ourselves!) but can be turned off.
    VR Options are all in the script, with options to include or exclude the RTX shadows.
    (by the way, RTX has nothing to do with nvidias RTX, it's just a name!)
    '*** V-Pin Workshop Spooky Crypt Team ***
    - Project Manager: Tomate
    - Models and textures with Blender & Octane: Tomate
    - Ramps: Tomate
    - Primitive fading code for GI and flashers: iaakki
    - "Three layer" 3D Inserts: iaakki
    - Tombstone Code: Sixtoe, DJRobX
    - PF edits and insert texts: iaakki
    - Additional lighting: iaakki, Sixtoe, Skitso, G5k, Tomate
    - Wylte RTX ball shadows: Wylte, apophis, iaakki
    - VR & Various Fixes: Sixtoe
    - nFozzy physics: iaakki, Benji
    - Rubberizer and TargetBouncer: iaakki
    - Fleep Sounds: iaakki, Benji
    - Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: CyberPez, apophis, kingdids, baldgeek, fluffhead35, HauntFreaks
    - Testing: Rik, VPW team
    Table Rules
    ' 002 tomate - wireramps and metal ramps prims added
    ' 003 tomate - correct POV, backwall added
    ' 004 tomate - ramps height corrected 
    ' 005 iaakki - NFozzy lighting script in, PF and new insert Text ramp, First inserts layed
    ' 006 iaakki - insert bulb primitives added for testing
    ' 008 iaakki - OFF insert Normal Map added
    ' 011 iaakki - round inserts done
    ' 012 iaakki - rec star inserts
    ' 013 iaakki - some insert adjustmens
    ' 014 iaakki - updated PF and text, rest of the inserts done. lamps on layer 8 needs adjustment
    ' 018 tomate - some new prims and textures added
    ' 019 tomate - rest of the new primitives and textures added (layer 1)
    ' 020 tomate - some tweaks on VPX stuff, low poly colidable ramps added (layer 2), some tweaks on LUTs
    ' 021 tomate - more tweaks on LUTs, add flippers prims to work properly, add new holes on PF mesh, tumbstone prim and VUKs works properly now, some tweaks on upper plastic, apron plastic primitive fixed
    ' 022 Benji - Physics scripting in place with working flippers, no rubber dampening applied to objects yet
    ' 023 kingdids - some tweaks on table lighting settings
    ' 024 tomate - correct all the textures from camera POV, some tweaks on lighting settings and LUTs 
    ' 025 tomate - separate eye target and remplace original prims, separate drop targets and spinners prims (doesn't work yet), redone slingshots and separate prims of SLING1/2
    ' 026 sixtoe - Refactored timers, added playfield trigger and top vuk hole sides, aligned ramp entrance lamp flashers, sorted out some of the vr cabinet prims (temp invisible), 
    ' 027 iaakki - Checked physics code, made new collections for rubberbands and posts, added fleep sounds on most of the collisions (all other sounds removed for now), laneguides had wrong physics so ball felt spinning all the time
    ' 028 iaakki - RightFlipper1 added back with ssf sounds
    ' 029 iaakki - Plunger, drain, bumper and wire gate sounds tied. Upper right flipper live catch should be now possible
    ' 030 tomate - OFF textures added
    ' 031 iaakki - Metals and MetalRamps duplicate prims done to layers 7 and 9. Created material for fading and tied them to GIUpdates.
    ' 032 iaakki - some new material and cab sides tied to gi
    ' 033 tomate - rubbers posts and sleeves separated and applied to the collection dPosts and dSleeves respectively. Rubber bands separated and assigned to the aRubberBands collection. Physical materials assigned to rubber posts, sleeves, metal walls, plastics, and metal ramps. Correction of the location of a rubber post that invaded the loop ramp
    ' 034 tomate - erase original rubber bands, remplace LSling1/2 and RSling1/2 with baked prims. Cleaning g02 texture so that it looks correct when the slingshots kick
    ' 035 tomate - spinners and gates prims in place and hooked up, standup target and eye targets in place unhooked.
    ' 036 iaakki - wireramps added to gi fading, metalramp db issue fixed, ball shadows, insert text, flip shadows fixed by aadjusting Z.
    ' 037 iaakki - off prim D default values changed. Added more stuff to giupdates
    ' 038 tomate - animation of gate1 and 2 fixed. Collections created according to textures, primitives assigned to collections. All the primitives has "colormaxnoreflectionhalf" material
    ' 039 iaakki - rest of the OFF prims done, double checked all settings for ON and OFF prims. Dedicated materials created. GIupdates is now using UpdateMaterial with aLvl^5 for gi events. RF_plastics image imported, but not taken in use.
    ' 040 iaakki - created materials for each type of prims: gi_on_plastic,metals,cab,blubs and those are faded differently in giupdate. Made fading speed faster.
    ' 041 cyberpez - Animated standup targets. Reworked drops to be animated and Roths Double Drop mod.
    ' 042 iaakki - Added standup and drop target off prims and added to fading. Fixed drop target transZ to transY. Updated to rom tftc_400. UseSolenoids=2 in too.
    ' 043 tomate - A few textures fixed and some LUTs added
    ' 044 iaakki - PF GI flasher reworked, some OFF prim default DL values adjusted, MetalsOFF prim size adjustment to avoid z fighting, New on/off collections to hide primis when GI full on/off
    ' 045 iaakki - tombstoneOFF made to move too
    ' 046 iaakki - Sol4R created for right flasher, only gion state for now.
    ' 048 iaakki - Sol4R kind of working in gion and gioff state. Various DL values should be fixed in each state. Simple preloader done
    ' 049 tomate - All prims with DL=1, plastics prims replaced, top_plastic unhooked from GI, plastics_off texture modified, collideable metal walls reworked (ball now acts naturally when left VUK kicks or when falls from left spinner), collideable prim for center vuk added , center vuk strength corrected
    ' 050 iaakki - flipper physics restored and loophelper implemented.
    ' 054 iaakki - RF and LF code implemented to debug version
    ' 055 iaakki - textures imported back. cab_RF was broken and fixed it. Plunger lane plastic is broken on some textures.
    ' 058 iaakki - flasher and gi fading finalized, 68 and 71 lamps assigned, sling animation items added to fading, but removed from visibility swaps. May flicker in VR??
    ' 059 iaakki - new plastics prim and GI control. Changed PLAYFIELD_GI1 depth bias as it had issues with plastics. OFF flips made darker
    ' 060 iaakki - ball brightness fading with GI. Consts ballbrightMin and ballbrightMax are used to set the limits. 
    ' 061 tomate - new set of prims added, new set of texures added, prims separated and placed into collections
    ' 062 iaakki - fixed some DB issues, added flasherblooms, adjusted lighting
    ' 063 tomate - bumpers prims divided, bumperRing 1/2/3 animation done, off primitives still missing
    ' 064 iaakki - fixed sling DL values that were not consistent, added some magnasave button action, made some tests to pf flashers, GI bulbs still broken, some other lighting tweaks
    ' 065 tomate - new set of backwall textures added, slings DL values bring to 0, erase slings from g02, scatter value added to left plunger to make shots more random, modified strenght of central VUK to match with gameplay videos
    ' 065a tomate - increase scatter value to the left plunger, bumperRing Off prims added to Script
    ' 066 Sixtoe - Split ramp bulbs out of g02 and added them to DL, split bumper caps out of bumpers and added them to DL, cut holes in PF, adjusted some lights and flashers, realigned and coded VR cabinet & modes, adjusted shooter lighting and disconnected bulb from g02 prim, added under table GI lights for ball reflections,
    ' 067 iaakki - tombstone redone and shaking. rubberizer and targetbouncer added; not adjusted
    ' 068 tomate - jurassic dome OFF texture tweaked, LF and RF flasherbloom moved up, main gate texture changed, PF thickness added to hole near upper flipper, bulbs primitive separated in ---> bulbs and lamp_bulbs and placed into collections
    ' 073 iaakki - Merge various triggers and ballshadow code from duplicate 065 version
    ' 074 baldgeek - set plunger to auto, added enter/exit sounds for scoop next to left ramp
    ' 075 baldgeek - fixed scoop exit sound
    ' 076 gtxjoe - Add debug shot testing.  Press 2 to block outlanes/drain.  Press and hold any of these keys to test shots:  W, E, R, Y, U(Vuk), I(Crypt Vuk), P, A, S, F, G
    ' 077 iaakki - At least the ball uservalue bug fixed by having an array to carry wireramp status. Uses BallGoesWire sub. TargetBouncer taken in use for targets, posts and sleeves.
    ' 078 fluffhead35 - Added RampRolling sound playback logic for wire ramp sounds.  Implemented WireRampOn for sw47 & sw58 and WireRampOff for Trigger1 & Trigger2
    ' 079 iaakki - ramproll stuff combined to ball shadow code. Triggers reworked one more time, Right vuk ramp fixed as ball jumped over the triggers, rdampen set to 10ms timer
    ' 080 benji - wire ramp loop sound swapped out for more seamless one. fx_vukExit_wire sound added to manager, added to VUK subs replacing 'popper' sound needs to be tested.
    ' 082 benji - reimported missing droptarget sounds, changed kickback sound from missing 'popper' to new KickBack2.wav 
    ' 083 fluffhead35 - tweaked ramp shadow code when looking up the ramptype from Wire RampRoll variables
    ' 084 iaakki - major merge for new trough from cyberpez. All the solflashers and related inserts recoded. tnob increased so can debug.
    ' 085 iaakki - adjusted flashers and added backplate vpx flashers
    ' 086 fluffhead35 - merged in 082 and 083 changes.  Added more balls to the RampRoll array because it was too small for the number of balls.  Added More RampRoll and WireRampRoll sounds as you need one per ball
    ' 087 iaakki - targetBouncer values reduced, scoop vuk fixed
    ' 089 tomate - wall008 at layer 1 deleted, underVUK prim at layer 2 reimported, pUpKicker material changed and lowered it to -10, cab/pf_adges/apron prims replaced, ScSp. relfections turned off
    ' 090 tomate - walls over the plastics at layer1 added, sw68 - captive Ball fixed (thanks gtxjoe!), central VUK fixed (thanks apophis!)
    ' 091 iaakki - Crypt shot fixed, BS depth bias issue solved, plunger -> droptarget -> drain fixed, 
    ' 092 iaakki - PF GI flasher style changed
    ' 092a tomate - collideable wall tweaked so ball doesn't touch slinshot after right orbit
    ' 093 iaakki - fixed bugs from ball shadow code and improved perf, new PF gion/gioff images with larger hard edges on insert holes, new insert text image with edges, spot lamp tied to gi. Narnia check should bring the ball back in game.maybe.. Report your findings.
    ' 094 benji - add sound scoopExit. Crypt VUK exit/eject sound should be "fx_vukExit_wire" but i cannot get it to play...
    ' 095 iaakki - f53TOP added, wood sound added to one wall, right orb return matched to few videos, rtxfactor 0.8, right wireramp exit hacked, coin sounds added, sw52 sounds improved, ball shadows removed when large flashers bright, diverter sound added, some debug cleanup, additional wall added under trough
    ' 096 Sixtoe - Organised some layers, sorted height walls, deleted old redundant assets, fixed plunger exit gate textures, cropped the bottom of 2 bulb prims that were showing through holes, dropped lamp under skillshot rubber as it was clipping, manually edited all the g02 textures because dropping the lamp under the rubber meant part of it was black..., redid texture of left flasher so it doesn't look odd when off, manually edited g01_ON.png to brighten back of spinners
    ' 0961 iaakki - Bug fix and script optimizations for RTXBS on VR
    ' 097 tomate - Switch and diverter prims separeted and placed in collections. New clear plastics texture added.
    ' 0971 iaakki - Diverter and wireramp switches animated with sounds.
    ' 0974 tomate - diverter DB issue fixed, jurassic dome material changed, slanted sideblades added, cabinet mode added, POV corrected to cabinet mode
    ' 098 apophis - included RTX BS distance calculation optimizations
    ' 099 fluffhead35 - added logic to only show RTX shadows for 3 balls
    ' 099.1 Wylte - changed shadow DB to -2000, upped flasher intensity required to hide shadows to 0.7
    ' 099.9 iaakki - 991 merge, Tied GI bulbs prim to updates, minor tweak to GI levels and collections, RTXBallShadows script option added, LockBarKey support added
    ' 100 Sixtoe - Split bulbs from g02 primitive (again!), tidied up layers a bit, deleted redundant stuff, added off prims to cabinet script, probably still needs more work. Left captive ball wall moved so ball isn't floating, Plugged hole in upper left plastic to stop ball trap.
    ' 101 iaakki - VUK issue solved, sideblades fixed, cabinetmode with fblooms fixed, TargetBouncerFactor introduced and default set 1.1 for now, flippernudge values corrected, red bulbs set to fading collections, metalramp DLFB values changed to make them blend better.
    ' 102 iaakki - Recoded LUT selector with 14 LUT files. save/load mechanism included.
    ' 103 iaakki - Insert OFF state normals added and insert balance tune, HauntFreak top notch tweak to red bulb flashers.
    ' 104 Sixtoe - Split off bumper prims, fixed script for them
    ' 105 apophis - fixed never ending ball rolling sounds. fixed slingshot sound effect locations
    ' 106 iaakki - ball shadow DB's adjusted more, RTX image changed (Thanks BorgDog for reference), RTX parameters changed to match new reference
    ' 107 tomate - post pass fixed, angleSidewalls for cabinet mode fixed (thanks Sixtoe!), angleSidewalls prims reworked and put into collections, OFF plastics textures tweaked
    ' 108 tomate - wall added over top plastics
    ' 109 iaakki - cleanup, crypt jam insert material tuned, spinner sounds added, rubberizer tuned, left ramp entrance gate tuned, DT threshold tuned
    ' 110 iaakki - subway redone, needs more testing
    ' 111 iaakki - Narnia rework, cleanup, subway tuned, collidable walls added under flips
    ' 112 iaakki - Lut changer tuned, insert off prim normals as script option, some insert prims were accidentally collidable, relay sounds added
    ' 113 iaakki - Some walls added on top of plastics, GTXJoe's "Debug Table testing routines" removed
    ' 114 Skitso - Fixed a bunch of lights
    ' 115 iaakki - upped sw39 hit threshold and tested it, under PF walls added to eliminate light bleed from inserts, VRRoom 1 and 3 disables RTX ball shadows, GI relay, Lutselector and spinner sound increased
    ' 116 Sixtoe - Fixed a couple of VR issues with the sidewalls, spent some time with how the ball looks
    ' 116DL1 tomate - all prims moved to DL=1, default LUT changed, apron texture fixed, flippers textures fixed
    ' 117 tomate - domes/ramps/bats textures fixed, bumper cap texture fixed Skitso!, trail strenght lowered to 30, POV tweaked, reflection strenght on PF lowered to 20
    ' 118 iaakki - vrroom mode fixed, plunger lane gate tuned, ball made a bit brighter with const ballbrightMax and ballbrightMin, improved GI bulbs that reflect to balls, plastics DB set to -110 to fix laneguides
    ' RC1 iaakki - bumpertop materials changed, metals and laneguide DL values to 0.5, bumpertop ID fix, default value checks
    ' RC2 iaakki - Bumpertop image swaps and DL tied to GI plus lampz, sw38 improved and wall added to center the ball, script cleanup, bumper lights adjusted for GIOFF state
    ' RC3 tomate - plastic texture over the bumper fixed, right slingshot rubber texture fixed, logo added
    ' RC4 tomate - VPW original LUT fixed, HauntFreaks LUT added, compressed images by g5k added
    ' RC5 tomate - SSR set OFF by default, LUT added


       (20 reviews)



  17. Congo (Williams 1995) VPW Mod

    The VPin Workshop members present a table tune-up for Congo by Williams!
    This is one from Williams "rubbish film, great pinball!" series, and really shouldn't be missed, a true under appreciated gem.

    •    Inserts & Lighting Overhaul: Skitso
    •    nFozzy physics: Rastan350
    •    Fleep Sounds: Rastan350
    •    Ramps: Flupper & Benji
    •    VR Stuff & Fixes: Sixtoe
    •    Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks: Sixtoe, iaakki, Skitso, tomate
    •    Apron and VUK guard Primitives: tomate
    •    Playfield Mesh: Bord
    •    Jungle 360 VR Room: 3rdaxis (from his Grand Lizard VR Room)
    •    Table Assets and Scans: Mwong
    •    Testing: Rik, Rastan350, Panik Flip gaming, VPW team
    This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, in this case nFozzy, Dark, LoadedWeapon and JPSalas.
    Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics. Thanks you to Fleep for sounds. Thanks to all before us.
    'Started from Skitsos personal mod
    '004 - Rastan350 - new physics and sounds
    '005 - Skitso - reworked all GI and flashers, improved insert lighting, new LUT
    '006 - iaakki - debugged some flip physics issues and now live catch and nudge works, flip angles changed, removed some lights, flip physics parameters updated
    '007 - Skitso - temporary fix for broken flashers. Replaced SHOOT AGAIN and KICKBACK insert textures to a more visually pleasing ones.
    '008 - iaakki - merged flashers. Solflash17 created for "modulated" Amy flasher
    '009 - Skitso - fixed flashers, fixed ball shadow depth bias issue, added one missing GI light under left ramp, made upper lane guide lamps to show through AMY's hand, new volcano ramp textures, improved Grey playfield texture and shadows, new dark texture for yellow hit targets on Grey playfield, added tiny bit of DL to Grey when GI is lit, fixed right sligshot plastics material and repositioned light beneath
    '010 - Skitso - improved rule card texture, backwall texture and left ramp decal. Added backfacing transparent triangles rendering to ramps, improved bumber lighting.
    '011 - iaakki - ball drop sounds fixed. It is still bugged occasionally but not sure why..
    '012 - Skitso - better upper PF laneguide prim, improved lights for upper lane guides, tweaked flashers.
    '015 - iaakki - fixed ramp exits so that ball drop sounds can work properly
    '016 - Sixtoe - Re-organised whole table, added VR room and assets, replaced rails and sideblades (switchable for art ones, which I redid a bit), raised some lights and dropped others (to stop it cutting prims in half), fixed z fighting for several walls, removed numerous unused assets, redid sling rubbers and area (including physics objects), cut holes in playfield and made drop holes, turned off backfacing rendering for ramps as it breaks VR, will try and find a workaround, raised DL meanwhile, removed redundant drop code, removed wall that stopped ball dropping off wire ramp, probably some other stuff I forgot
    '017 - Benji - New ramps based on flupper's new tutorial
    '018 - Flupper - New ramp models, new ramp textures. "plsatic_ramps" texture in image manager is better for VR
    '019 - tomate - LowPoly left ramp added.
    '020 - tomate - flipperTimer added, flippers prims and shadows, slightly corrected left flipper location, New wireRamps prims, plastic ramps slightly modified to fit wire ramps, DC-3 model added
    '021 - tomate - WireRamps textures added, split wire ramps (up and down), down wireRamp reflection disabled, plastic plane recovered from previous version
    '022 - iaakki - Gorilla flips physics change, LUT changer added with failsafe improvements, Cabinet mode improved, RampLook option added
    '023 - Sixtoe - Complete fixtures and fittings pass, changed most things, tons of small tweaks and adjustments to positions of things, drilled a hole in the plastic ramp, added seperate VR graphics setup for ramps and wire runs, unified timers, probably something else I forgot.
    '024 - Sixtoe - Tinkered with the metals and lighting to get the fixings more natural and suited to table.
    '026 - tomate - new 3d apron and apron texture added, apron rails and POV fixed
    '027 - Sixtoe - Added playfield mesh from Bord, more tinkering and adjusting including apron area for VR and finally punting it out the door
    'RC2 - Skitso - Fixed playfield mesh location, made ball shinier, altered few materials, made apron a tad more in shadow.
    'RC3 - iaakki - Fixed GI control, added TargetBouncerEnabled and RubberizerEnabled script options to make table feel more real
    'RC4 - Skitso - Improved GI, small insert tweaks
    'RC4.1 - Skitso - Grouped a few missing GI lights
    'RC4.2 - tomate - post-draw textures added, new primitives and textures for VUK exits added
    'RC5 - Sixtoe - Sling kickers adjusted, changed back wall layout, adjusted vuk prims and added material, fixed leftrampdrop height and visibility, tweaked metal pole on left orbit, changed env image, altered materials and textures for metals and volcano, cropped new GI lamps.
    'RC6 - iaakki - FlipperNudge tuned. Sw55 target had incorrect phys parameters. gi_bulb022/23 adjust
    'RC7 - Skitso - tuned satellite inserts and made all purple inserts more natural color, tuned Gi_Bulb014, tuned perimeter defence flasher
    'RC8 - iaakki - l82f fixed. ramp tied to gi. RubberBand material adjusted, ramp41 decal adjusted
    'RC9 - Sixtoe - Fixed VR script, altered desktop backdrop, minor tweaks.


       (8 reviews)



  18. Cactus Canyon (& Continued) (Bally 1998) VPW Mod

    Welcome CACTUS CANYON, Partner!!
    The VPin Workshop Discord members present this table tune-up.
    This started out as a "quick" physics update, but we ended up adding so much more!
    •    Inserts & Lighting Overhaul: Skitso
    •    nFozzy physics: apophis
    •    Roth Drop Targets: rotherbauerw, Sixtoe, apophis
    •    Fleep Sounds: apophis
    •    Fluppers Flashers & VR Room: Sixtoe
    •    Miscellaneous tweaks: Skitso, apophis, oqqsan, Sixtoe, tomate, iaakki
    •    Testing: Rik, Panik Flip gaming, VPW team
    This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, most notably, Ninuzzu and Tom Tower.
    Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics. Thanks you to Fleep for sounds. Thanks to all before us.
    ' 000 - Skitso -  Updates to lighting, inserts, some flashers and LUT
    ' 001 - apophis - nFozzy flippers, rubber dampening, and materials applied. Adjusted plunger physics settings
    ' 002 - apophis - Added Fleep sounds package
    ' 003 - apophis - Added ramp sounds, fixed an issue with my implementation of flipper sounds, and hopefully fixed the stuck ball issue inside Bart 
    ' 004 - apophis - Cabinet POV adjusted. Ramp rolling volume decreased, ball rolling volume increased slightly. Updated controller loading code,
    ' 005 - apophis - Adjusted autoplunger physics parameters. Removed duplicate flipper collision functions. 
    ' 006 - apophis - Fixed GameTimer bug that prevented ball shadow from working. Added ShowBallShadows option. Fine-tuned autoplunger (thanks oqqsan)
    ' 006a - oqqsan - Added dynamic instruction card
    ' 007 - apophis - Added BartHatSoundEffects option. Removed unnecessary beer mug from game.
    ' 008 - skitso - Improved GI and inserts
    ' 009 - apophis - Updated flipper tricks to the latest version
    ' 010 - Sixtoe - Added vr cabvinet and room, fluppers flashers & roths droptargets, which are currently broken.
    ' 011 - apophis - Fixed drop targets. Change the method to check when target was successfully hit.
    ' 012/3 - Rotherbauerw - Fixed drop targets.
    ' 014 - Sixtoe - Added sound effects for drop targets, tried to fix ball traps, tidied up VR stuff, fixed rails, added rollover holes, changed rubber holder prims, adjusted a few minor things.
    ' 015 - iaakki - Fixed Desktop POV, 
    ' 016 - Skitso - Remade all GI, altered some DL/DLFB values and modified textures for more accurate lighting.
    ' 017 - Sixtoe - Added Bart & hat to GI, adjusted to right GI so it doesn't look broken in GI, tweaked a few things including decals on  traintrack
    ' 018 - apophis - Adjusted Cabinet POV
    ' 019 - Sixtoe - VR specific fixes and automatic switches, combined some timers, GI tweaks


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  19. Spider-Man Vault Edition : Siggi's Mod (Stern 2016) VPW Mod

    **Reupload, nothing new since 1.0.1 - Dec. '20
    This is a mod of a mod based on Siggis’ excellent Spider-Man Classic graphics mod of the Spider-Man Vault Edition table (Stern 2016) made for Vpx originally by Alessio. Includes nFozzy physics, Fleep sounds, new metal textures, 3D inserts, new RGB GI lighting, minimal VR room by Sixtoe, and much more! Many thanks to everyone whose hands have touched and improved this table in the past.
    This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us.
    Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques and Flasher domes. Thank you to Fleep for the sound package. Thank you to Rothbauerw and NFozzy for physics. Thank you to Wrd1972 for bouncy standup targets.

    'VPW edits
    ' 00X - benji/iaakki - various versions
    ' 006 - iaakki - NF script updated one more time, GI resolved, solenoid light control added, insert materials redone and adjusted, insert text flasher should be done
    ' 009 - iaakki - GI rework and various tweaks. Sidewalls are borked
    ' 010 - Benji - Added reflective metal texture to walls (only reflect with SSR Enabled) and color graded all the graphics. Added preliminary beveled edges to bottom half of plastics
    ' 011 - iaakki - RGB GI implemented, various fixes
    ' 014 - iaakki - pf&text images reworked, inserts made more shallow, GI adjusted different when mode on
    ' 015 - iaakki - villain spots created, heads material swapped
    ' 016 - Benji - Adjusted bevels and baked GI onto playfield (experimental) old playfield still in image manager
    ' 017 - iaakki - redid rgb gi, some cleanup
    ' 018.6 - Sixtoe - Added VR room and associated switches, replaced most flashers & hooked up flash prims to lighting, added global rgb gi flasher, tweaked spotlights and added character prims to lighting system, aligned ramps, unified timers, added ball shadow, replaced green goblin for comic version, reverted playfield, aligned apron wall and made visible, raised Apron, changed trigger shapes, removed numerous old incorrect walls and lights, raised metal screws and fittings up slightly
    ' 018.7 - Tomate - replaced wire run prims and textures
    ' 019 - Sixtoe - Made more holes in playfield for triggers aand targets, added wood drop sides, added new wall for sw43a image, added backglass to gi system, hooked up light refllection flashers on sandman and added some to goblin and lock lights.
    ' 020 - Benji - Added color grade to  playfield from 019
    ' 021 - Benji reintroduced more yellows to overall color grade
    ' 022 - tomate - spiderwebs and diverters redone, new textures for metals, diverters and spiderwebs. Improved wire ramp textures
    ' 023 - Sixtoe - fixed some depth bias issues, fixed rear back wood, fixed pop bumper flashers, fixed a few flashers
    ' 024 - tomate - Some tweaks to the textures, shadows in the apron and reduction of the file weight by lowering the resolution of some textures
    ' 025 - iaakki - Latest NF flips code, cabinetmode, fixed desktop mode, small fix to default pov, readjusted flips and fixed trigger areas
    ' 026 - iaakki - RGB GI brightness adjusted
    ' 029 - oqq -  added some missing variables. swapped out 1 at ballwithball collision ( not sure if its the right one ) . Bumper sound ... swapped out Vol(activeball) with 0.2 at RandomSoundBumperTop
    ' 031 - tomate - add Goblin's bracket and some work on Goblin texture
    ' RC1 - iaakki - default options set, flipnudge check fixed, sandman standup target bank physics reworked
    ' RC2 - tomate - new prims and brackets for all villains, Sandman texture fixed so it doesn't collide with the ramp, add some thickness to central plastic, shadows added to apron
    ' RC3 - tomate - new bumper rings prims and new textures
    ' RC4 - Sixtoe - redid sandman and ock "holder" prims and textures, fixed goblin lighting, fixed spider sense lighting, unlinked difficulty rubbers from main prim and repositioned correctly, removed floating screw, various depth bias issues corrected, cleaned up unused images
    ' RC5 - iaakki - Some inserts fixed
    ' RC6 - iaakki - flupper domes
    ' RC7 - iaakki - dome flasher adjust, info fields updated, script cleanup
    ' RC8 - oqq/tomate - add movement to goblin bracket and separate prims
    ' RC9 - Sixtoe - Added invisible walls to stop ball being lost under top right ramp and hopping over centre targets, updated laser sensor lights, split cover plastics and adjusted position and materials so they're in the right place, added ultra minimal vr room options, colour corrected DMD
    ' RC10 - Sixtoe - Fixed what I broke because I can't code at 2am, various tweaks
    ' v1.0.0 - iaakki/sixtoe - Final tune and testing
    ' v1.0.1 - Sixtoe - made plastic protector over green goblin collidable and increased size of protector wall under venom ramp to prevent balls being trapped


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  20. Bad Cats (Williams 1989) VPW Mod

    Bad Cats v2.0 Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord.
    Completely overhauled version of Unclewilly's awesome Bad Cats table.
    Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX file as well as a Graphics Remastered B2S backglass file.
    Updated Plastics: Benji & Brad1X
    Playfield and Plastics: All table art completely re-drawn by Brad1X
    Inserts and Lights: iaakki
    Physics: Benji & iaakki
    Debug: Sixtoe & iaakki
    VR Stuff: Unclewilly & Sixtoe
    Testing: Tomate & VPin Workshop Discord
    Backglass Art Graphics Remaster: Brad1X
    Thank you to Unclewilly for letting us tune-up this table.
    Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques.
    Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics.
    All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
    Permission to Mod: Yes with approval

    '069 - Wrd1972 - Added new flippers from Doctor Dude
    '070 - Benji - Added material to flippers, exported flipper texture and toned down saturation for more 'arcade' style flippers
    '071 - iaakki - Minor GI shape adjustments near flips. Livecatch tweaked, Cabinet mode added
    '072 - Sixtoe - Added VR Room & built in backbox, unified timers, removed redundant stuff, trimmed lights and fixed some lighting issues, dropped the triggers, transparancy issue remains on the centre glass roulette cover for VR, needs more work on lighting
    '073 - Brad1X - Updated Table Info and Script info
    '074 - iaakki - MetalSides option created, POV reworked by altering offsets only, VRBlockerWall made invisible in desktop and cabinet modes
    '075 - iaakki - Flashers reworked one more time..
    '076 - Benji - Re-applied POV from 074 (it got changed at some point)
    '077 - iaakki - Smaller haze images
    '078 - Sixtoe - Added extra sideblade primitive and refactored mode switches, center glass disabled in VR.
    '079 - iaakki - Some cleanup, darksides feature removed, static rendering disabled for siderails.
    '2.01 - Skitso - GI rework
    '2.02 - iaakki - Updated to latest physics, also separated posts and rubber bands.
    '2.03 - Sixtoe - Redid VR options, minimal room added as big room is "heavy", fixed broken cabinet mode, added drop holes, various other fixes.


       (2 reviews)



  21. Austin Powers (Stern 2001) VPW Mod

    **Reupload, nothing new since 1.0.3 - Nov. '20
    Austin Powers Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. This was going to be just a fast rework for this fine table, but we ended up doing way more.
    Includes Desktop, Cab and VR versions in one VPX file as well as two POV files.
    nFozzy Physics: Benji, iaakki, Rothbauerw, Javier
    PF rework, graphics: iaakki, EBisLit, Tomate, Brad1x
    Inserts and lights: iaakki
    VR work & Various Fixes: Sixtoe
    Ramp plastics: Benji
    Fleep's Sound package integration: Benji
    3D model changes: Benji, Tomate, Sixtoe
    Various script changes by iaakki, Javier
    Testing: people of VPin Workshop Discord, Rik Laubach
    We also included a new flipper trick with Rothbauerw to physics. It is called FlipNudge. One can use it for slowing the ball on the bat by spamming the other bat. Deadflip calls this "Fanning", but it was a lame name.
    This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, most notably, Javier, 32Assassin, DStruct, Francisco666, Rom, ClarkKent and Ninuzzu
    Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques and Flasher domes.
    Thank you to Fleep for the sound package.
    Thank you to Rothbauerw and NFozzy for physics.
    Thank you to Wrd1972 for bouncy standup targets.

    ' 1.0.1 - Sixtoe - Adjusted right ramp, fixed some minor issues.
    ' 1.0.2 - Sixtoe - Redid all the ramp gates including prims and switches so everything both works and looks better, fixed 2 flasher switches not working.
    ' 1.0.2 - iaakki - added one hidden Wall003 and minor flip tweak
    ' 1.0.3 - iaakki - VUK fixed


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  22. Radical (Bally 1990) Prototype VPW Mod

    **Reupload, nothing new since 1.0.1 - Dec. '20
    Fleep sounds, nFozzy Physics, 3D inserts, new ramp textures, lighting updates, Flupper domes and bumpers, integrated VR Room by Sixtoe, and more! Thanks to JP Salas for his original work on this table and permission to work on it.
    This release wouldn't have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us.
    Skate or die!

    'xxx - benji - New plastics, fleeps sounds, physics, various versions
    '009 - iaakki - new cutout pf and insert text images, most of the insert types in, many inserts needs adjust, renaming and linking
    '010 - iaakki - some more inserts...
    '011 - iaakki - rest of the inserts layed, lights needs tuning, pf and insert images updated one more time, need to add additional lights for some inserts
    '012 - iaakki - insert work finished
    '013 - iaakki - Flupper domees... RampDecals to non-static
    '014 - iaakki - Flupper Bumpers
    '017 - iaakki - Desktop POV fixed, dropsounds checked, side blade reflections checked, some djent to those standup targets, DisableUpperSling option added
    'RC1 - Sixtoe - Fixed the backglass cabinet lamps, tons of small corrections and tweaks to primitives, new holes in playfield, tweaked the vr room, fixed some depth bias issues,
    'changed the drop target material so they pop a little more, changed table lighting settings
    'RC2 - iaakki - Added DL to sideblades and ramps for GI update. Minor tweak to plunger lane. Flasher options fine tune. Reflections on for bats.
    'RC3 - iaakki - bumper tune up, debug cleanup..
    'v100 - iaakki - release
    'v101 - iaakki - CabinetMode off by default


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  23. Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) VPW Mod

    Metallica Premium Monsters Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. This was a long road for a table mod. Work started by EBisLit with brand new playfield 4 months ago. Playfield is now straighter than the one this had originally. This meant that the whole table had to be rebuild, so the table geometry is closer to the original table now. Added Flupper inserts, new flashers, Fleep sounds, latest nFozzy physics, some new textures, countless hours of tweaks and testing.
    Playfield: EBisLit Inserts: EBisLit nFozzy physics: Benji, iaakki Re-alignment: Sixtoe, iaakki Toys: Tomate Fleep Sounds: Benji Lighting: iaakki, Sixtoe VRRoom: Sixtoe, iaakki Miscellaneous tweaks: iaakki, Sixtoe, Tomate Testing: Rik, VPW team  
    This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us including, most notably, HauntFreaks, Freneticamnesic, Sliderpoint, Byancey, Dark, Peter Docker. This is a mod of a mod of a mod, so thanks to all before us.
    Thank you to Flupper for 3D insert techniques. Thank you to Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics.
    UPDATE 106: We got some more feedback from Rik and EB how to make this play even more like the real cabinet. This ended up fine tuning slope angle, flip angles and various parameters of the table to make it a bit harder to play. LUT is now saving correctly. Tomate rendered better wireramps and Skitso finetuned lighting. Oqqsan made wheel image. Enjoy.


       (21 reviews)



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