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  1. Stupid copy/paste error on my part, delete lines 1979-1981 in the script, new version 1.2.2 uploading now, but if you remove those lines you won't need to download 1.2.2 if you downloaded 1.2.1 Sorry - Six.
  2. That's not a simple mod on our version as it would not only require creating new wireform ramps, but also require re-rendering the entire table (as the ramp casts shadows and reflections on everything around it), so that won't be happening.
  3. Indeed, among other things your lighting is generally one of the more important things that gives the table visual "depth", in some cases with brightly lit tables it's hard to even differentiate what objects are above and below each other on a monitor, so without VR it's the best way of making it at least a little more obviously 3D.
  4. That will break all the physics and probably cause the ball to get stuck somewhere. The zeppelin was an aftermarket mod, but we liked it so we kept it in the script. The sound issue is known about and a simple fix, and will be fixed when we put out 1.1 when we’ve waited a short time to see if any other bugs are reported, don’t want to keep constantly updating it and making people hammer the site! DOF is working but you need to be updated to the latest version.
  5. I reuploaded it with the rot turned back to 270, blame the rebel portrait gang. (if you know, you know.)
  6. Version 1.1


    You Call This Archeology? - V-Pin Workshop proudly presents Indiana Jones the Pinball Adventure from Williams. v.1.1 - Fixed SSF sounds, updated physics, tweaked environmental emission, added LUT changer, numerous other fixes. See changelog for details. This table has been a WIP since before VPW started. The plastics were modeled fresh but most of the primitives are re-used from the Ninuzzu and Tom Tower’s prior version. Iaakki spent countless hours refining the multilayered inserts over the past year and a half, but when Brad1x offered to completely re-draw the playfield we knew we had to keep working on this table until everything was right. It was the first table where we tried to apply the light baking methods that G5K, Flupper, Bord and others pioneered. Waiting for the redraw meant progressing on other projects and preparing them for release, so this got put off for quite some time and it is exciting to finally get it out to finish the year off in style! Playfield Redraw - Brad1X Graphics / 3D Work - Benji, iaakki, Tomate, Sixtoe Scripting - iaakki, Benji, Apophis, Sixtoe Sound - Benji, Apophis, Fluffhead, iaakki Physics - iaakki, Benji, Sixtoe, rothbauerw Lighting - iaakki, Benji, Skitso, Sixtoe Shadows - Apophis, Wylte VR - Sixtoe, Leojreimroc Testing - Rik, PinStratsDan, CalleV, Astronasty/nicey & VPW team. VPW Mod based on Ninuzzu / Tom Tower v1.2 Thanks to destruk for original code, knorr and clark kent for the art resources, flupper for bumper caps & flasher domes models and VP Dev team for VPX! A video from Rik showing how to get to wizard mode for competition play;
  7. In regards to pinball physics and dynamics, it's actually pretty complicated, because you're providing multiple forces on a moving object with a high friction lever on a low friction surface which means the ball is not travelling in a straight line, but with variable spin. Real pinballs are actually even more random than in VPX but it's *super* hard to get a computer to do totally random things (1+1 *always* equals exactly 2 etc.). I don't think we can make it much better than it is to be honest, at least with VPX, it's a script based physics engine jury rigged on top of a *very* old physics engine, the fact that it's as good as it is is somewhat or a miracle. Maybe if we had some direct video references to what you were talking about it might help, but as I've said before we've literally run real machines side by side with our versions and they behave *very similarly* (Metallica, Transporter etc.), but we're also always happy to learn new things!
  8. Hi Virtual, can you tell us if this is this in comparison to other virtual tables or compared to real machines? One of the things that's different about VPW tables is that we have implemented "correct" physics that simulate the rubbers and ball movement and interaction a lot more accurately (this work was done by nfozzy and rothbauerw with ongoing work by ourselves), and has been checked often side by side with real pinball machines. These feel different to "default" VPX physics and very different to Pinball FX and Pinball Arcade physics, because those are not as accurate and often a *lot* easier, which is great if you like that sort of thing but we're trying to get them as close to the real machines as possible!
  9. All VPW tables are for 10.6 unless explicitly stated. 10.7 is still too buggy although 310 seems stable but 328 was definitely broken and caused balls to go through all sorts of objects.
  10. Sure, just drop us a line!
  11. 1.1 released, thank you to @BrandonLaw, @outhere and @Manbearpig for the contributions. Added some notes in the details about the very sad news of the passing of loserman76 :(
  12. Thanks, we’ll pick it up in a bug fix release in a few days or so
  13. Version 1.2


    VPW presents Hang Glider by Bally, In honor and memoriam of Jeff Whitehead, aka loserman76, who passed on Nov 16th 2021. loserman76 made the original VPX version of Hang Glider and was a longstanding champion of EM machines in virtual pinball (and prolifically so, making literally hundreds of EM virtual tables), and although none of us knew him personally he was often seen in the forums offering his expert help and advice, and was happy for us to start work on this some months ago. He will be missed and our thoughts are with his family. Original Description; Benji wanted to try and render an EM table to see how good we could make it look, so we asked loserman76 if we could mod his Hang Glider VPX table to which he agreed, it was a good experiment but very different from what we are used to! VPW Gliders ======== Graphics: Benji Scripting: gtxjoe, apophis, scottacus Physics: Benji, apophis Drop Targets: gtxjoe, apophis Shadows: apophis, Wylte VR: Leojreimroc Numerous Tweaks: Sixtoe Testing: Bord, VPW VPW change log =========== '001-004 - Benji - Intitial import of baked geometry and low rez images. Added nfozzzy physics and fleep code (most not assigned yet). '005 - apophis - added RTX BS '006 - Benji - adjusted flipper mesh height. Adjust transparency of plastic over center kicker,changed background color to black, added holes in playfield mesh and added hole meshes '007 - gtxjoe - scripted spinner and standup prims. added shot tester (W E R Y U I P A S F G H J K). Standup 002-225 and DropTgt need new pivot point. Drops not scripted yet '008 - Benji - Changed pivot of all drops and targets 'one more time'... '009 - gtxjoe - Added roth drop target scripting. Drop targets work but sometimes hard to drop. Not sure why. '011 - Benji - Playfield hole texture adjusted, apron mesh/render fixed/moved VPX GI deleted. DL changed to 1 on all imported/baked prims '012 - gtxjoe - Worked on drop target animation. Works but target primitives need to be rotated 180 degrees. '013 - benji - targets rotated 180 degrees vn_kicker mesh added and vn_KickerArm needs to be animated. Baked sling rubber meshes imported to layer 5, need to be hooked up '014 - gtxjoe - vn_KickerArm and sling rubber meshes animated. There is temp "vn_KickerArmTEST" to show the kicker arm animation - can be deleted after reviewing '016 - benji - New half-rez baked render set with adjusted moodier lighting. Added Rubbers collection for fleep hit sounds. Hooked up fleep slingshot shounds. Added more visible playfield holes. Removed old non collidable slings ' Imported baked GI bulbs as separate mesh, settting DL to 1. Moved them down a bit. Adjusted center kicker plywood hole mesh and texture. Adjusted Apron mesh and texture. '017 - Benji - more fiddling with baked lighting. added Credit light mesh on hapron with on/off image that needs to be hooked up. '018 - gtxjoe - Scripted Credit Light, Gottlieb chime sounds and Drop target reset sound '019 - Benji - adjusted flipper mesh height from playfield. tweaked some render things '020 - scottacus - flipper tricks and the DT code. If you part out posts those could be dampened. '021 - apophis - Added GI lights back in on layer 9, set all halo heights to -1. Updated RTX BS implementation. '022 - apophis - Updated RTX BS so that shadows don't disappear when ball over playfield mesh hole. '023 - apophis - Updated ambient shadow so that it becomes less dark when close to RTX GI light sources '024 - Sixtoe - Fixed object & graphics conflicts, tweaked rollovers, minor adjustments '025 - apophis - added drop target shadow functionality '026 - apophis - fixed drop target shadow heights. Added rubberizer, target bouncer, and coil ramp up options. Fixed a lot of Fleep sound implementation issues. Updated flipper tricks scripts. Tweaked some physics parameters. '027 - leojreimroc - Added VR Room. Added Buzzer sound for "Over the Top". Slightly enlarge Apron. '028 - leojreimroc - Added bar and Fancy Minimal Room '029 - leojreimroc - Removed Bar Room. Disabled Bumpers and Slingshots during tilt. Slightly adjusted VR Cabinet size. '030 - Sixtoe - Religned primitives, added missing rubber post, realigned all targets, realigned rubber band targets, adjust centre vuk hole, expanded rubber slings, realigned drop target shadows '031 - Sixtoe - fixed stupid script mistake, removed redundant images '032 - Wylte - ShadowConfigFile disabled (may require deletion of HangGlider_76VPX HS file, sorry), Ballsize and Ballmass constants added, Dynamic Shadows updated, GILight002 & 003 added (still no vpx lights behind dt's), '033 - Sixtoe - Added missing GI lights and bulb primitives, added top of inlane rounded top after ball stopped balancing on it!, '034 - Sixtoe - realigned a lot of collidable objects, rebuild inlane walls to stop ball bouncing up, updated rubberizer code,
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